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Version 10.4

Released on July 15, 2021
Not only are there cool AI Portrait filters and funny AR stickers waiting for you, but there's also an integrated stock library
with massive online GIFs, stickers, emoticons, and pictures to help you quickly make your favorite video.
Integrated Stock Library
Direct Access.
Explore a range of creative ideas with the integrated stock library released in this version. You are able to access massive GIFs, stickers, emoticons, and pictures from GIPHY, Pixabay, and Unsplash directly. It will save your time in editing and help you quickly make your favorite video.
AI Portrait Filters
With the help of exclusive AI Portrait filters, now you can easily create a portrait video with borders, glitch, pixelated, and noise effects or separate the portrait from the video background in a snap. They'll automatically detect the portrait and highlight it. If you are a gamer, educator, or online content creator, you'll find them cool and useful.
AR Stickers
Face Tracking.
To provide an enjoyable video editing experience, we added 40 funny AR stickers in the Effects section this time. With cute and fun elements such as cats, bears, pandas, koalas, bunnies, glasses, and much more, these face-tracking stickers can make your face more vivid.
Text Animation with Keyframes
Wondershare Filmora for Mac V10.4 now allows you to create custom title/text animations with keyframing. Feel free to take your video to the next level with visually appealing and unique video presentations.

Version 10.2

Released on Mar. 29, 2021
We bring the hotly-anticipated Auto Reframe feature to our Mac users this time.
With Filmora Mac Version 10.2, you no longer need to resize your videos manually.
Auto Reframe
Work Less,
Create More.
It can automatically detect and crop a focal point in any video. Smart crop your video to be square or vertical that's ideal for social media, regardless of screen size. Adjust frame when deviating from the direction for the perfect look. And track object and speed intelligently. What used to take hours or even a day can now be done in minutes.
filmora auto reframe
Split Screen Templates
We have added an extensive range of split screen templates. These brand-new templates with different proportions are ideal for social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. You can quickly multiply your fun with multiple screens for a unique way to tell your story.
filmora split screen template
Import from Photos Library
With this version, we provide a faster solution to import media files from Photos. Now you can quickly find and import photos/videos from your Photos library without opening multiple pop-ups. Find the perfect moment seamlessly, and create fantastic videos conveniently.
filmora import from photos library
HEVC Support for Instant Cutter Tool
Extra Special.
HEVC is a standard video format supported by iOS or macOS devices. This feature is designed to help you trim videos in HEVC format without any quality loss! Perfect for Mac users to make high-quality videos. You can easily have some cool lossless videos in minutes.
filmora hevc support

Version 10.0

Released on Oct. 16, 2020
We are devoted to simplifying the video-making process.
This version comes with many advanced animation and editing features that you can pick up easily.
Ease of Use.
Keyframing, a hub notion of animation, allows you to create fun, Hollywood-style videos from all your gathered footage. Choose a range of drawings or images as frames, and define a beginning and ending point to be amalgamated as a video clip. When you are using Filmora for Mac, you'll have a big blockbuster.
filmora keyframing
Motion Tracking
The useful Motion Tracking feature allows you to track the movement in your video. Add objects like elements, images, videos, and text that can follow the same action. With an easy-to-use interface, you can perform it, preview it, and turn it off anytime. Get access to 20+ effects and crazy objects like wings, love, and so on.
filmora motion tracking
Audio Ducking
Compose action shots more thrilling by slowing the music down. Rising or bursting it where needed. Let viewers fly through the scenes clearly with Audio Ducking. Give your video clip a melancholy silent-era style by suitable volume adjustment. Rock your video with dashing soundtracks, and adjust them smartly to match your video needs.
filmora audio ducking
Color Match
Capture videos with a different camera and match them perfectly. Add a broadcast feel to your shot videos from other locations. With Filmora's Color Match feature, correct or match the color of video clips that sounds good. Not individually, but in batch, edit videos and give a cinematic touch with Color Match.
filmora color match
Touch Bar
Gain powerful Touch Bar support for media imports/exports, timeline navigation, and more to improve editing efficiency. Designed exclusively to make the most of your Mac computer, Filmora X adapts to what you're doing.
filmora touch bar
Dark/Light Mode Switch
You can toggle, switch the background to light or dark. In just one click, change your preferences and navigation to the hype surrounding dark mode. Dark/Light mode switch is even easier to use with Filmora X.
filmora light dark mode switch
Release Summary
Motion Tracking
Attach an element to a moving object in your video easily with auto motion tracking.
Customize animation by adding keyframes to change position, rotation, scale and opacity of a clip.
Color Match
Match the color of selected clips to another frame from another clip.
Audio Ducking
Quickly fade your music so your dialogue stands out.
Keyboard Shortcuts Editor
Edit faster using hotkey commands.
New UI and Switch Dark/Light Mode
Switch between light and dark mode for all day editing comfort.
Plain Text
Added flexibility to editing using plain text.
New Effects
30 new elements and 9 callout titles.
Touch Bar
Preview and scrub through your timeline using the touch bar.

