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Create Meme with Imgflip

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

In the contemporary world, the social media is becoming more enormous because of its continuous supply of entertainment to the users. Nowadays, practically everyone who is familiar with the internet and social media uses the term meme and consequently, is familiar with the IMGFlip meme generator. As memes are a common, well-known, and succinct ways to communicate various ideas to the globe on social media, so is the IMGFlip meme maker that we’ve used in this article to give you a detailed brief on how to create Memes easily.

Typically, memes are graphics that allude to a certain concept. They are widely used for entertainment purposes, including comedy and mockery. We can make memes using a number of web tools and programs, and they are a fast and efficient method to communicate ideas. Meme maker online is the name given to the online versions of these tools; the memes may be downloaded or utilized immediately online. Using the IMGFlip meme generator, the needed picture can be processed, and the messages may be inserted or written in a very fun and well-animated way.

In this article
  1. What is IMGFlip Meme Generator
  2. Alternative Way to Make Memes on Computer
  3. Related FAQs

Part 1: What is IMGFlip Meme Generator?

IMGFlip Meme Maker, being one of the most popular online meme creators, utilizes a picture from its library or one that the user may supply, depending on their preferences. You may add resizable text, images, and much more to themes with this free online image creator. IMGFlip's library of meme templates is one source of memes that the generator often modifies. The alternative is to upload the desired templates or to start afresh with brand-new ones.

launch imgflip meme generator

This meme maker is a versatile tool with various uses. You may create a variety of creative works, including posters, banners, advertising, and other unique visuals, by uploading customized photographs and using all the modification options. If you can't find the meme you're searching for, you may either explore all of the GIF Templates or create your own animation template with the GIF Maker.

How to Generate Memes with IMGFlip meme generator:

You may search for animated meme templates on the IMGFlip Meme Generator. If you can't find the meme you're looking for, you may either browse through all of the GIF Templates or use the GIF Maker to make your own Meme template. The steps below must be followed in order to create a meme using the IMGFlip meme creator.

Step1 First of all, visit the official link of IMGFlip. Here, you can either select a template from the library or upload one from your own data/computer.

select template imgflip

Step2 After selecting your desired template, you can make your changes in it and make it funnier with looks, animations or other filters as well as texts: The "top text" and "bottom text" areas are where you can enter your text.

create meme with imgflip

Step3 Finally, once you've made all the necessary alterations, click "generate meme" to create the meme.

Part 2: Alternative Way to Make Memes on Computer

As mentioned above, the IMGFlip meme maker is a good pick if you want to create a meme with some basic touch; however, in certain cases, you require a professional toolkit that will cover every aspect of the meme. With that being said, we recommend going for Filmora as it has a wide array of features. Memes are simple to make, yet they may have a significant influence on the entertainment sector. Meme-making tools in the program range from the most basic auto crop to screen recognition and fisheye correction.

One of this software's best qualities is that it is free and works with both Mac and Windows systems. After launching any of the applications, the aforementioned tool, which was explained in depth for each tool individually, may be used to make text memes for no charge. Additionally, the instructions are straightforward and the UI is quite user-friendly. It is easy to perform since the procedure for developing the meme on this platform is practically the same. To learn how to utilize this meme creator effectively, read the next section.

Free Download
Free Download

Steps to Use Filmora Meme Generator:

The aforementioned method will work for you whether you are an expert or a beginner since Filmora allows you to insert text and have it appeared in your meme video, GIF, or picture. You may create a meme with Filmora's meme creator by following these steps:

Step1 Download and install Filmora on your computer, launch the software to either import a video/image file or create a new one.

download and install filmora

Step2 Then you can switch to the title option, preview the resources and select the most suitable one you want to use.

switch to the title option

Step3 Drag the title to your video, you can customize the appear style and use transitions at the same time.

drag title to video

Part 3: Related FAQs:

1. How do I make a meme text post?

Any of the above methodology can be used to the creation of text memes. You may use a meme generator to generate the meme by opening it, choosing a template of a solid color, and then adding text. If you write in your text, it will become a meme that only exists in text. Because these tools are skilled at modifying media, it is possible to do it on both Filmora and IMGFlip, where making memes is simple. Unlike Filmora, which offers an endless number of meme-making options, IMGFlip has certain limitations.

2. How do I add an image to IMGFlip?

The IMGFlip meme generator is a flexible tool with many applications. By uploading customized photos and making use of all the modification tools, you may produce a range of creative works, such as posters, banners, advertisements, and other standout graphics. You can upload custom templates by selecting the "upload new template" option when you want to submit a picture from a personal device. A basic picture may serve as the template, and text boxes can subsequently be added to the image to make it a meme.

3. What is the best meme generator?

From the discussion above, we may infer that Filmora triumphs because it provides free services that IMGFlip does not. The IMGFlip has many great features and is compatible with a variety of operating systems, but compared to Filmora, its monthly membership rate of up to $9.95 is just too exorbitant. Also, Filmora Meme Generator is free despite the fact that IMGFlip provides amazing enhancements like as improved video frame rate, no-watermark, and greater processing speed upon membership. Because of a number of its user-friendly features, this program provides straightforward communication with the audience.


Online resources are widely accessible for creating memes. The fact that IMGFlip is a well-known tool that can handle media files and is simple to use is also evident from this article. Even though it costs money, IMGFlip is a really helpful tool. The services offered by IMGFlip are quite good. But since it provides a wide variety of features and skills for free, Filmora is far better. But when taken into account in a larger sense, both technologies are effective and simple to use. Either tool may be used to do a broad range of tasks by both beginners and specialists. Whether IMGFlip or Filmora are utilized for the project, the results will be desired.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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