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Arvin Alejandro

Arvin Alejandro

  • Filmora Content Contributor
  • Article Writer
  • YouTube Content Creator
I love video as a medium. I believe that it is the best way to deliver content that entertains, persuades, and educates. It’s a medium built for building trust and telling stories. Here’s a tip: when you start creating videos, it will change your life.
Background: Year 2020, the pandemic started and work from home setup has been implemented in almost all of the industry in the Philippines. Since most of the time I’m in front of my computer doing work and my personal things like, surfing the internet, gaming, photo and video editing, there’s an idea that comes into my mind, why not I upload my videos in YouTube (Educational Technology Tutorials, now Arvin Alejandro) and make a profit from it, and yes, I succeeded, my channel grows gradually since my niche is also Teachers.

I shared educational tutorial videos about different software to help them in their work from home setup, like how to use free screen recording app, Google classroom tutorial, PowerPoint tips and tricks, Microsoft Power BI and many more, until I reach my 1K subscribers and 4K watch hours up to 2K plus subscribers.

Fast forward people/organization from YouTube contacted me and one of it is the Wondershare Filmora to be a contributor. This opportunity gave me more eagerness to pursue what I love from the beginning which is video editing and sharing my ideas to others.
Work Experience and Experience: I started my video editing journey as a hobby only way back 2014. During that year I was still in college pursuing my study as a computer education student at Technological University of the Philippines-Manila. After I graduated I became a Professional Teacher in Senior high school for about two years and decided to change my career to an Application consultant which is my current job right now. Somehow my hobby (video editing) still continues even if I started working. I’m still accepting small works from my colleagues which can contribute to my daily needs and expenses.
Field: I believe in the saying "Jack of all trades", it is a figure of speech used to compliment a person who is good at fixing and has a very good broad knowledge.

I tried to be a Jack of all trades since I started my first job as a Teacher. I accept all the task, extra work, opportunities that has been given to me without hesitation, because my mindset is that, anyway, I can study and learn those things. But in the back of my mind, when the time comes that I need to choose which is which that I love and can benefit me in the long run I do have many options either Video editing, Photo editing, Businessman, Freelancer and many more.

My interest in video editing leads me from where I am right now starting from covering different topics in my YouTube channel, software tips and tricks, reviews, cinematography shots, unboxing, educational tutorials, those are few among numerous topics I have covered. All through the years I tried to adapt in technology by being consistent and interested to all new video editing ideas from different authors and products on the market.
Life: I am a simple person grew up in Bacoor Cavite, Philippines, with a dream to help my parents upswing from their life and live the life that they haven’t experienced. I strive to finish my studies without failing grades just to give them the feeling that they have succeeded as a parent. I immediately look for a job so that I can contribute and help my siblings.

Right now, I do have my own family with our first baby which is my source of motivation for my work and in life. I will always be inspired by where I came from, from nothing to something and holding on to this bible verse from Philippians 4:13 I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.