Version 9.5

Released on Jun. 3, 2020
More Efficiency. More Options. More Guidance.
Release Summary
14 New Effects
You have 14 new built-in filters to get creative with.
New Ways to Learn
Complete tutorial ‘missions’ to gain new skills.
Vertical Text
You can type vertically when adding text and titles to your videos.
Lag Detection
When the program lags, it will suggest a solution.
Optimized GPU Detection
More computers can use GPU acceleration.
Upgraded Rendering
Timeline rendering has been made faster, especially when rendering with reduced preview quality.

Version 9.3

Released on Dec. 17, 2019
Release Summary
Beat Markers
Make it easier to edit to music by automatically adding beat markers to audio clips.
One-click Color Correction
One-click color correction for a fast and smart way to enhance your clips.
New Templates & Transitions
Added 120 new animated title templates and 50 new transitions.
Save time and effort by adding 3D LUTs as effect layers and stretching them over multiple clips for a true Hollywood look.
Organize your clips better by linking clips together to move them as a unit.
Edit faster by copying changes (i.e., color correction settings or applied filters) from one clip and pasting them onto other clips.
Edit faster by splitting clips with a button on the playhead.

Version 9.2

Released on July 31, 2019
Release Summary
New Preview Render
The Preview Render button is back, plus the new smart background preview rendering.
30 New Effects
Added 30 animated Split Screen effects, also able to enable/disable animation.
New Media Library
A new media library to store media files to use in multiple projects.
Automatically ripple delete (delete a clip and close the gap) and ripple trim, also able to toggle Auto Ripple on and off.
Able to set multiple photo duration to 1 frame only, make it easy to create amazing time-lapse videos.

Version 9.0

Released on Dec. 12, 2018
Release Summary
Up to 100 Video & Audio Tracks
Organize your media in up to 100 full video and audio tracks and create compositing effects. Apply filters, transitions, music, dialogue, and other effects to any track.
Envelope/Keyframe Audio Editing
Adjust the volume of an audio clip within the timeline, using keyframing to make multiple adjustments within one clip.
Faster Import and Export
Import and render media at a higher speed.
High Resolution Previews and Snapshots
Preview your video with more clarity and capture high resolution still frames.
Enhanced Chroma Key
Achieve better results with a green screen tool that gives you more control.
Enhanced Video Stabilization
Smooth out shaky footage with the upgraded stabilization tool.
Adjustable Playback Quality
Reduce the resolution of your video preview for a smoother editing experience without affecting the quality of your exported videos.
Enhanced Waveforms
Edit audio cues with more visible audio waveforms.
Adjustable Track Size
Choose from 3 track sizes: small, normal, and big. Larger tracks are especially useful for audio editing as the waveforms become larger.
Adjust Clips within the Video Preview
Flip, rotate, scale, and move any video clip or image within the preview window.

Version 8.5

Released on Nov. 22, 2017
Release Summary
Customizable Speed Controls
Now up to 100x fast mo and 0.01x slow mo.
New Effects
Added camera-shake/earthquake effects.
Pan & Zoom Effect for Photo Footages
Added the option to auto crop or Pan and Zoom photos to fit project ratio. (esp. 3:2 DSLR photo or 9:16 phone photo to fit 16:9 project).
Blending Mode/Opacity Control
Added Blending mode/Opacity control for clips in PIP tracks.
Frame Overlays
Added frame overlays for decorating black bars in portrait videos/photos or 3:2 DSLR photos.
New Time Code Digits Controller
Added New Time code digits controller for precise jump to desired time on Timeline.
Easier to create 1:1 square ratio videos for Instagram; 1:1 Instagram.
Supports 9:16 portrait project ratio for phones.
Supports sub category structure for effect categories.
Allows more text tracks (up to 5) and more music tracks (up to 10).
Resolves an issue of saving project files.

Version 7.8

Release Summary
Color Tuning
Added new advanced color tuning features (Temperature, Tint, Lights, HSL, Vignette and more).
Pan and Zoom
Added new Pan and Zoom feature for adding and customizing animation for still images!
Transition Modes
Added new transition modes without affecting the total duration of the two clips.
Color Presets
45 color presets and supports loading 3D LUTs (Lookup table files) for tuning color of videos and images.
Save Custom Text
Supports customize animation, font, size or color of Text effects and save as new presets.
Magnetic Timeline
Added new Magnetic Timeline to make texts, effects and overlays bound up with clips on the main video track.
Adjustable Recording
Supports adjusting frame rate and resolution when recording from WebCam.
Arabic Localization
Added Arabic Localization.
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