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Tutorial | Motion Tracking Using Text on Wondershare Filmora


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Launch Project on Wondershare Filmora

After downloading and installing the Wondershare Filmora tool on your device, you have to start it. You'll see a very attractive layout that displays three menu options on the left side of your screen. Since you've to add a motion tracking feature to your video, you have to select "Create Project" and then press "New Project." After this, you'll be taken to the video editing interface of Filmora.

make a new project
Step 2

Import Your Video

Now you’re required to upload your Balmond recorded video to the Filmora. Press the "Media" bar from the left side of your screen and click the "Import Media" button. After successfully uploading, your imported video will appear, which you can use further.

add your video file
Step 3

Drag and Adjust on Timeline

Once your video is uploaded, drag and drop it to the project timeline below. Next, you'll need to click on the "Zoom To Fit Timeline" button, which ensures the video is adjusted in the project timeline according to its duration.

tap on zoom to fit timeline option
Step 4

Use Render Preview Feature

Following this, click on the "Render Preview" button for smooth playback of your adjusted video. Play the video so that you can check whether the video layout is fine and the quality is good.

render the video
Step 5

Look For Motion Tracking

If your video quality is good after some adjustments, proceed to add a motion-tracking feature. For this purpose, click on the video in the project timeline and press the "Motion Tracking" button with a “[+]” icon present in the panel above. A box will start appearing on your video that will be used for indicating motion tracking of a particular object in the video.

choose the motion tracking feature
Step 6

Adjust the Box

Initially, you will have to move the playhead on the timeline until you reach the point where you have to start this process. Continue to move and resize the box according to the size of your object. Place the box on the particular object within the video and adjust accordingly. 

adjust the object box
Step 7

Start Motion Tracking

The menu bar for motion tracking will be displayed on the left side of your screen. You're now required to press the "Start Tracking" button, which will then apply the motion tracking feature to your video. Click “OK” once the motion tracking process is completed.

initiate the tracking process
Step 8

Include Text Over the Object

If you seek to add text above the object of the video that you are motion tracking, click on the “Titles” menu on the top. Select your desired title layout or style from the available options. The selected text title needs to be added to your project timeline. Adjust its duration and make it visible according to the appearance of your desired character that is motion tracked in the video.

choose the title template
Step 9

Edit the Text Template

On adding the text, edit and customize it by clicking on the default title in the project timeline. Henceforth, write anything you want in the text. In addition, you can also adjust the text style and color as per requirements. On concluding it, click the "OK" button. You can also resize the text in the video.

customize the text template
Step 10

Select Default Title in Motion Tracking Settings

Double-click on the tracking box and lead to the motion tracking menu on the left. You'll see a motion tracking dropdown, from which you need to select the "Default Title" option. Adjust the text box by placing it at the top of your desired object in the video.

set default title option
Step 11

Preview and Save The Video

After reviewing the final video, you can save it to your desired location of the device if you are satisfied. Press the “Export” button and set your file location within the window that opens. Your new motion-tracking video is ready to be used for different social media platforms.

preview the created video

Balmond is the audience’s favorite character in the Mobile Legends game. Thus, every gamer desires to record their gameplay in the iconic Balmond character to show their skill set to the gaming community. With motion tracking, the recorded video can become more special. Subsequently, this tutorial provides easy-to-understand steps for applying motion tracking on mobile gaming videos.

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