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How to Set Up Twitch Green Screen

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 08, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Green screens are a fun way for creators to bring their personality to their stream, allowing them to dynamically alter their stream background and make their content appear even more engaging and polished. With Twitch green screen background, you can easily configure Chroma key settings and detect your green screen with a single click.

The twitch green screen attaches directly to the back of your chair. You don't have to worry about stands, or spacing behind your chair. Just attach it and go. This portable green screen can fit on the back of your chair a feature that makes it easy to assemble and use for start-up twitchers.

How to set up a Green Screen with Twitch Studio

Set Up Your Camera

First things first, make sure that your camera is being detected on Twitch Studio. If you do not already have a layer with your webcam on your scene, click Edit Scene and add a webcam layer by clicking the + icon on the left next to Layers.

Once your webcam layer has been created, make sure that the desired device is selected, plugged in, and that you have not turned off every webcam (Camera icon on the bottom left of Twitch Studio).

Set Up Your Green Screen

Once your green screen is set up in your background, select your webcam layers to display your webcam settings.

We recommend using the Auto-Detect Color feature as it will automatically detect the best color code for you and will be a great base to work from. If you prefer, you can manually pick the color code by either providing the color code in the Color to Remove field or clicking on the colored square to display a color spectrum that you can select from.

The Chroma Key section is located at the bottom of the webcam settings, and you will be able to toggle the chroma key on and off by clicking the eye icon.

To adjust the chroma key settings, you can click on Edit Chroma Key. You will be able to change the color code and change similarity, edge transparency and color correction for the perfect fit.

Other free ways to set up green screen for Twitch streams


OBS Studio is a free and open-source app for screen-casting and live streaming. Written in C/C++ and built with Qt, OBS Studio provides real-time capture, scene composition, recording, encoding, and broadcasting via the Real Time Messaging Protocol(RTMP).It can stream Videos to any RTMP supporting destination including YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook.

OBS Green Screen Set-up Steps

  1. Make sure you have the following equipment prepared: a solid green background, webcam or video camera, lighting, and OBS Studio.
  2. Download the latest stable version of OBS Studio from the official website and install the software. Open OBS and let the Auto-Configuration Wizard optimize the software’s settings based on your hardware.
  3. Now you can add a video source.
  4. Right-click on the video source you’ve created and select Filter.
  5. Click the +button under the Effects Filters section and select Chroma Key.
  6. Type in a name for this effect layer.
  7. After you add a chroma key, OBS will automatically create and adjust the baseline settings for the filter. You can experiment with the sliders and settle when you are satisfied with the result.
  8. Make sure you aren’t wearing any green or reflective material. You can double-checkthe performance on the preview screen.
  9. If things are working smoothly, you are all set to start streamingwith the green screen on.

Pro tip:

You can follow the instructions above and live stream to multiple platforms at once with Restream. Multistreaming to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and LinkedIn allows you to drastically increase the audience reach and grow your followers.


It is a video gaming brand created and owned by Microsoft. The brand consists of five video game consoles, as well as applications(games), streaming services, an online service by the name of Xbox network, and the development arm by the name of Xbox Game Studios. The brand was first introduced in the United States in November 2001, with the launch of the original Xbox console.

Steps on Using Xbox Green Screen

Make your Xbox console reflect your personal style by changing its look and feel. Choose a favourite colour, update your background with game art or a customised image, or select a different theme.

Choose your color

The color you choose will appear in tiles and accents on your Xbox. It also follows you to any console you sign in to.

  1. Press the Xboxbutton  on your controller to open the guide, and then select Profile & system > Settings > General > Personalisation > My color & theme > My color.
  2. Select a color, and then select OK.

Choose your background

Your background appears where you’d expect it to—in the background of Home. It can be a solid color or an image, such as game art, achievement art, a screenshot, or a customized image. Achievement art follows you to any Xbox, but screenshots and customized images stay on the console that they’re set to.

To choose your background, press the Xbox button  on your controller to open the guide, and then select Profile & system > Settings > General > Personalization > My background.

From here, choose from the following options:

Solid color and game art

Select a background color, and then select OK. To then add game art, choose the game most recently played and the game art will appear as the background.

Achievement art

  1. Select Achievement art> Gaming.
  2. Select a game from your list of games with achievements.
  3. Select the achievement with the background art you want.
  4. Select Set as background.

Custom image

Note Customized images must be smaller than 3 MB, and the best size for backgrounds is 1920 x 1080.

  1. Copy a JPG or PNG file that you want to use to a USB device, and then plug it into your Xbox.
  2. On your Xbox, select Customized image. A dialogue box appears that shows the contents of your console and attached USB device.
  3. Select the USB device, and then choose your image.


  1. Select Screenshot, then choose the one you want.
  2. Select More actions> Set as background.

Dynamic background

Note Dynamic backgrounds are only available on Xbox Series X|S.

  1. Select Dynamic background.
  2. Select the background art you want.
  3. Select Apply.

Note Some dynamic backgrounds are only available through promotions with special edition hardware (like the 20th Anniversary Special Edition controller). To see one of these special dynamic backgrounds in your list of options, make sure your special edition hardware is turned on and in use with your console when you set your background.

Remove customized background

If you want to remove your background, select Remove customized background.

Choose your theme

Themes can be set to dark or light and can also be scheduled. To set a theme:

  1. Press the Xboxbutton  on your controller to open the guide, and then select Profile & system > Settings > General > Personalization.
  2. Select My color & theme.
  3. Under System theme, select Darkor Light. Select Scheduled to activate your theme according to specific times, or to start at sunrise and sunset.

Themes stay on the console they’re set to.

Solid Color

Achievement Art

Custom Image

Remove Custom Background


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You probably already have an idea of how to use a green screen, at least in principle. You film something or someone in front of a colored background — the green screen — then you replace everything that’s in the color of the screen with other footage, images, charts, presentations, or whatever visuals you want. However, Chroma keying a live stream works almost the same way. The main difference is that you have to replace the green screen as you’re filming, rather than during editing.

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