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Best Green Screen Recorders: How to Use Them?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

The VFX method, known as "green screen", involves the layering or composite of two pictures or video streams. Editors often erase the shot's original backdrop to insert surreal or otherworldly ones. Simply said, you're creating the illusion of a single picture by superimposing one image or video stream on top of another.

Applications that may be used to modify the backdrop of a video are known as green screen software. The video timeline may be simply edited and trimmed utilising this application. They provide you with the option of changing the backdrop color of the video clip. Many of these tools let you record video with virtual background without green screen.

Part 1. Why use Green Screen in Recordings

Your film has to stand out from the crowd to be successful in the increasingly crowded video marketing and production field. A green screen is an excellent tool for enhancing the quality of your multimedia production. Here are some of the advantages of using a green screen recording.

Professional Backgrounds: Anyone may create a clean, professional-looking backdrop for their films by using a digital background set-up. Due to the highly competitive nature of video marketing and content creation, it is now more crucial than ever to ensure that your video stands out from the rest.

Portability: In that regard, the green screen's mobility is quite beneficial. There isn't much to it after you learn how to light your recording green screen and subject. You may carry it anywhere you want.

Save time: The freedom to film where you want, when you want is one of the critical benefits of a green screen. It eliminates the need for additional manufacturing time and gives you a single place with endless options.

It's Affordable: The freedom to film where you want, when you want is one of the critical benefits of a green screen.

Part 2. Best Green Screen Recorders

When you need to film in a place that you can't physically visit, a green screen may be a convenient tool. A green screen may also be used for more practical reasons such as money and travel time. The following are some of the top green screen recording apps for videographers and multimedia creators:

1. Filmora

Filmora is a quick, easy-to-use video recording software with all of the newest features you'll need to create professional-looking videos. It's ideal for usage at home and in the office and editing green screen film.

Filmora is an advanced but simple-to-use application for bringing your scripts to life on screen. With features like Layers, Titles, MultiCam Editor, and Other Effects, you can get your ideas into action with this movie creator programme.

wondershare screen recorder

How to use it?

Step 1. Insert the background footage into the first video track in the timeline, and then drag the green screen video onto the way well above the background footage track.

Step 2. The editing window may be accessed by double-clicking the backdrop video. In the Video tab, choose Chroma Key.

Step 3. Use the picker tool to choose the green screen and make it a parent so that you can get closer to the colour you require. By dragging the slider, chroma-keying may be fine-tuned by adjusting its tolerance, edge thickness, and feather settings.

Step 4. View the outcome and make any required adjustments.

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2. Screencast-o-Matic

In Screencast-O-Matic, you may quickly replace your backdrop using green screen technology. Using these two Screencast-O-Matic capabilities, you may improve your films in a variety of ways. Simply bring your imagination to the surface, and you'll be making incredible films in no time!

On Screencast-O-Matic, there are two methods for using a green screen. You may remove the green backdrop using the green screen recorder or video editing software. Here's how to use Screencast-O-green Matic's screen software. We've included several chroma-keying tools to aid you with your video production.

screencast o matic

How to use it?

Step 1. You have the option to eliminate your camera recording green screen while recording or 'both' (using the screen and webcam). In the top right corner of your camera, a pencil symbol will appear.

Step 2. This brings up a menu where you can choose whether or not you want your backdrop to be removed. By using the colour picker, you may select the colour you wish to eliminate. By adjusting the slider, you may also alter the tolerance.

Step 3. Please keep in mind that you have the option of adding a picture or video backdrop to your project throughout the editing process. You cannot add to a recording while it is in progress.

3. Bandicam

Bandicam is one of the most widely used screen capture programmes on the market. Screen recording with Bandicam is simple. The interface of the Bandicam green screen video recorder is excellent, making it a pleasure to use. A computer can simply record a screen with audio and video using Bandicam.

You can easily create a Chroma Key movie while capturing your PC screen using Bandicam. Chroma key is a visual effects method used to combine two video streams into a single one. The weather forecast is the most typical use of Chroma Key.

bandicam screen recorder

How to use it?

Step 1. Install screen-recording software that is compatible with Chroma Key.

Step 2. Start Bandicam, go to the 'Video' page, select the 'Settings' button, and under the 'Webcam' tab, tick the 'Add webcam overlay to video'" option. To activate or disable the preview screen, choose 'Preview webcam on screen' or 'Enable preview toggle hotkey'.

Step 3. Click on the button and then on the backdrop of the video on the preview screen, and then alter the "Similarity" and "Blend" settings to adjust the colour spectrum.

Step 4. Once you begin recording, you will be able to see your face in the video footage.


Green screen backdrop removal is a breeze using VEED's online chroma key editor. Remove the backdrop from your video automatically. It's really quick and easy to do. To remove the green screen, just upload your movie, turn on the Chroma Key, then click on the green screen.

You may then change it with a custom background picture. Within VEED, you may also utilise your camera to capture a video of yourself against a green screen backdrop. It doesn't need the usage of a third-party app. Use VEED's webcam recorder to create a video, edit it and save it to your device.

veed recorder

How to use it?

Step 1. Select the video you shot with a green screen backdrop by clicking the 'Choose Video' button. You may also drop it into the editor by dragging and dropping it.

Step 2. Toggle on the 'Chroma Key' option after selecting the video on the timeline. Select the green screen using the eyedropper tool. It will vanish, and you may choose another picture to replace it with.

Step 3. When you're satisfied with your video modifications, simply click 'Export' to have your video downloaded to your smartphone.

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is an easy-to-use video editor and chroma key programme that may meet your basic green screen editing requirements. As a novice with no editing knowledge, this is the ideal video editor for creating quality films, whether you're an amateur or a professional looking to spruce up your material.

It's a multi-purpose video editing programme perfect for beginning editors who are just getting started with green screen video editing. Unless you're a genuine video editing specialist, using specialised green screen software might be intimidating.

camtasia screen recorder

How to use it?

Step 1. In Camtasia, go to the visual effects menu and choose the "delete a colour" tool. To complete the process, just drag and drop the clip onto your computer screen. That's it!

Step 2. Select the colour from your scene that you wish to delete. This is generally most effective when the colour green or blue is present in your scenario. Green and blue are two of the most often utilised colours to change the backdrop in movies because of their versatility.

Step 3. Change the picture or backdrop in your scene to the film, background, or image you choose. In Camtasia, you can quickly scale your picture by rotating it in the properties window and utilising the rotation tools to make the image seem more significant.


Attracting the attention of a viewer always necessitates the use of visual elements like a green screen. To stand out in the vast internet market, a videographer does not always have the luxury of filming in the ideal setting. Using software-based simulation, which replaces the actual video backdrop with the required one chroma-keying, is a simple solution to this problem. Remove the video's backdrop using one of three methods available to you.

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