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Today, in this video, I will tell you how you can beautify the face in your video. How can a distorted face be created? Or how do you create fun in your videos? So, we’ll use Wondershare Filmora for it.


After this, you've to go into the "Create Project," and after this, open “New Project.” Afterward, something like this screen will appear in front of you.


Here, by going into "Media," you can add that video as well in which you want to add a beauty effect. Or if you move into "Stock Media," so a lot of available stock will appear here. You can also use videos from here. Thus, for example, I use this video from here and click on the "+" icon here.


If you want to apply effects to it, so here is an "Effects" option available. Click on it, and from here, you've to come into the "Utility" section. Here you will see an option of "Beautify," which you will click from here. So here you can see her face. Now you must notice how clear her face has become. This way, you guys can add this effect to your video. Right now, you can see her dark spots here. Thus, if you notice, the face is now totally clear. Similarly to this, you can add many different effects.


If you guys right-click over it and click on the "Edit Properties" section, its properties will open up. You can increase or decrease its smoothness from the “Beauty” section. Also, increase or decrease her whitening part. Hairline can also be increased or decreased. Teeth whitening is also a possibility. If you move into "Face," so you can shrink the face. If you're a chubby face, then you can shrink it to smart. So here you can see a very visible difference.


Like this, you can also increase or decrease your jawline. Then narrow it down. You can adjust your face in the entire video as per your requirements. Like this, face shape can also be done. The chin length can be increased or decreased. Eyes could be enlarged. The round eye could be done. Eye distance could be managed. The eye angle could be changed. Eyes could be brightened. Dark circles can be removed.


So you see how great the features are here. In addition to it, you can also narrow down your nose. Nose length could be increased or decreased. Let’s click “OK.” Thus, you can see how beautifully the face has become clean, and you can adjust it as needed.


So here, you can search different effects as well. For example, I search “Face.” So, you can see, these effects are right here. Apply the "Beautify" filter from here, and you can see quite visible results. For example, I want to apply this effect to it. Suppose you want to create fun in your video, so you can apply this filter as well. You can see it's the same as when it’s applied. Whatever filter you like, you can apply it.


If you don’t like anything, you can also delete it. So, like this, if you want to apply the "Beautify” effect to your entire video, you can apply it to your whole video.

Tutorial – How to Make Your Face Beautiful in the Video with Filmora


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Create and Open Project in Filmora

Once your Filmora application is started, click the "Create Project" button from the left side of the screen, and then press the "Create New Project" button to enter into the Filmora editing interface.

create new project on filmora
Step 2

Import Video and Move to Timeline

Click on the "Media" icon from the top left side of the screen, and then press the "Import Media" button to import your video to the Filmora environment. In case you don't have your face video, you can use a ready-made face video after navigating into the "Stock Media" tab from the top of the screen. After selecting your video from the media section, drag it to the timeline below.

import video to beautify
Step 3

Apply Beauty Effects to the Video Project

Select the "Effects” option from the top of the screen, and you'll see different effects within multiple categories. To apply the face effect, navigate into the "Utility" category from the left side, and choose the "Beautify" option. Add this effect to the timeline using the "+" icon and adjust its duration accordingly. If needed, you can apply other effects as well.

add beautify effect to timeline
Step 4

Customize Added Beauty Effect

Right-click on your effect track from the timeline, select "Edit Properties" from the available options, and now you'll see an editing window in front of you. Hence, you can adjust the face with respect to the "Beauty," "Face," "Eye," and "Nose" sections. By further navigating into these sections, you can edit the face in more detail.

edit beautify effect properties
Step 5

View and Export your Face Effect Video

Now you’ve successfully created your beauty face effect video. Click the “Play” icon from under the screen to preview it. If the video meets your expectations, click the "Export" button. Choose the file name, set the downloading location on the device, and your video will be saved to your device.

play and export final video

Camera work plays a crucial role in setting the video quality. However, either the wrong videography skills of a cameraman or the quality of the camera itself; may cause your important videos to go wrong. After all, it's your face quality that is seriously disturbed or distorted. This tutorial on Filmora discusses solutions to this problem in easy procedures.

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