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3D Text Animations
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3D Text Animation Making Made Easy Finding the Best Solutions!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 30, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

Animated texts have transformed the idea of storytelling and made it more adorable. 3D text refers to three-dimensional text in the digital context. Meanwhile, text animation means motion graphics that create moving typography of letters. It's a visual primarily used for video games, filmmaking, and television.

As we have built enough context to understand 3D text animation, we now come to the point. Creating text in a 3D space to produce dynamic videos is called 3D text animation free. This way, text appears more immersive and lifelike. So, let's master the art of generating 3D text animation online to make appealing videos in this article.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How Does Textual Data Help in Enhancing a Video Outlook?
  2. Part 2. Wondershare Filmora: A Wonder in Enhancing Videos with Animated Text
  3. Part 3. What to Look for In a Good 3D Text Animated Tool?
  4. Part 4. Some Unique Online Solutions For 3D Animated Text Generation
  5. Conclusion
3D Text Animations
A cross-platform for offering text-based editing to advance text editing options!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. How Does Textual Data Help in Enhancing a Video Outlook?

Do you know when textual data is present in a video, it becomes more searchable? Adding relevant text in videos can improve search engine optimization (SEO). This way, your audience will better understand what they are watching. Additionally, the video will look more credible and appealing. So, let’s learn how textual data works to boost the appearance of videos:

  • Title and Headlines: If you add 3D text animation in videos, viewers will click on it. Clear and engaging text in titles and headings can attract the audience. It also provides them with a brief overview of video content.
  • Thumbnail: Providing an eye-catching thumbnail will also inspire the audience to click and watch. It's a combination of images and text that clarifies the video topic. Thus, making it appealing is the only way to attract the targeted audience.
  • Closed captions and Subtitles: It is a fruitful way to access video in another language. Deaf and other impaired people can easily understand the video when adding subtitles. Your videos will get more views because people can also watch in a noisy environment.
  • Annotation: Adding textual data in this format will convey extra information. You can insert a call-to-action message in the video. It draws viewers' attention towards the critical textual material in the video.
  • Lower Thirds: These are graphics and text overlays which appear at the bottom of the video. Such texts can introduce speakers and develop professionalism. It will enhance video outlook and boost content at the same time.

Part 2. Wondershare Filmora: A Wonder in Enhancing Videos with Animated Text

In search of making your video matchless, you can blindly rely on Wondershare Filmora. The reason is that it is currently the best video editing tool available in the market so far. Using Filmora, you can edit every video aspect with its extensive range of powerful features. When it comes to 3D text animations, it offers text-based editing to advance text editing options.

Free Download
Free Download

You can leverage templates to boost productivity and tackle edits effortlessly. While it makes operations easier, it does not compromise the quality of the video being edited. To delve into creativity, go through the prominent features of Filmora ahead:

Key Features That Make Filmora Prominent

  • Filmora offers you a variety of text templates to choose from and customize. You can pick one from subtitles, plain text, lower third, verticals, and memes sections.
  • After adding the text template to the timeline, you can edit it from every aspect. It allows you to change text position, scale, size, font, and even 3D preset material.
  • The thing Filmora offers differently from other tools is the option of pictures and shape insertion. You can add pictures from your device and shape from the given options.
  • You can browse a 3D text by prompting a keyword in the search bar. In addition, users can add layers of 3D text to their videos using Filmora.
  • Trim the 3D text animation clip and add your video footage where you wish. Consequently, you can add music in 3D text from the “Audio Library” of Filmora.

Step-by-Step Guide to Make 3D Animated Text to Perfection Using Filmora

Filmora is the quickest and easiest video editing tool to edit every edge of your video. Here, we will guide you to make 3D animated text, so save time exploring this option:

Step 1Get the Newest Version of Filmora in Your System

Go to the official website of Wondershare Filmora and download its latest version. Then, launch Filmora on your device and enter its main interface. Explore the “New Project” option to start creating 3D animated text.

start filmora new project
Step 2Access the 3D Text and Bring the Desired One to Timeline

After tapping on New Project, you will enter the editing window of Filmora. From the editing panel, click on the "Titles" option next to the "Audio." Now, from the left side list, choose "3D Title" and browse your desired text style. Hit the "Download" icon on your chosen 3D text and press the "+" displayed afterward. This way, you will get 3D text in the timeline section.

select 3d title
Step 3Customize 3D Text and Apply Animations

To edit the 3D text and add animation, head to the settings panel. There, enter the text you wish to make in 3D and change the font style. You can adjust its “Scale” using its slider. Then, switch to the “3D Animation” option from the top-right bar. Choose “In” and “Out” animations to apply to the 3D text. In addition, you can set their “Duration” through its slider.

apply animation to 3d text

Part 3. What to Look for In a Good 3D Text Animated Tool?

