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Now, first of all, what you have to do is to take a video that you want to add to the text. After this, add it to the timeline.


Now, what you've to do is to come into "Titles," and here you'll find many categories and many titles as well. Whatever category you click, titles in those categories will start appearing in front of you. Redirect into "Plain Text," and after that, you've to add that text into the timeline. You can also do this directly by clicking the “+” option.


You’ve to now double-click on the text, and from here, you've to come into the "Advanced" setting. After coming to the advanced setting, you've to add the shape of a rectangle by clicking on "Add Shape." Here you can pick any shape, and after that, pick the rectangle shape. You’ve to delete the text that is behind it. Now you’ve to adjust the shape of your rectangle according to the dimensions of your video.


After double-clicking here, you have to write the text. And from here, you can change its font. And from here, you can set the size of the text. And from here, you can bold the text, and from here, it can be italicized.


After this, on the back side, there is a background, and to change its color, you've to scroll down, and after clicking here, you can change your background color. You can set any color. After this, you’ve to click “OK” from here. And from clicking here, you can also set the position of the text. And from clicking here, you can also change the modes and effects of the text.


Now you've to double-click on the text from here, and from here, you've to come to the “Video,” After that, you've to tick the second option. Then navigate into the "Blinding Mode," and from here, whatever mode you pick will work here. For the video, you've to add your text, so for this, you've to click the second option. And as we can see, our video is added to the text. Click "OK" from here, and let's just play it to see.


Whatever photo, video, or file you want to add to the text, you've to add it. Now, you've to navigate into the "Audio," and in audio, you'll also find many categories. Here you’ll also find many sound effects. So after clicking on the "+" option, you can add any of the songs from here. From "Media," you can also add any of the songs you want. After this, add it to the timeline, and you have to adjust your sound according to the duration of your video by cutting.


If you want to add any animation to the text, you’ll again double-click on the text, and from here, you'll come into "Animation." In animations, you'll get to see many animations. After scrolling down, you'll see further animations. So from here, you can add any animation to your video or text. After that, you can further set your text animation by coming into "Customize." Now our video is fully ready.


Before playing the video, I want you to know that previously when you wanted to split your video, you had to click it from here. So here you get a new option, "Quick Split Mode," and if you turn it on, you can split your file in multiple splits with just one click.


Now you've to export your video. Here you've to name your video. Here you need to set the file location where you want to save your video. After that, you've to export. Before exporting, I want you guys to know that whenever you edit and export your video through this software, so you'll get a watermark of this software on your video.

Guide On How To Add a Video in Text Using Filmora


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Start Filmora to Import Your Video

Once you’re in the Filmora editing interface, click the “Media” tab from the top-left side of your screen, after which you’ve to press the “Import Media” button. This way, you’ll be able to import the video you need. Once the video is successfully imported, make sure to drag and drop it into the project timeline below.

 import video to timeline
Step 2

Zoom Video As Required

If you need to zoom your video for better display and easy editing, click the “Zoom In” icon after selecting your video track.

zoom video for better view
Step 3

Use Text Tiles for Video

Now you've got to add a text title in your video to make it more appealing. For this, click the "Titles" tab from the top-left of the screen. You'll see different text categories on the left side, and therefore you can use any text title you want. You can select the "Plain Text" category and, from it, choose the "Basic 6" template. After this, you need to drag the title to your timeline.

add text to timeline with video
Step 4

Modify Text with Advanced Dynamics

Double-click on the title track from the timeline, and a text editing window will open. Click the “Advanced” button, then press "Customize," and choose the "Add Shape" icon. Select a rectangle from the given shapes. You can also select other shapes as needed.

Delete the text behind the box by selecting it and pressing the backspace key. After this, set the box size according to the screen size of your video, and for this, you’ve to adjust the corners.

add shape and modify text
Step 5

Make Further Modifications to the Text

To further edit the text, double-click on it from the screen, and write whatever you want. You can also change the text color, font, and size and apply bold and italic customizations. If you need to change the background color, scroll down from the open window and click "Color," and choose your desired color from the options. Click "OK" once you're done with advanced changes.

Now you can again adjust the text's position and alignment and perform other adjustments from the available text editing window.

 modify and set background for text
Step 6

Modify and set background for text

Double-click on the text track, navigate into "Video," and tick-mark the “Compositing” feature. From here, lead into the "Blinding Mode," where you have to select “Darken” from the given options in the drop-down menu. Click "OK" once you are done with the changes.

apply video to text with compositing
Step 7

Integrate Audio Effects

Press the "Audio" tab from the top of your screen, and then select your required music from the given options. Whatever audio clip you choose, click the "+" icon on it and add audio to the timeline below. If you want to use your audio, press the "Media" tab from the top-left side of your screen and click the "Import Media" button to import your audio from the device.

Adjust the sound on your timeline by setting its duration similar to your video. Delete the excessive part of the audio by using the "Scissor" icon on the playhead.

add and set audio on timeline
Step 8

Improvise Project with Animations

Moving forward, double-click on the text track, and select "Animation" from the window. You'll see many categories of animations, where you've to choose your required animation. After selecting, drag the animation into your text or video track in the timeline.

To edit the animation, double-click on it from the timeline, choose the "Animation" category, and select "Customize.” Here, you can further adjust the animation with different customizations. Click “OK” to proceed further.

include animations in text track
Step 9

Split Video in a Quick Way

If you want to divide your video into different splits quickly, click the "Quick Split Mode." Now with a single press, you can divide your video into different parts.

use quick split mode
Step 10

Export Video to the Device

The final stage is to export your video from Filmora. For this purpose, click the “Export” button, select the file name, and choose your file location to save your video on the device.


Videos are always an exciting part of the visual media that combines art to show us what we need. Subsequently, not everyone likes reading plain, simple text. Adding a unique video to your texts can add special engagement that attracts the audience to your content. This tutorial on Filmora 11 is helpful for everyone interested in video-into-text animation.

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