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Tutorial – How to Make Fast Speed Effect Like The Flash With Filmora


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Start Filmora and Import Media

After starting Filmora on your computer, begin your editing process by importing the required video and image files. For this purpose, click the "Media" bar from the top-left and press the "Import Media" button. Once your media is imported, drag it to the project timeline below.

import media files to the software
Step 2

Apply Keyframe Animation to the Image

If you want to apply animation to your image, adding a keyframe is the right thing. So, double-click on your image track, and from the available window, select "Animation," and press “Customize.” Now position your playhead on the image, and finally, press the "Add" button to add the animation keyframe. You can also edit the animation with provided customizations through different scales.

add keyframe animations on the image
Step 3

Integrate Effects to Visualize Project

Move into the “Effects” bar from the top and choose your desired effect from the given options. After this, add the selected effect to the image track on your timeline.

To edit the effect, double-click on your image track to see an editing window in front of you. Now navigate into the "Image" menu, scroll down and click "Video Effects," and now turn on the "Square Blur" option. Thus, a blur effect is applied to your image, and you can also edit it using "Size" and "Alpha" customizations.

add and adjust the blur effect

From the "Video Effects," you can adjust the "Up-down 1" customization by clicking on it and adjusting frequency and position. With this type of effect, make sure to turn off the “RGB Separate” option. You can apply as many effects to your image and video tracks as required.

include and customize more effects
Step 4

Trim All Unwanted Track Durations

While adding different images, videos, or effect tracks, you may notice that their duration is not similar in the timeline. It's where you can trim the unwanted duration in the track, and it's possible by using the “Scissor” icon on the playhead. So, by moving it, you can trim all the unrequired parts in different tracks.

trim media files on the timeline
Step 5

Preview the Final Video and Export

Click on the “Render Preview” icon to witness a smooth playback of your video in HD resolution quality. It's time to save the video to the device. Therefore, click the "Export" button from the top, select the file location, set the video name, and finally, click the "Export" button again to save and download the video.

render preview and export

Flash-like speed effects are always exciting to watch as a viewer. Therefore, adding them to your videos; means you're getting a huge audience engagement as a result. By following this simple and easy tutorial on Filmora, you can also create your Flash effect video in a quick time. Don't worry, even if you don't have video editing experience.

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