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How to Use Discord Text-To-Speech?

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

While most users of the popular online messaging and content sharing site Discord rely on simple text to communicate, there are numerous situations when using the text-to-speech feature would be quite advantageous. This includes instances when there are language barriers or disabilities to overcome, but also spontaneous moments when users just enjoy hearing each other’s words. Discord supports the use of a text-to-speech (TTS) function and in fact, has a built-in setting for it, but this option only works for desktop users with Windows or Mac devices.

In this article, we will discuss the specifics of activating the TTS function in Discord and using it effectively to improve your communication with other users. By following the detailed instructions provided here, you will be able to learn how to activate text-to-speech on Discord and manage your voice messages on selected servers in the most practical manner.

Part 1: How to Enable Text-To-Speech Feature in Discord?

Before you can deploy TTS in your chats, you need to change the settings of your profile to enable this option. This isn’t hard to do – just go to the Discord app and select ‘Settings’ from the menu, which will trigger a pop-up window to appear on your screen. Next, you need to find the Text & Images section in the App Settings window, then scroll down to find the Text-to-Speech option, and finally tick the boxes next to Allow playback and Usage of TTS items. After you do this, your Discord will be ready to process your text messages in voice format.

Discord Text to Speech Settings

To test whether you successfully activated Text-to-Speech, open any chats on your personal server and try typing out a message, followed immediately by the tag /tts. If everything is working correctly, your message should appear on the screen in the text form, accompanied by its voice rendering delivered by an automated module. The timing of the two should be perfectly synchronized so that you hear the message and see the text at exactly the same instance. Otherwise, go back to settings and make sure you activated the TTS option properly or restart your Discord app.

Part 2: How to Set Up Text-To-Speech Notifications on Discord?

Another practical possibility that can improve your Discord experience is to set up TTS notifications and be immediately informed whenever a fresh message arrives. This can also be done after you change the app parameters from the ‘Settings’ menu. After you see all options, choose ‘App Settings’ and search for the section named ‘Notifications’. By scrolling down, you will reach the item ‘Text-to-Speech notifications’ and after clicking on it you will be given a choice between three options.

Discord Text to Speech Notification Settings

The first option For all channels is to enable notifications on all channels on Discord; choosing it will result in a robotic voice reading all messages from all chats, regardless of whether they have a /tts tag. This option can be useful when you want to maximize your accessibility and receive important information instantly.

By picking the second option, For current selected channel, you can enable TTS notifications only on the current channel. This action will instruct Discord to have an automated voice read all the incoming messages on the active chat aloud, allowing you to stay in the loop at all times. This possibility works well for people who occasionally do multiple things at once, for example, gamers or streamers who use Discord to stay connected with their fans and friends while they are busy.

Finally, you can choose Never to hear any voice messages from your Discord chats never. If you pick this setting, even those messages that were sent with the /tts tag will only be displayed in the text format. This option provides you with peace of mind and prevents spammers from saturating you with voice messages you have no interest in hearing.

Part 3: How to Use Text-To-Speech in Discord Chatting?

It’s not very hard to learn how to effectively use the TTS option in your chats on the Discord platform. This communication format is available on all channels that have an activated Text-to-Speech setting, so you can freely add a few messages to be read aloud or completely switch to automated voice format if you so desire. Doing this in practice is very simple – just start your message by typing the tag /tts and then enter your text as you normally would.

Send  Discord Text to Speech Message

Your TTS message will be reproduced in a voice format by a Discord bot to all participants in the chat who didn’t mute incoming Text-to-Speech chats. An automated voice will say the entire message, and then also pronounce your username to identify the author. At the same time, the message will appear in the chat feed as plain text, so that even those recipients unable to hear it will be able to see the contents.

Part 4: How to Mute All Text-To-Speech Messages on Discord?

You can also decide to prevent any messages from being played to you in a voice format and receive them as text only. This option is available even if you are not the administrator of the chat server and simply want to customize your own experience. To do this, you need to open the Discord app and enter the Settings menu, before selecting the Text & Images section from App Settings. After this, you need to find the Text-to-Speech sub-menu and open it to find the Allow Playback feature. If you disable this feature, you will effectively mute all incoming TTS messages across all Discord servers you are active on.

Disable  Discord Text to Speech Settings

Please keep in mind that deactivating the aforementioned feature won’t block TTS messages from reaching you, but you will see them as text only. On the other hand, you can’t use the /tts tag to send your own Text-to-Speech while the playback setting is disabled. Nothing is preventing you from turning it back on when you want to have a TTS capacity on Discord again.

Part 5: Best Text-To-Speech Bots on Discord

One of the reasons why Discord is so popular is that it allows extensive customization through user-made Bots or modules that automatically perform a certain task. There are several great Bots that can be used for Text-to-Speech, so you might consider utilizing one of them.

1. Text to Speech (TTS)

With many languages supported and a wide range of cool commands, this bot could be the best choice for people who use TTS just for fun.

2. KD Bot

A very popular option for Text-to-Speech on Discord that lets you choose from more than 100 voices and supports upwards of 100 languages, making it a powerful translation tool.

3. Fergun

This multi-language tool responds to more than 100 different commands, so it can be used for a wide variety of purposes with stunning effectiveness.

Frequently asked questions about TTS on Discord

  1. Can I use the Text-to-Speech feature on Discord from a mobile phone?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Discord works quite well as a text messaging app on mobile platforms, but at this time Text-to-Speech functionality is limited to desktop users.

  1. Why can’t I use Text-to-Speech on a Discord server?

If you are unable to send or receive TTS messages on Discord, you need to change your settings. Please see Part 1 of this article for detailed instructions.

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