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15 Best Ideas To Post On Snapchat

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Originally published Nov 14, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

Snapchat is the 12th most popular social platform, with over 347 million daily active users, a market cap of $17.13B, and a net worth of $1.07B. The platform is incredibly engaging with the great potential, and providing opportunies for both individual and business.

However, how to make your Snaps stand out and make sure your Snaps and Snapchat videos are seen by as many audiences as possible and are interesting enough to hold their attention?

In this article, we're going to give you some ideas to post on Snapchat. From generating inspiring ideas to using Snapchat for better marketing, we aim to provide you with guidance on the whole walkthrough of shining on Snapchat.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Choosing Creative Topics for Snapchat Video
  2. Part 2. Snapchat Post Ideas for Content Creation
  3. Part 3. Snapchat Post Ideas For Marketing Promotion
  4. Part 4. A Bonus Tip: Tracking and Analysing Snap Stats

Part 1. Choosing Creative Topics for Snapchat Video

On the top of that, we will start with coming up with creative ideas for your Snapchat videos. If you're struggling to develop ideas to post on Snapchat, don't worry - we've got you covered.

Below we've provided some tips for your Snapchat videos:

Idea 1. Conduct Interviews Via Snaps

If you are running your Snapchat like a YouTube channel, conducting interviews on Snapchat is a perfect way to get quick, candid responses from your interviewees. To make it more fun, captivating, and engaging, you can also use captivating Snaps to add a personal touch.

All you need is: set lighting and sound, a 10-second snap with a question on it, and the interviewee. Start by introducing the person in the frame, put the snap on the screen, and let the interviewee answer your question.

To make things interesting, add filters, stickers, or lenses to reflect the scenarios or your personality. In the outro, provide a snap to thank the interviewee and share their Snapcode to let people follow them, a call to action, a positive phrase like thanks for watching, or your other social media handles.

Idea 2. Host A YouTube And Snapchat Q&A

Another great idea is to host a YouTube and Snapchat Q&A. You can film with a famous snap chatter or YouTuber and ask them a few questions. You can also ask your followers/audience to send their questions via text message or response to your stories. This will help you get your viewers involved with your content and increase engagement.

To make sure your snap Q&A goes off without a hitch, be sure to:

  • Set up your Snapchat settings of "Who Can Contact Me" to "Everyone" for a while to allow for questions.
  • During the session, try to acknowledge who asked the question.
  • After the session, change the "Who Can Contact Me" setting back to only friends to avoid spam overload.
snapchat q a session via stories

Idea 3. Fun Tidbits

Snapchat is an excellent platform to get your audience engaged with your brand by creating fun tidbits to get more traffic.

You can create short videos or images designed to be entertaining and informative. For example, Amazon's Snapchat posts stories of their employees carving pumpkins and posting them to their followers. This is a creative and fun solution to reach new customers and create a brand personality.

amazon tidbit on snapchat

Idea 4. Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Sharing BTS footage of you and your team hard at work can be interesting and informative for your followers. This will give them a look at the inner workings of your company and how you create your products or services. This type of content can also be used to show off your team's personality and culture.

We have listed why Behind-the-scenes footages are useful for your reference:

  • Helps build trust with your audience.
  • Allows you to humanize your brand or business and make it more relatable.
  • Enables you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

There are numerous ways to use BTS footage to boost your business. For example, you can use it to create a more personal connection with your customers, increase transparency and build trust.

taco bell behind the scene to their meetups

Part 2. Snapchat Post Ideas for Content Creation

Above is about some creative ideas for picking topics for your Snapchat videos. Apart from that, the video's content is also important to hold the audience's attention. Whether you're a blogger, a small business owner, or just someone who likes to create content, unique presenting ways can help you stand out on Snapchat.

If you're not sure where to start, here are some ideas for Snapchat content that you can create:

Idea 1. Create Title Cards For Longer Snapchat Stories

If you're creating a Snapchat story that is longer than the standard 10 seconds, you can use title cards to help keep your viewers engaged.

