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Best Motion Tracking Apps for iOS and Android

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Today we will take a look at the best motion tracking video editing apps for iOS & Android devices. We’ll also learn how to do motion tracking and add objects to the tracked path in each app. 

Motion tracking is a technique that allows you to track moving objects in a video clip. You can blur faces/objects, add texts, clip arts, images, video clips to the tracked object. In the not so distant past, motion tracking was a processing-intensive feature that required a PC with a dedicated GPU, extra RAM & sophisticated editing software. But recent revolutions of mobile operating systems, hardware & apps have paved the way for motion tracking on mobile devices.

Track Moving Objects and Follow Movement in Videos with Filmora

The newly added motion tracking feature in Filmora allows you to track moving objects in a video clip easily, and then add clipart such as images, elements, texts and video clips to follow the movement automatically. Below is a video tutorial about how to use the motion tracking feature to pin text to video in Filmora. Download the free trial version below and inspire your creativity.

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Best Motion Tracking Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android

So, what are the best motion tracking apps? What are their key features? And how can you do motion tracking on these apps? Below, we answer all these questions.

1. LumaFusion

Pricing: $29.99

Operating System: iOS

LumaFusion is one of the most powerful video editors for iOS devices. It is a multi-track video editor with features similar to professional video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro. You can export your video to Final Cut Pro X (FCPXML) or archive it for editing later on another iOS device. Frame rates of up to 240fps are supported with forward & reverse Slow/Fast motion. Professional-grade color LUTs, layer effects, and audio editing are also available. There is a handy auto-ducking feature that ducks the background automatically during dialog. The interface is a bit daunting for novices. They compensate for that by providing free support & video tutorials for almost everything. 

How to do Motion Tracking on LumaFusion?

LumaFusion is a professional-grade motion tracking app. Tracking doesn't necessarily take longer in LumaFusion than professional alternatives like Premiere Pro. Moreover, while many professional editing apps encounter lagging when you add too many keyframes and layers, that is typically not an issue in LumaFusion.

You begin by importing your clip. Next, add an object1 layer (text, video, clip-art, etc.) on top of your clip & adjust its start and endpoint. Edit the added object1 (graphics, position, etc.) if you want.

Then, add a suitable shape to your object1 layer. This shape will dictate the precise position of your tracking points. Now move the object + shape to the object2 you want to track. Remember the position of the shape with respect to the tracked object2. Add a keyframe, then move forward on the timeline.

Match the object1 + shape position with respect to your object2 similar to the previous one. Add another keyframe. Keep on repeating this process of following object2 with object1 + shape. Play through the timeline to check once you’re done. Don’t forget to delete the shape afterward because we don’t want that in our exported clip. That's it, we're done. A bit tedious but easy.

2. KineMaster

Pricing: Free

Operating System: iOS & Android

KineMaster is another multi-track video editor. It has been one of the leaders in the mobile editing industry for several years.

The blending modes of KineMaster can be utilized to produce unique startling effects. The color adjustment tools have sufficient capability to meet all your correction and enhancing needs.

You can change your voice, add sound effects, and multiple layers of video, images, stickers, special effects, text & handwriting.

It also comes with slow-motion, ducking, volume envelope, color filters, and more. When you're done, you can export in 4K 2160p (30fps).

The free version gives you access to all the editing tools, but be aware of ads & watermarks. Buying the KineMaster premium will remove the watermarks and ads, unlock professional tool presets, and give you access to over a thousand premium assets. 

How to do Motion Tracking on KineMaster?

Motion tracking in KineMaster is done using the animation tab. The overall interface is a lot simpler compared to LumaFusion. Simplicity, however, results in a lack of functionality. You can’t add a shape like the one we used in LumaFusion to make sure our added object1 always aligned perfectly with the object2 we were tracking. 

The first step of motion tracking in KineMaster is importing your clip. Next, add an object1 layer (text, video, clip-art, etc). Adjust the duration & position of the object1 layer in the timeline according to the motion tracking duration & position for your clip.

Now launch the animation tab. Move the added object1 to the point of the object2 you want to track. You can zoom in using two fingers for accuracy. Once the object1 is in place, add a keyframe by tapping on the plus button.

Go forward to the next frame and add another keyframe after positioning. Keep on repeating this process of following object2 with object1. Play through the timeline once you’re done. If you made a mistake, use the minus button to remove a keyframe.


After thoroughly examining the two motion tracking apps, we recommend LumaFusion for professionals who need precise control over motion tracking. Android users should not be disappointed, however, since the capability of KineMaster is not far behind.

KineMaster is the better option for amateurs due to its simpler UI. Whichever one you choose, you would be satisfied with the motion tracking functionality. We hope we have helped you choose the best motion tracking video editing app for your mobile device. Happy tracking!

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