Not having the right tool means wasting energy on forcing a square pin to fit in a round hole. It's important to choose a good tool regardless of the project you are working on. In terms of using a free online 3D animated text generator, focus on getting high-quality text. If you are looking for the best tool, ensure it contains the following aspects. 

  • Customization Options: Consider a tool useless when it will not allow you to make changes as you want. A good tool always offers a wide range of personalization options. It provides you with text effects, font choices, alignment, and opacity adjustments.
  • Templates and Presets: Our mind cannot be creative every time. We need inspiration from predesigned templates to create our desired project. Thus, a good tool provides a vast, ready-made 3D text animation
  • Rendering Quality: Another thing to consider in a tool is the output quality or text. Look for a tool that gives you high-quality graphics and smooth animations. The final product should be professional and appealing enough to attract anyone.
  • Export Options: Before starting to work, check the export format it offers. A good tool will give you more options and flexibility to export across platforms. You can also look for its pricing model that either fits your budget or does not.

Part 4. Some Unique Online Solutions For 3D Animated Text Generation

If you want the quickest solution, use an online 3D animated text generator. You don't need to download such tools, but they offer fewer features than offline tools. Anyways, before using them, ensure that you have found a good tool, as mentioned earlier. The following are some online 3D text generators with pros and cons to make your selection easier.

1. TextStudio

This online tool can prove useful for generating 3D text effects. It will provide you with hundreds of original text styles with animation. Its simple interface enables users from any niche to get custom fonts. You can browse a 3D animated text from its popular and new library. After choosing a style, change its color, opacity, and gradient directions.

textstudio 3d text animation generation
  • Allows customization options like changing text background, spacing, and animations.
  • Download 3D text animation in PNG, JPG, PDF, and many other formats.
  • There are very limited options for accessing and downloading the 3D text for free users.

2. Renderforest

Right from your browser, get professional text for business or social networks. Renderforest is an animated text generator that embraces extraordinary typography. Using this tool, browse a text scene template and preview one that suits your needs. Then, personalize it and add the text in the given placeholders. You can set animation music in the chosen text as desired.

renderforest 3d text animation generation
  • Despite adding 3D text animation, you can add a logo or create one using this tool.
  • Trim or add animation footage from the stock library of Renderforest.
  • Some templates contain restrictions on adding certain sizes and number of pictures.

3. FlexClip

To create stylish animated text, visit this 3D animated text generator. It will inspire you with thousands of animated text templates designed by artists. When you finish working on it, you can export it in GIF, audio, and video format. Thus, pick one template and start customizing using adjust, transform, and filter options.

flexclip 3d text animation generation
  • Allows you to rotate and flip any text to the required position.
  • Remove the background and apply the animation of your choice.
  • The larger files take a lot of time to process, which might prove annoying.

4. Kapwing

Animating text will barely take a second of yours but brings endless results. Start your project with this 3D animated text generator. It will give you over 100 text fonts, or you can upload your custom font. After accessing one, you can change its color, size, opacity, and outline. Besides, users can add vibrant animation from given choices.

kapwing 3d text animation generation
  • Export files in your selected resolution from 480p, 720p, and 1080p options.
  • Adjust the line height of 3D text and change its position to match your needs.
  • New users ask for tutorials and guidance because it is not easy to use at first glance.

5. TextDrom

TextDrom is a free online 3D animated text generator with an intuitive interface. It gives you text symbols, 3D texts, GIF text, shadow texts, and PNG neon logos. Tap on any text category and scroll until you find an attractive 3D text. You can upload your font and picture to bring a fully personalized touch. Even users can adjust line height and gap between letters using this tool.

textdrom 3d text animation generation
  • Allows you to change the 3D text background by uploading a picture.
  • Enables you to enter a number to make the text three-dimensional.
  • You can download the 3D text in PNG format.


In short, 3D text animations are widely used in the entertainment industry. To generate them, you need various software depending on your specific needs. In this article, you have an overview of such tools. If you haven’t made a decision yet, then you must try Wondershare Filmora. It offers powerful features for video editing despite providing 3D text and other text-based editing options.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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