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  • Like to edit advanced videos
  • Skilful post video production and editing
  • Also love drawing every day

Experience & Education

Working Experience and Education

Since graduating from college, I have been working as a freelancer. My freelance experience began in 2013 when I started to illustrate children’s books. Shortly thereafter, I decided to pursue my interest in producing film and video, and thus went back to school. Now that I’ve completed that degree, I’ve started to produce and develop music videos with my team.

As a freelancer, I have developed tutorials for Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut so that anyone can use to learn them. I also started writing for the Filmora team in 2018, primarily focusing on how to edit professional videos using modern software.

In 2012, I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Art Practices. After beginning a career in freelance illustration, I started to pursue my interest in film production and editing. Starting in 2015, I attended the Colorado Film School. There, I earned my certification in Writing and Production.


Currently, I am writing tutorial articles around the topic of making advanced videos with professional video editing software. I know that there are many people who are looking to get into videography and filmmaking, and I’m glad to share my knowledge by teaching them how to edit the films they make.


I have a fairly ordinary life, and I like to keep things simple. Every morning, I draw something – simple or complex – to start my day right. On the weekends, I enjoy wandering city streets and hiking in the mountains to clear my mind.