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Why should you integrate video projects into classroom?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

We all have grown up knowing the fact that ‘a picture speaks louder than a thousand words’ and we couldn’t agree more with it. So, if a single picture has the power of conveying so much, just imagine how powerful would be a video to give a message or make someone understand something. The results are bound to be astonishing and that is the power of videos, they are a powerful medium of learning and fortunately have been fully exploited in the 21st century in various horizons including the education sector. There was a time when professors used to come up with interactive videos for the students to make them understand the concepts better but now is the time for something more creative, interactive and knowledgeable, something like classroom video project.

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What is a classroom video project?

We are sure that you all must be wondering what exactly a classroom video project is. Simply put, it is a coming of the age technologically driven idea wherein students are involved to analyze a situation or a project by capturing a video. It’s a whole new skill, a vital one indeed because it not just inculcates the much needed creative element in the students but also teaches them the rare art of comprehending video communication, which is the hottest multimedia trend in the present times. Video projects don’t just ensure involvement of all the students but also help them express themselves as effectively as possible through moving imagery which is like hundred times better a than written paper project.

Why to integrate video projects into classroom?

There are a number of reasons why video projects must be integrated into classroom teaching, a few of the most important and relevant ones are listed below:

  • Retention like never before
  • A wise man once said, “Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images” and his words certainly makes all the sense to us. The power of a video is unmatchable and incomparable to the words because even the shortest of videos have the power of creating such a long lasting memory in the minds of its onlookers. During a video project, students not just see but create memories while crafting and capturing a video and scientifically, it will prove to be more fruitful for the students who’ll be able to retain just every detail they’ve worked upon during the completion of the project.

  • Effective expression of classroom learning
  • There is all likelihood that each and every student in a classroom that have been subjected to similar classroom teaching and learning might not be able to effectively retain and later on express the knowledge gained in times of need. A written project, essay or even a power point presentation won’t be able to infuse what the video projects would do in terms of knowledge infusion and effective expression of such knowledge. When students create a video based on their learning, they are obviously going to have a better expression and would be able to convey the classroom content more confidently and effectively.

  • A lot to learn from in terms of Innovation and creativity
  • When it comes to the task of infusing the rare talents of innovation and creativity, no classroom exercise does this job better than video projects for sure. Video projects are all about planning and developing new ideas, putting them into a well crafted script and then executing them to perfection until one gets a wonderful result in the form of a speaking video that speaks for itself. Creativity and innovation attribute in each and every student gets a real high once they are subjected to such amazing video projects repeatedly.

  • Learning the practical way of doing things
  • There isn’t an iota of doubt that classroom learning accompanied by giant books and boring essays makes every student’s life quite miserable. Reading books is imperative but books make a person theoretically knowledgeable and their need of gaining practical skills still remains unfulfilled. Video projects work wonders in the area of infusing practical knowledge and skills amongst the students. By capturing their projects on a camera, they don’t just see things one dimensional i.e. theoretically but also understand the practicality of even the minutest of things that they are made to learn in the classroom. They learn team cooperation and polish their communication skills along the way and problem solving becomes their forte in no time. This way, the one dimensional learning gets transformed into three dimensional and theory transforms into practical, something that will definitely prove helpful for the students in the times to come.

  • It’s the need of the hour
  • Gone are the days when a voracious reader sitting in a corner of the room would be considered an intellect because the present arena is all about projecting. An individual needs to go out and project him/herself out to the world with the best of its capabilities and this is what a minutely planned classroom video projects does for you, it teaches you to project yourself, your ideas and analytical abilities. Video application is certainly a coming of the age idea, people across the globe are encashing on it and there is no way that any of the students in your classroom could miss out on this imperative skill.


Undoubtedly, the whole classroom learning needs a whirlwind transformation in order to make it more rewarding and fruitful and there couldn’t be a better way of accomplishing this imperative mission than by investing into the coming of age learning idea of Video Projects. Classroom video projects are 100 times better than the traditional ways of learning and deliver great results in terms of improved retention, expression and attention. It gives an equal opportunity to each and every student in the class to grow, learn and evolve not just academically but personally by infusing in them few of the impeccable traits namely competitive time management, wonderful technology skills, improved communication, information synthesizing and analyzing etc. Group video projects also help inculcate the attributes of team spirit and cooperation, something that would help them accomplish great things not just in the present times but also in the times to come.

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