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First of all, install the Filmora software in your system and click on this project option. First of all, select the image where you want to add the transition. I want to make the drawing transition in my video today.

So, click on this import button option and I have chosen this option here.


Filmora has new features. You can import your media files and choose your media files from the Stock Media. You can also now add your data from your cloud storage.


As you can see my video is downloaded and now I can add it to the Timeline. Then I click on this and add Freeze Frame in it. Then I delete some Freeze Frame because I don’t need too much Freeze Frame in it so I delete it from the current.


Now, I have to adjust this video in this section.


Now, I have to make the sketch. First of all, click on this Effects option and then add the Charcoal effect. Then, I add it in this area. As you can see, the Charcoal effect is added.


Then I click Transitions and I have to add the Evaporate 2 transition in it. I’ll search for it from here. And then, I add the proper viewing between the two sections.


Now, I have to add the Zoom effect in it. I double-click on it, select this one and add one keyframe to it. Then, select this one and add one keyframe to it. Then, I go to where the transition ends, I add another keyframe and then add another keyframe to the other one.

I change the size of it to 100 and this keyframe size to 400. So, let’s play the video.

Transition From A Sketch Or Drawing Into a Video In Wondershare Filmora


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Download the Filmora video editor and install it. Once that’s done, open the program and click on Create New Project.

Step 2

From there, click on Media → Import Media, and select the notebook image you downloaded previously. You can download any blank canvas image from online. Once it is imported into the program, simply click on that image and drag it into the Timeline.

import media filmora
Step 3

Now, you can import your own video that you want to apply the transition on or you can simply choose one from the Filmora Stock media. If you chose the latter, simply go to Stock Media and drag your ideal video to the timeline. Place it above the image clip.

import stock media filmora
Step 4

This next step is a simple but crucial one. Set your mouse cursor at the point where you want to make the transition on your video clip. Then, right-click at the same spot and click on “Add Freeze Frame”.

add freeze frame filmora
Step 5

Next, double-click on the video clip in the timeline and try to adjust the size of the video to fit the notebook. You can make these adjustments directly on the screen in the top-right corner, just as you see in the image here.

resize clip
Step 6

Next, go to Effects → type in “Charcoal” → and drag the Charcoal effect directly on top of the Freeze Frame clip in the Timeline.

add charcoal effect filmora
Step 7

Now head over to the Transitions tab and type in “Evaporate 2”. Select this transition and drag it between the Freeze Frame clip and the rest of the video clip in the Timeline.

add transition filmora
Step 8

We need to slowly enlarge the image as the transition ends. To do this, set the Playhead in the middle of your transition. Then, select the video clip on the right side of the Playhead. Click on “Add” to add a keyframe. Then, select the image below it and add a keyframe there as well.

Step 9

Finally, move the Playhead to where the transition ends and add a keyframe to the video clip and the image below it as well. Then, simply increase the scale for both of these keyframes to fit the screen and you’re done.

add keyframe filmora

There you have it. You’ve just learned how to create a stunning transition effect that transforms a drawing into a real video. You can do this for any video that you want. There are no limits to the Filmora video editor.

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