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How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Professional

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Having a LinkedIn profile is essential to make an individual brand and stand out in the colossal crowd. The LinkedIn has come a long way. From being just a simulated professional online curriculum vitae submission and networking site to a complete individual branding source.

But, today it has more than 225 million users across the globe. One of the biggest professional network LinkedIn, helps you to be searched by more than 200 million prospects. LinkedIn helps to rank your profile amongst the top searches in Google when someone searches you in the browser.

Filled with valuable resources, LinkedIn can shape your career like no one else. Are you aware how to set up a LinkedIn profile with a completely professional touch? Here are some LinkedIn profile tips to take a step forward to success.

Part1: How to Edit LinkedIn Profile Easily

Do you wish to make the best out of your LinkedIn profile? The are many segments that you may edit to create a good profile on LinkedIn. In order to edit, take the cursor to any of the segments in the profile and edit it individually. Whether addition, removal or edit of any content within the profile, just a few clicks are all you required to have a great LinkedIn profile. Some of the LinkedIn profile tips for editing your profiles are-

  • Me icon must be clicked on the top of the homepage
  • View Profile is then clicked

  • view profile

  • Scroll and reach the segment you wish to edit and click on Edit icon
  • Edit, add or remove text in the appropriate field

  • edit profile

  • Once editing is done, click SAVE

For iOS and Android Users, you must tap on your profile picture and tap the edit icon on the top right of any segment you want to edit. Now, tap the add icon to make additions in that section or the edit icon on the right of the entry. A heading is a very important area that must be attractive and needs edit, apart from an updated photo, address, contact info, industry, and your experience.

Part2: 7 Ways to Better LinkedIn Profile

Make Your Profile Public- How to set up a LinkedIn profile? Once you have a LinkedIn account, editing it to make it appear professional is what is required. If you are not happy with the number of profile views, it is quite possible that any privacy setting is coming in between the profile and the viewers. Click on the settings and then the privacy setting page to edit it. Scroll and search for any setting that can block the profile views. For instance, if your privacy option is turned to private, it would be good to make it public for increased profile viewers. You can change it by clicking on “edit public file and URL at right”, and click on at “Edit Visibility”.

make profile publish

Create your own URL- If you have a personalized URL, it is easier to connect and publicize your profile. If your URL comes with a series of numbers, as the LinkedIn usually assigns while signing up, it becomes clumsy and difficult to approach. One of the best LinkedIn profile tips is to have a customized LinkedIn profile URL by clicking on the edit profile below a gray window having your Basic info. You can see the public profile URL there. Click on edit beside the URL, and specify how would you like to be addressed in the URL. When complete, click on the set custom URL.

create url

Edit Your Skills and Experience- When a company or an employer searches for people in LinkedIn, they usually look for resumes that match their job description. So, it becomes vital to highlight your forte, your skills, and achievements on your LinkedIn profile. For instance, if a job role requires the candidate to have analytical skills, the employers would definitely want the person to know MS Excel. Always every specific and accurate job skills you possess and elaborately describe on your knowledge level like whether you can use pivot tables.

edit experience

Upload Your Photo and Banner- A right image can make the right impression. It conveys your energy, urges to learn or work, your charisma, responsiveness, and various other soft skills that cannot be always expressed in words. You must choose a clear, pleasant, approachable, and an aptly professional picture. If you are not sure what does a professional picture refer to then try to look around the LinkedIn profiles of your fellow colleagues or the people in the same industry or target companies to check out what are they wearing.

upload photo

Connect with Others- LinkedIn profile tips on connecting with others is a crucial one as the recruitment consultants prefer to grasp graduates or even students while the company’s direct recruiters often do not like inexperienced people. Connecting with companies in career fairs and events can be a good idea. If you are posting for job hunting, a short and crisp, yet punchy and effective message highlight why people should consider you and what makes you unique can be an option too for connecting. Follow the companies you target.

Publish Post- Publishing posts can keep you active in the LinkedIn network and help others to find you out easily. Are you not sure what to post? In order to post on a regular basis, you can create a system where you can share news of some awards or accolades of your company, event announcements, or maybe your own BLOG posts. When you become confident and comfortable, you may start sharing your opinion on any company or industry article or photos, etc.

Summarize Yourself Wisely- What should your LinkedIn profile summary contain? 3-5 small paragraphs with some listing skills in the middle. You must share your passions, unique skills and qualifications, and a list of industry exposure you had over the years.



Setting up a LinkedIn profile is not a big deal but maintaining it professionally is definitely important and a big task. But, if you can follow the above LinkedIn profile tips, it can definitely help you to make your LinkedIn profile professional and effective.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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