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Performing Next-Level Editing With Ready-Made Templates on Filmora 12


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Start Your Filmora Application

After downloading the Filmora application from the internet, you’ve to start it on your device. The application processing may take some time, so patience is required. Once the application starts, you have to select the “New Project” option for video editing with templates. You will be directed to a new window displaying the video editing panel.

 create a new project
Step 2

Select the Required Template

Once you've created a new project, you're now required to select the ready-made templates. It is done by pressing the "Templates" menu from the top. On the left side of your screen, you'll see different categories of ready-made templates. Considering that your niche is nature-related, you'll select only a nature-friendly template.

choose your video template
Step 3

Drag Template to Timeline

You're required to drag and drop the selected template into the project timeline. At this point, you'll see the entire preset of your template with different clips.

add the video to timeline
Step 4

Preview Render

It’s important to see the video first and determine what needs to be attained in it and what is not. Therefore, press the "Render Preview" icon to ensure a smooth video playback.

tap on the render feature
Step 5

Import the Customized Clips

The rendered preview will let you know what needs to be replaced. To add your clips, you'll have to import them. You can do this by clicking on the "Media" tab from the top-left side of your screen. Press the "Import Media" button and import all required clips to the Filmora editor.

import your video clips
Step 6

Drag Clips To Replace Presets

Drag your clips into the timeline to replace the unwanted presets in the project timeline. Hold the "ALT" button on your keyboard to replace the preset with the clip you are dragging into the timeline. Ultimately, you'll repeat this step to replace all the unnecessary presets in the selected template.

The transitions and effects that are already applied will not be changed and will still be incorporated into your newly added clips. Make sure to render for a better preview of the updated video.

replace your video files
Step 7

Customized Text Presets

Once your video is edited and tailored to your requirements, you can adjust its text. Click on the text preset in the project timeline and observe a text editing menu on the top where you can edit the text. Apparently, you can write whatever you want and change the text style, text layout, and text color. Click “OK” once you’ve completely edited the text.

customize the template text
Step 8

Play the Final Video and Export

Now you've designed your final video, it's time to play it and see your effort. Thus, you'll now press the "Play" icon, and your video will start playing. To ensure smooth playback for the video, you can also press the "Render Preview" button. Once satisfied, consider downloading the video onto your computer. This is done by clicking on the "Export" button available at the top of the screen.

export the customized video

Editing nature videos can be time-consuming, considering the detailed effort required. Meanwhile, a better option is to create such videos by utilizing the available resources. With this tutorial, you can learn quick hacks of basic-level editing by using ready-made nature templates on Wondershare Filmora 12. Thus, even if you’re a beginner, you’re good to go ahead.

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