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Today, in this video, I'm going to tell you how we can add Dr. Strange effect to our video. After downloading and installing, you’ll get this type of interface in front of you.


Now you've to import your video in which you want to add Dr. Strange effect. You can take any background, logo, or anything you want to add. So, first of all, I will add a background here.


After this, you need to move into "Elements," and as you can see, there are many Dr. Strange effects present. For the effects that you want to add to your timeline, just download them and add them to your timeline.


Afterwards, you have to add a background to your timeline. As I have already told you earlier, you can also add a video, you can also make a video of yourself, and you can also add a background and add its Dr. Strange effect.


Now, you have to take a photo, video, or logo, which you need to add to the timeline. What you need to do now is the area where your Dr. Strange effect is getting dropped; you're required to delete that extra part from there.


Move into the "Transitions" now, and here you'll find a Transition named “Zoom Out,” which you need to add to your timeline. After this, you have to add special effects to your timeline, something like blast anything. You can take a video from the internet and also add their video.


You've to adjust it afterward, as per your requirements. For example, the photo, video, or logo that you're looking to blast, adjust it accordingly on the timeline.


So, as you can see, the blast we added possesses a shadow on its edges. To remove the shadow, double-click on it, and now you have to move into the "Chroma Key," and your shadow will disappear from here.


Now you're required to add audio effects. Hence you need to navigate into the "Audio," and here you'll get to see several categories and also many effects. The effect which we are going to add to our blast is “Traler.” So, you need to add it to your timeline and adjust it per your needs.


We are now going to add another piece of music to it, which is before the rain, like adding the sound of thunderstorms to our video. Our video is completely ready, so let's play and preview it. You can edit any video professionally. This is just an example I showed to you, like how you can add Dr. Strange effect to your video. Let’s play the video from here.


How do you have to export this video now? For this, you need to click on the "Export" option, write the name of the video here, and set the location from here. By going into "Settings," you can also set the video's resolution and frame rate. By clicking on the "Export" button, your video will be successfully exported. Let me tell you one more thing before exporting; you'll get a watermark of their software each and every time.

Guide On How To Create Dr. Strange Effect In Video Through Filmora


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Import Required Media Items

Move into the “Media” section from the top-left corner of the screen and select the "Import Media" button to import all your required media items, e.g., background image, video, or logo. After importing, drag the media items to the project timeline below as required.

import media files to filmora
Step 2

Add Dr. Strange Elements to Timeline

Select the "Elements" section from the top of the screen, and multiple elements for superhero cinematic effects will appear in front of you. Select your desired effect, download it, and move it into the timeline below. Adjust the duration of your applied element according to the duration of your media items in the timeline.

add superhero elements pack
Step 3

Trim Extra Part from Tracks

Slowly play your video by moving the playhead further and determine the area where your Dr. Strange effect is getting dropped. Select your photo or video from starting point of that particular dropping part and delete the rest part by clicking on the “Trim” icon on the playhead.

trim videos to adjust
Step 4

Utilization of Transitions into Project

Navigate into the category of "Transitions" from the top of the screen, search "Zoom" transition, select it, and add it to your timeline. You can also add a transition into a specific media item there.

add transition on picture
Step 5

Apply Special Blast Effects

To apply special blast effects to make your Dr. Strange video more interesting, click on the "Elements" bar from the screen’s top. Search special particles from the search bar, select "Special Particles Effect Element 17", add it to your timeline below, and adjust its duration as needed.

include blast effect to timeline
Step 6

Remove Shadow from Blast

After applying the blast effect, you'll see a shadow on the edges of your video. To remove this shadow, double-click on your blast effect from the timeline. A window tab will open where you have to select "Video," choose "Basic" further, and turn on the "Chroma Key" option. After this, the shadow will be removed.

remove shadow from effect
Step 7

Use Interesting Audio inside the Video

Click on the “Audio” bar from the top of the screen, and you can select any audio from the available categories and options. For example, you selected "Traler mpact 01" and need to move that into the timeline. In addition, you can apply more audio if needed; for instance, adding “Thunder Before The Ran” would be perfect for the video. Adjust the duration of these tracks according to your requirements.

add audio to timeline
Step 8

Save the Video on the Device

After all the editing, preview your work by clicking on the "Render Preview" icon. To save your video, click on the "Export" button from the top, choose the video name, and select the file location on the device to save your video.

By clicking on "Settings," you can also adjust the resolution and frame rate. Click "OK," and then press the "Export" button again to save your video permanently on your device.

export with required settings

Undoubtedly, Dr. Strange's effects are stimulating to watch as a viewer. The color combination of fire and blasting animation just develops an overwhelming combo, making the audience intact to their seats while watching the artistic display. For applying such effects to your videos, this Filmora tutorial is a great assistance to have. The steps are easy, straightforward, and precise.

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