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Motion Tracking

Track the movement of an object in the video, and pin graphics to the moving objects with Filmora motion tracking tool.
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Elevate Your Videos with Motion Tracking

Transform your boring footage by pinning logos, graphics, mosaics, and texts to follow the motion of any objects in the video.

Motion Track Objects in Your Video Intelligently

Select the objects you want to track, adjust the scale of the tracking box, and start motion tracking. Filmora will intelligently analyze the movement of the tracked object and automatically track its motion path.

Pin Texts to Follow Tracked Objects

With the AI motion tracker tool in Filmora, add titles and texts to follow the motion of the tracked object and make things move smoothly with ease. Create a call-out title with a moving object in the video, add a name that follows the athlete's moving path, and productively unleash your creativity.

Add Mosaic to Moving Objects with One-click

Want to blur moving faces or license plates in a video without adding mosaic effects frame by frame? Try motion tracking with the mosaic effect in Filmora. Filmora features built-in mosaic effects in its Motion Tracker tool, which allows you to blur, pixelate or censor faces or any objects in every frame throughout the video.

Infuse Magic into Your Storytelling with Motion Graphics

Transform emojis, images, videos, and common symbols into visual effects to tell a story with magic in Filmora! Use motion tracker to add smiley faces, message bubbles, and Doctor Strange Magic Shield to real-world footage, or create Harry Potter flying effects!

Motion Track Anything with Filmora

What You Can Do with Motion Tracking?

Filmora Motion Tracking Introduction
Motion Tracking Multiple Objects
Create Motion Track Callouts
Add Motion-tracked Ingredients Callouts
Make Your Dunks Explode
Create a Dr. Strange Shield Effect

Frequently Asked Questions

The Motion Tracker tool lets you track the movement of any object in your video and pin elements like graphics, images, and texts to follow the moving object.
Motion tracking is a great tool in video editing. It is accessible to use motion-tracked texts and stickers to emphasize the key features of the moving object and add arrows and directions to attract viewers' attention to key information. With the Motion Tracking tool, you can add callout bubbles, emojis, and captions to visualize thoughts, words, and attributes of characters. Moreover, it also helps you to mosaic moving objects in your footage.
Filmora has a built-in Motion Tracker to motion track videos, images, elements, and texts in your footage. The Motion Tracking tool in Filmora can analyze your clips and detect the target object from the background based on color contrast. Meanwhile, it allows you to manually adjust the trajectory by adding keyframes in the video clip.
Step 1: Track the moving path of the target object in Filmora.
Step 2: Select a title under the Titles menu and drop it to the track above the tracked footage.
Step 3: Double click the video clip to open the Motion Tracking tool in the editing window.
Step 4: Select the added text in the dropdown menu and click OK.
Step 5: Play through to check the results, and make adjustments if necessary.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Juan G
Video Editor
Filmora's motion tracking is fantastic. This feature can track the object perfectly, saving me a lot of time.
Roland W
I bought Filmora for the motion tracking feature. It makes the title and graphics move in sync with the footage. Filmora realizes this process quickly.
Joe J
I love the new motion tracking feature. It helps me mark the info of products easily and makes my consumers know about my product more clearly.
Chris R
Thanks to Filmora!!! I needed motion tracking for my new travel vlog, so I got Filmora and got a perfect vlog with the motion tracking effect!