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Best Online Lyrics Video Makers

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Dec 13, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

The people who have a YouTube account and posts videos on it usually use lyrics video-makers to edit their videos. They add text to their videos to enhance them. For example, the lyrics of the songs are written in the video by the editor to let the viewers know about the song lyrics to enjoy the video. It is done using online lyrics video maker.

This article will introduce some of the best online lyrics video makers that you can use currently, with the main features mentioned along with. Tips to make a lyric video are also provided that will help you to create an effective lyrical video.

Part 1: Best Online Lyrics Video Makers [Free and Paid]

Multiple online lyrics video makers are available on the internet, but it becomes difficult to select the best ones. Here is a list of such best video makers that could help you to create attractive lyric videos:

2 Kapwing

Kapwing is an excellent online video editor which allows you to create a lyric video easily. You can create engaging content from GIFs, videos, and images using this tool. This online video editor consists of powerful graphic design tools that allow you to customize the appearance, size, and position of the visuals of the video.

Kapwing allows you to add text animations to create your lyric video. It allows you to change the color of the fonts, style, size, etc. There are many animated text templates available in this tool that allow you to create attractive and creative lyrics videos. Its editing functions allow you to add audio, text, elements, subtitles, etc. to your video.

3 consists of several editing features, unlimited rendering, unlimited projects, auto subtitles, and many more. It also allows you to add visual effects, create content, transcribe audio files, and translate videos so you can get more views when you upload the video on your YouTube channel or any other social media platform.

veedio online lyric video maker

You can use the handy Subtitles feature of this video maker or you can add individual text boxes for adding the lyrics to your video. You can upload any song from your device or paste the URL of a song from YouTube and create your lyrics video using You can also create a lyrics video by uploading a mp3 file.

4 Flixier

Flixier is a lyric video maker online free that allows you to create lyric videos easily to share them on your social media accounts such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can add thousands of different types of fonts and set their position according to your needs.

This software allows you to add transitions, filters, images, and videos to create your lyric video. It is a cloud-powered video maker that lets you download the video whenever you want in just three minutes. It helps you to improve your workflow in just one minute of rendering. There are about two million built-in images, video, and music files.

flixier online lyric video maker

5 Promo

Promo is a simple editing tool that allows you to add lyrics to your music videos online. You can easily create and download the video because this tool has a user-friendly interface. You can add text animations to the video. It allows you to add style to the lyrics of your video.

This software allows you to crop the audio according to your needs. There are four thousand customizable video templates available in this video maker. You can add video effects and cool animations to create a professional lyric video to grab the attention of your followers. Your lyric videos can allow people to memorize the songs whose words are unclear when they listen to them.

promo lyric video maker online

6 Animaker

Animaker can be defined as an online DIY animation video maker that allows you to create a high-quality lyric video with a remarkable presentation. You can also select from the available templates to create your lyric video. There are more than forty fonts available in this video maker. Plus, you can also upload custom fonts.

This online lyric video maker allows you to select from more than sixty transition and kinetic typography effects. You can also create live-action videos using this video maker. It also allows you to create powerful characters as it consists of the feature of a super-powerful character builder.

Watch the video tutorial below and find out how to make a lyric video with Animaker step by step.

7 Wofox

Wofox is an online video maker that allows you to add lyrics to the video and provide the best experience to your fans and followers. You can create custom videos with text and images along with the music. You can upload your edited lyric videos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms.

add lyrics to wofox

Using this popular software is very simple as you just need to upload a file, edit it and export it when the editing process is completed. You can allow your followers to know about the lyrics of the songs they find difficult to understand. Plus, the compelling visuals attract the viewers. So, you can also use the existing templates to create your lyric video in different aspect ratios such as 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9.

8 FlexClip

FlexClip is a free online lyric video maker that allows you to add music to your videos where there are more than thirteen dynamic text effects available that enable you to create excellent lyrics. Some other professional tools of this video maker include filters and transitions.

You can create animated text lyrics, lyric slideshow, neon lyric video, song lyric video, album into, and many more videos you want. You can create lifestyle videos and business videos in just a couple of minutes using FlexClip.

You can also preview the video while editing it, such as adding text, animations, etc. It provides you with easy templates and several royal-free contents.

Watch the video tutorial below and find out how to customize an animated text lyric video with customizable templates in FlexClip. 


TYPITO is a lyric video maker that allows you to upload images and video footage for creating a video canvas. It enables you to enhance your video with pictures, music, pre-created brand layouts, and text. You can also share or download the videos when you are done with the editing, or share your lyric videos on social media platforms directly.

TYPITO allows you to preview your videos while you are creating and editing them. There are several built-in motion graphic templates in this video maker. You can use the existing templates or upload others to create your lyric video. It also supports vertical and square videos.

Watch the video tutorial below and find out how to create a lyric video with TYPITO step by step:

10 Wave. video

Wave. Video is considered the best online tool to create lyric videos. It allows you to combine different video clips, add animated text, crop the video, add music to the video, change the aspect ratio, apply color filters, record a voice-over for the video, and many more. In short, it consists of all the editing features that could allow you to create professional videos.

