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How to Use Motion Tracking in Adobe Premiere Pro Easily

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Motion Tracking is a technique where you can track an object in a video clip. Be it covering or blurring a face or moving a text around somebody in the video, motion tracking has become a trend these days.

It is being used in every other video. In fact, the most promising video editing tool i.e. Premiere Pro also allows you to use this function.

Through this article, we will make you understand what the need for this is and how you can use motion tracking in Premiere Pro.

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Part 1: Why You Need to Use Motion Tracking

1. Stabilization

When you happen to see an amazing shot and plan to record it, but you need to keep moving along with it, it might result in shaky footage. As a result, it will provide an unpleasant experience. However, when you know motion tracking, you can adjust this instability and remove it. By using motion tracking in Premiere Pro, you position the place in the frame, and as a result, the selected spot remains centered, and the entire frame moves around it. This merely corrects the shakiness and brings out a non-shaky video as a result.


2. Blur objects

The moments come where we need to create videos in public places. And a lot of times, people object to their faces being shown in the videos. At such times, motion tracking Premiere comes in handy. With the help of this, you can blur a person’s face to avoid any nuisance regarding any copyright issues. Also, it is useful when you have to make the well-known company logos unrecognizable when you do not have permission to do so.

Apart from this, when someone is photo-bombing your footage or anyone in the background becomes the cause of distraction, you can censor the face and use the motion tracking in Premiere while they are moving.

Blur objects by motion tracking

3. Make visual effects

Motion tracking can be helpful too when you require appealing visual effects. Whether you need to show animation effect like glowing moving ball or need to show the supernatural powers like shooting lasers from Superhero’s eyes, you can fulfill the need using the motion tracking in Premiere Pro. Along with this, the program offers you animated tilts, motions as well as transitions to help you bring out the work more marvelously.

effects motion tracking premiere

Part 2: How to Use Motion Tracking in Adobe Premiere Pro

Now that you have a fair idea on what motion tracking is and what exactly can it be used for, we think it is the right time to introduce you with the step by step guide to implement this technology. Hence, without any further ado, let us know how you can use motion tracking in Adobe Premiere Pro.

    1. To begin with, select your footage or clip and import it in the Premiere Pro. When you see it on the timeline, tap on the File menu at the top.
    2. Choose New from the menu and then select Title. Tap on OK from the pop-up that now comes.

choose title

    1. On the window that opens, choose reference point that you want and type a letter. Close the window now and drag the title on the timeline.

add letter to make motion tracking

  1. Go to the Effects now, and under the Effects Controls tab, you need to choose the tiny stopwatch icon beside Position to set the keyframe.
  2. Now, move the footage a bit forward (say 5-10 frames) by holding down Shift key and hitting the Right Arrow.
  3. You'll now notice that the reference point has been moved. You're then required to drag the X and Y coordinates over the position keyframe panel to move and track the respective Title to the new reference point.
  4. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your purpose is fulfilled. One done, double click on the Title and punch in the desired text you wish to make it appear there. That's it.


We brought you a very helpful piece of information on motion tracking in Premiere. Having this effect in your footage always makes it look better and professional. We hope that you have now learned how you can use motion tracking in Premiere Pro and got the results through this article. If you found this article helpful, you can go ahead sharing it on different platforms. Also, please leave a comment below to help us know your views. Thanks for reading!

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