Title cards are simply images with the text you can insert into your story to help identify what's coming next. For example, if you're sharing a story about your company's history, you could use a title card at the beginning of each section to identify the different parts of the story.

For this, you can take a snap of a wall or perhaps block your camera to get a black screen and then paste your text on the picture. You can also play with the font size, style, or color to create engaging title cards.

title cards for snapchat stories

Idea 2. Adding Music To Your Video

Adding music to your video on Snapchat is important because this can help set the mood and tone of your video, express yourself or your personality, and make the content more fun and interesting to watch.

You can add music from the Snapchat build-in library or find resources from third-party websites, such as:

Idea 3. Make Full Use of Snapchat's Filters

One way to create shareable and fun content is by making full use of Snapchat's filters. For this, the app offers a ton of different filters to choose from, so you can really get creative while using them

1. Utilizing Geofilters

These are location-based filters that you can use if you are planning an event or promoting your product. Creating your own on-demand geofilters are super affordable and are priced according to location, time frame, and square footage you want, starting from $5.

However, you can only target an area between 20,000 and 5 million square feet. Moreover, they can only stay active for up to 30 days.

snapchat on demand geo filters
2. With AR/VR filters

We all love filters, don't we? Whether it's a dog filter or a flower crown, filters add a touch of fun and personality to our photos and videos. With the advent of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, filters are getting even more creative and immersive.

Snapchat's AR/VR filters are some of the most fun and innovative on the market, and they're constantly adding new ones to keep users engaged. You can also use these filters to create interactive content for your business.

For example, Dior created a Men Saddle Belt filter to promote its product and in turn, gained more sales, brand recognition as well as engagement.

dior filter on snapchat
3. Using Filters In Your Snaps Or Stories

When you are taking a Snap or creating a story, you can add filters to your photos or videos to add some visual interest and variation. These filters can change the color of your picture, add text or graphics, or even give them a fun effect.

Applying filters to your snaps is easy - just swipe through the options to find the perfect look. You can even use two or more filters at once by holding down on your screen to keep your current one set while you swipe to add more.

To find more fun and interesting hidden filters, read our article: How to find Snapchat hidden filters naturally.

Idea 4. Adopting Lenses

When it comes to Snapchat, there are two things that users love: filters and lenses!

While filters enhance your photos, lenses take Snapchat to a whole new level by adding animations and effects to your photos and videos. And the best part is, there are lenses for just about everything!

So, how can you use lenses to create engaging Snapchat content? Here are a few ideas:

  • Add fun animations and effects to your photos and videos.
  • Create custom snaps that show off your brand personality.
  • Make your content unique and engaging to stand out from the rest.

You can even create your own fun and captivating lenses on Snapchat. To learn how click here.

Part 3. Snapchat Post Ideas For Marketing Promotion

There are endless possibilities when creating marketing and promotional content for Snapchat. So whether you're looking to boost brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales, there's a Snapchat post idea for you.

Not sure where to start? Below, we'll share some of our favorite marketing and promotional content ideas to post on Snapchat:

A Quick Guide:

  1. 1. Techniques for Better Marketing On Snapchat
  2. 2. Ideas for Better Promotion on Snapchat

1. Techniques for Better Marketing On Snapchat

Here are some techniques to create an engaging marketing campaign on Snapchat:

Idea 1. Newsletter Sign-up CTAs

Adding a newsletter sign-up CTA to your Snapchat marketing campaign can help you grow your email list and keep your audience engaged. Here's how to do it:

  • Create a beautiful and compelling newsletter sign-up CTA.
  • Add the CTA to your Snapchat story.
  • Encourage your audience to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Follow up with your new subscribers and welcome them to your community.

Idea 2. Use Short Links

Since you cannot add clickable links to your snaps, using a shortened URL is an excellent approach to help people follow up on your links.

To get started, you need to find a URL shortener service such as and then begin sharing your shortened URLs with your Snapchat followers. You can add them to your snaps or post them in your story.

Idea 3. Sneak Peeks Of New Products

Giving your followers/customers a sneak peek of new products before they hit the shelves can excite them about your brand. This not only builds anticipation and excitement but also gives your fans a chance to be the first to know how and when to get their hands on your new products.

