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Top 6 AI Lyrics Generators and Songwriters to Try Out in 2024

What are the best AI-based lyrics generation tools in 2024? Learn about their features, pros/cons, and other such information.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 18, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

One of the most important elements of a song is deciding on the lyrics and setting the melody. You cannot do one without the other, so many songwriters focus on setting up both together.

However, not everyone is a born lyricist. Not to mention, many people do not have access to renowned lyricists doing it professionally. What do you do if you want to create a new song lyric but do not have the time or expertise in it?

It would be best if you utilized a high-quality AI lyrics generator for automated lyrics- learn about the best option for it here.

writing lyrics
In this article
    1. ToolBaz Song Lyrics Generator
    2. Jarvis Songwriting AI
    3. Mathigatti- Keywords to Lyrics
    4. AntiCulture
    5. These Lyrics Do Not Exist
    6. Bored Humans
  1. Bonus: What is the Best AI-based Lyrics to Song Generator to Use?

Part 1: Best AI Lyrics Generators and Songwriters to Choose

Before starting the list of the best AI song lyrics generator types, you should understand what it involves. Typically, the AI Lyrics generators are programmed with deep learning AI algorithms that turn keywords users add to turn them into lyrics almost immediately.

Suppose you are not the best at penning thought-provoking lyrics and do not have access to professionals who can prepare AI-written songs. The following are some of the best tools for it.

1. ToolBaz Song Lyrics Generator

If you want AI-generated lyrics, the ToolBaz Song Lyrics Generator option is one of the best available online to handle this process. You can choose the type of content you want based mainly on key phrases or words in the text field.

toolbaz song lyrics generator

Then, you should set the level of creativity for the AI lyric writer algorithm to use and activate the process after verifying yourself.

Compatibility: web-based


  • You must insert keywords or relevant words for the lyrical content you want.
  • Type out the keywords or insert them via speech.
  • Choose a creativity level between 1 to 10.
  • Use multiple times to create various lyrics options.

2. Jarvis Songwriting AI

Many people can depend on the more powerful PWA version of Jarvis Songwriting AI after registering for the site. The AI songwriter here is a good choice for users who want instant lyrics generation based on their selections but also have some customization control.

jarvis songwriting ai

This AI lyrics generator tool allows users to insert their genre of choice and even artist name to see how the results will come out similar to their main concept. Then, add the necessary keywords and let the algorithm handle the rest.

Compatibility: web-based


  • AI technology within the tool generates professional-level creative song lyrics.
  • Get rhythmic song lyrics options with classic rhymes for better songwriting.
  • The tool will provide multiple versions of song generation for better selection.
  • Set the level of creativity with the Chaos toggle.

3. Mathigatti- Keywords to Lyrics

The Mathighatti online tool is a useful lyric AI generator for people who want to create instant high-quality songs without too many complexities. But, simultaneously, they want to set the mood and intensity of the content.

mathigatti keywords to lyrics

For this, users have the ability to add their keywords into the text field of this online lyrics generator AI, etc. Then, you must set the creativity level and choose whether to get repetition control during the instant lyrics generation.

Compatibility: web-based


  • Mention the main keywords for the song in the generators.
  • Set the level of creativity you want with the added keyword.
  • Select if you want catchy repetitive parts or not.
  • Instant high-quality lyrics generation.

4. AntiCulture

If you want to prepare high-quality AI-written music at short notice, AntiCulture is a good app to try out. However, this only works for those who do not have major specifications about the type of lyrics they are creating, like the genre, tonality, topic theme, etc.


Here, you will find two versions of AI writing music functionality- to create a French song lyric or get a random song instantly. In terms of usability, though, this tool is very simple to use.

Compatibility: web-based


  • Choose the tools for lyrics or music generation, among other options.
  • You can get AI-generated song lyrics here in English and French versions.
  • Smooth and instant lyrics creation on this tool.
  • Get song lyrics at random multiple times.

5. These Lyrics Do Not Exist

When it comes to using AI songwriting apps or tools, one of the most named options is this platform. Indeed, on These Lyrics Do Not Exist, users find it easy to choose a genre for their song production and explain the situation's emotional impact on the main character.

these lyrics do not exist

These settings are available on this lyric writing AI platform that you can choose as per your need and mention the topic in text format. Then, the online tool will turn what settings you add into a song.

Compatibility: web-based


  • Give a keyword for the main song topic.
  • Lyrics theme options between very sad to the very happy range.
  • Choose a specific genre for the generator.
  • Speedy lyrics generation multiple times.

6. Bored Humans

BoredHumans is a high-grade AI lyrics generator that many people can try out to experience the best user experience with the AI writes song process. Indeed, the online tool is simple to use online and allows users to set their main song parameters for the instant AI-based generation.

bored humans

All you must do here is insert the main topic of the song context in one short, straightforward sentence into the AI songwriter. Then, mention the song style type or an artist for reference, and the algorithm will take some seconds to produce the full song lyrics.

Compatibility: web-based


  • It would help if you mentioned an artist or style name.
  • Write down the main topic.
  • No data get stored on the servers.
  • Wait for some seconds for line-by-line song generation.

Bonus: What is the Best AI-based Lyrics to Song Generator to Use?

Now that you know the types of tools for AI-based lyrics generation, how do you turn the results into songs? In this case, users can opt for AI-based lyrics-to-song tools for automated conversion in the beat style they want. A good choice for that is Voicemod.

Voicemod- Text to Song Generator

Voicemod's Text to Song feature is a useful option if you want high-quality and instant lyrics to song generation. It takes the text you add into the system, and the AI algorithm creates a short meme song.

voicemod text to song generator

You must set up the process with a preset song option for the theme and then choose an AI-made singing voice. Then, add the lyrics for the overall song composition.

Features of Voicemod

  • The following are the main features of Voicemod concerning song writing AI to song generation.
  • Choose a theme between multiple genres, like pop, rap, etc.
  • Seven AI-powered singing avatars are available.
  • Type in lyrics for instant meme songs.
  • Share the final songs on connected social media platforms.


Multiple AI-based lyrics generator tools with deep learning and machine learning technologies are available for high-quality lyrics production. Learn the features. They must decide which online generator will work best with your primary requirements. Then, you can share it with others online or use it for your song-making process.


Here are some common questions people have regarding AI lyrics generators.

  • 1. How to set up the theme of the song?
    Many of the online lyrics generators available give the option for choosing genre or creativity level. You can select based on how much control you want in deciding what the AI-based generation tool will produce.
  • 2. Is it okay to depend fully on the AI lyrics generator?
    The AI-based lyrics generators can create high-quality song lyrics instantly based on the little settings you make. However, it is best to use these tools to create the based lyrics and customize them further to make them more personalized.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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