It allows you to create and edit lyric videos for your social media, blog, website, etc. It is enriched with more than 200 million audio clips, images, and videos. It also allows you to customize templates, add captions, style videos, and much more. So, you can use it for creating innovative lyric videos to attract your followers.

wave video add lyrics to video

11 Rotor Videos

Rotor Videos is an online video editing tool that allows you to create lyrics videos online. It will enable you to change the text color, make text bold, change text size, change the font, adds/remove the text background color, and much more. You can re-arrange the video clips through this video editing tool through the drag and drop feature.

It allows you to use up to sixty-four clips for your lyrics video. You can add creative text anywhere in the video. You can also have access to new and innovative styles and stock categories with three thousand free clips. It helps the content creators to create unique music videos.

rotorvideos add lyrics video

Part 2: Tips on Making a Lyric Video

A lyric video is the one that displays the lyrics of a song on your screen. You can enjoy listening to the music and reading the exact lyrics of the song by viewing a lyric video. You should know that a lyric video is totally different from a karaoke video. The professionals can create creative and engaging lyric videos to grab the attention of their viewers

You can follow these tips to make good lyric videos:


You should make sure that there is 100% accuracy in the lyric video you are creating. If there are wrong lyrics on any of your lyric videos, your followers may not prefer watching your other lyric videos. So, double-check or triple-check the lyrics before sharing them with your fans.


You should pick an attractive theme for creating an engaging video. No doubt, a video having a central theme attracts the viewers a lot.


You should select an efficient and eye-catching color scheme for your lyric video. That is because it is helpful in elevating the visual appeal of the video, which in turn gains the attention of the viewers.


A lyric video is all about fonts because the viewers are interested in reading the lyrics. So, you should select interesting fonts and should focus on font style, size, and color. The fonts should sync in with the video’s vibe so that the viewer can enjoy watching it.


You should use filters that could blend with the song’s vibe. Choose the transitions that look natural and appealing. Never bombard your video with too many transitions and filters.

Part 3: Popular Lyric Videos on YouTube

Here are some of the popular lyric videos:

1. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This (Lyric)

This lyric video has been uploaded by The Chainsmokers, where three font colors have been used in the video. Every line of the song consists of a different transition. The song lyrics appear with the audio as the visuals and audio sync with each other. The transitions like pencil drawing are used in this video.

2. Taylor Swift - The Man (Lyric Video)

This lyric video uploaded by Taylor Swift consists of animated characters. The lyrics of this song do not appear as subtitles in the movies, but the lyrics appear on the whole screen. The lyrics match the audio and the music. Capital letters have been used for the lyrics, and the video has been created using Vevo software.

3. Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (Official Lyric Video) ft. JAY Z

This lyric video consists of a black and white background video of the song. The lyrics sync in with the song and match the vibe of the song. Some other visuals like music playing through the piano, smoke, etc., are also included. Capital letters have been used for writing the lyrics.

Part 4: Create Lyric Videos with Animated Texts and Effects in Filmora

Filmora video editor is a powerful and easy-to-use music video software that allows you to capture, edit, and share your music videos with the click of a button. The platform has various tools that provide you with different ways to make engaging lyric videos. Below are the summarized steps of creating a professional lyric video in Wondershare Filmora video editor.

Step 1: Add and edit music in the timeline

Since we are going to make a lyric video, let’s import the audio track to the timeline first, add the fade-in or fade-out effect to make it smoother if needed.

Add music to Filmora Timeline

Step 2: Choose Sample Color background

After launching Filmora, go to the Sample Color category under the Media tab, and you will find many sample colors to choose from. Drag and drop one into the timeline.

 Filmora sample color library

Step 3: Add and customize texts to the lyric video

Filmora video editor offers a wide variety of pre-written content and lets the creators drag and drop to see how it looks, with no need for editing or other typical copywriting tasks. Go to the Titles tab, drag the desired text over to the sample color video track. Here, we prefer to use a default title

 Filmora customize lyrics

Double click the titles in the timeline to customize the texts, fonts, colors, or animations. Click the Advanced button for a new window pops up where you can add a title box and do more customization. Such as giving the titles individual animation.

Step 4: Add effects for texts

 add mile effects to  lyrics

To make the whole title dynamic, we can add some effects to the texts. Go to the Effects tab and then click on mild effects to put the mild effects to the text. Right-click the Mild effect and go to Properties to change its frequency and positions if needed.

 Step 5: Add transitions to texts

Filmora video editor provides lots of transitions for playing the video smoother. Go to the Transitions tab and choose one and place it between each title to make the lyric video vivid.

 add transition to  lyrics

A basic lyric video with animated titles, transitions, and effects is made. You can edit further to make the lyrics play through the images. Watch the video tutorial to get more information.

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Many online video editing tools are available in the market that allows you to create a professional video. You can add text, images, transitions, filters, etc., to these videos and share them with your followers on different social media platforms. However, you need to follow some tips to create an engaging video to attract your followers. You can also check some famous lyric videos to get some idea of creating lyric videos.

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