You can provide sneak peeks of new products on Snapchat in a number of ways. For instance, you can give short previews or teasers of products in your upcoming collection or first look at new products. You can even use Snapchat to give your fans a behind-the-scenes look at how your products are made.

Whatever approach you take, ensure that you're providing value to your audience. They should feel like they're getting something special by having a sneak peek of your new products.

Idea 4. Attach Your Username, Username URL, Or Snapchat Code

To get more audiences and followers on Snapchat, you can also try attaching your username, username URL, or Snapcode to your stories. These three approaches can help your customers find your account or add you as a friend on Snapchat.

To share your Snapchat username URL, open Snapchat and click your Profile icon. Tap on your yellow Snapcode to access more options. Tap "Share My Profile Link" and select the platform you want to share it with.

To share your Snapcode, simply let others scan the code via their phone's camera or tap "Profile > Snapcode icon > Share Snapcode."

share snapcode or profile url

Idea 5. Publish Your Snaps To Other Platforms

Do you want to get more eyes on your snaps on Snapchat? If so, you should consider publishing them on other platforms. Doing this can help you can reach a wider audience and get more people interested in your brand.

You can download your Snaps and repost them on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. To learn more, read: How to Save Snapchat Videos with Apps on Android and Mac.

2. Ideas for Better Promotion on Snapchat

Here are some quick ideas to post better promotional content on Snapchat:

Idea 1. Run Snapchat Ads

As a business, you always want to look for new ways to reach your target audience. With Snapchat being the 12th most popular social media platform today, it's definitely worth considering running ads on Snapchat.

Let's look into benefits of running ads on Snapchat:

  • To reach a younger audience that might not be on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram.
  • To make an ever-lasting impression on the viewers.
  • To target a specific location or people of a certain age, hobbies, and other interests.
  • To help you increase your exposure and grow your sale.
ads on snapchat

Idea 2. Coupon

You can quickly promote your business on Snapchat by offering coupons and use them to encourage customers to make a purchase or as loyalty rewards for existing customers.

Here's a quick guide on how to create coupons and increase your sale:

Step1 Choose the type of coupon you want to create, i.e., a code or a task.

Step2 Next, open the Snapchat app on your device, and create or choose an image/video for your coupon. Make sure it's captivating and related to the theme.

Step3 Add the coupon code or task to the Snap and share your coupon with your followers via your Stories.

coupons on snapchat

Idea 3. Host A Contest Or Giveaway

You can also promote your business/brand on Snapchat by hosting a contest or giveaway. This can help you not only reach more people but also get them talking about your brand.

People love free products, so if you're giving away prizes, you can bet that they will be eager to follow you.

content on snapchat

Such contests can also generate interest and excitement about your brand and can help your build relationships with your followers. By interacting with people and giving them a chance to win something, you're showing that you care about them.

Part 4. A Bonus Tip: Tracking and Analysing Snap Stats

Tracking and analyzing your snap stats can be difficult, but it's also important to do if you want to be successful on Snapchat. By understanding your snap stats, you can figure out what works and doesn't and adjust your Snapchat strategy accordingly.

So what stats should you be tracking on Snapchat? Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Views: This is a good metric to track if you want to see how many people are actually seeing your content. Keep an eye on your views over time to see if you're getting more or less engagement.
  • Screenshots: Screenshots can be a good indicator of how viral your content is. If you're getting a lot of screenshots, it means people are sharing your content with others.
  • New Followers: This will help you understand how effective your Snapchat marketing efforts are.
  • The Timing Of Your Snaps: This will help you understand when your audience is most engaged and when they're most likely to see your snaps.


In this article, we've discussed 16 ideas to post on Snapchat to help you make your content better. We've covered ideas for post topics, content, marketing, and promotional campaigns.

By following the tips, techniques, and ideas in this guide, you can create Snapchats that can be truly unique and will stand out from the rest of the herd. So go out there, start snapping, and get the followers you need for success on Snapchat - A giant in the social media marketing platform!

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Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Jul 18, 24
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