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8 Best 3D Motion Tracking Software (Free Download)

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Sep 02, 2021• Proven solutions

Video editing is a great hobby and a great career if you can work toward that. If you’re trying to stay ahead of everything in the industry, you may be looking for software that can help you to get the best results and great FX.

3D tracking software can be a very powerful way to make your videos look more professional and take care of visual FX in a manner that looks solid and realistic. If you are looking for easy-to-use software, this article will give you our best picks for 3d motion tracking software.

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The Most Recommended Motion Tracking Software—WondershareFilmoraPro

To let you explore your creativity at its best, Wondershare has designed FilmoraPro. If you want to add some high-level edits to your video, FilmoraPro is your best bet. Along with the pre-sets available, it lets you customize the effects to give a more professionally edited look.

Its best feature currently trending is motion tracking. You can track a skater racing through the rink or follow a boat on its journey. Give your videos a dramatic effect using the motion tracking option. Better yet, FilmoraPro has an incredibly easy interface, so you don't have to worry about getting lost in the process. Just select Motion Track in the Effects tab and click on the person or object you want to track.

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However, if you are looking for a quick-fix for your videos, don't forget to try out the Filmora X version. Although this version also offers some advanced editing tools, it is relatively easier to use for beginners. The motion tracking tool in Filmora X is also incredibly simple, and just a click away. Select the video and then tap the area or object you wish you track. Easy-peasy. Check it out!

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8 Best 3D Motion Tracking Software You Can Try

1. SynthEyes

SynthEyes is a great tool that is available to help with stabilizing 360-degree shots and inserting any 3D animation that you may want in your live-action filming. On top of that, you can do virtual sets on green screens and clean up any errors that may have been made.

One of the things that makes SynthEyes so great is the fact that it has a large number of features for the investment you’ll put into it. Features for SynthEyes include geometric hierarchy tracking, 360 VR stabilization, availability for various license types, Python work, and stereo 360VR.


2. 3DEqualizer

3DEqualizer keeps things simple by also allowing you to merge 3D effects with live-action footage, no matter how big or small those effects may be. Their 3d motion tracking is some of the best that you can find; it’s designed for studios and those who want to be sure that they get top-end effects.

3DEqualizer has been around for 20 years, and a handful of Academy Award-winning movies have used it. They’re always updating it and adding new features based on user needs and new technologies. Features include Deep Python Integration, high-speed optimization, lens distortion, unique solvers, and more.


3. Boujou

Boujou from Vicon is award-winning software that allows you to put your computer effects directly into your high-speed, real-life footage with incredible accuracy and seamless integration. The software is some of the most affordable that you can find, and they offer a free trial so that you can give it a spin.

By offering frame-by-frame exploration and a fully functional graph editor, Boujou is the option on our list that allows for the most customization with the most straightforward tools to do so. The company is always adding new features to Boujou so that video editors have more variety in their 3D editing and rendering.


4. Cinema 4D

Maxon’s top-end 3d camera tracking software is known as Cinema 4D, and they pride themselves in providing some of the simplest to use software that is out there for this task. Beginners and professionals alike utilize the software for their 3D tracking needs; its simplicity doesn’t reduce the quality of the results you get when using this software.

Features for the Cinema 4D include procedural workflows, 3D and polygon modeling options, sculpting, animation, simulation, and a variety of other options that make it customizable in a lot of ways.

Cinema 4D

5. PFTrack

PFTrack from The Pixel Farm has been designed to be one of the most innovative and precise options for camera tracking. With state of the art technology and many top features, PFTrack is starting to get a lot of attention from top pros in the tracking industry.

Features of the PFTrack are extensive, and The Pixel Farm has worked with industry experts to determine what additions should be made in the future. The current features of the latest build include photogrammetry embedded, layouts, tracking, 2D to 3D conversion, depth, and more.


6. After Effects

If you have used any of the Adobe suite of products, then you know just how powerful that everything that they have is. Did you know that their most prominent product, After Effects, has 3d camera tracking software as part of what they have to offer? As you may expect, their reputation for excellent video software bleeds into this feature, as well.

While Adobe products are some of the priciest options that you’re going to be looking at, they are also going to be the best. After Effects has a ton of features, including titles, transitions, and multiple-layer 3D embedding and tracking.

After Effects

7. Mocha Pro

Boris FX is known for its innovative products, and the Mocha Pro is one of their most beloved. With GPU accelerated tracking, this 3D tracking software is incredibly powerful and makes it simple for you to add any sorts of effects that you may need to get that fantastic look for your videos.

Features include options like a 3D camera solver, lens calibration, stereo 360/VR support, advanced masking with edge-snapping, stabilization, and more.

Mocha Pro

8. Nuke

Nuke is a family of products (which include Nuke, Nuke X, and Nuke Studio), which work directly with other video editing software to provide top-end features for 3D tracking. The tool kits are meant for editing, reviewing, and changing up what it is that you’re doing with 3D effects in your videos.

Features include both 2D and 3D compositing tools, film-grade results, editorial options, collaboration, and more options. In short, Nuke has been designed for groups who want to be sure that they can make the best videos with the highest-quality results, every time.



In the world of 3d tracking software, you will often notice that there are many ways that you can decide to move forward with your efforts and what it is that you need to accomplish.

Figure out what may be best for you and see what a world of difference it can make to get the right software for your 3D video editing, visual effects, and motion tracking.

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