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Best Screen Recorders for Teachers

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Having a good screen recorder that does instructional videos is very important and it does help you quite a bit if you want to enhance the way students access the information you share with them. Not only do you have the ability to help them better understand complex concepts but at the same time with a good screen recording unit, you will be able to generate impressive value and outstanding results right from the start.

Also, creating instructional videos removes the hassle of explaining the same concepts all over again. Students can see the same video that explains concepts again and again until they understand everything. Obviously, this makes the learning process a lot more interesting and immersive, to begin with.

Thanks to instructional videos you also have the ability to speed up the learning process. You can convey more information and thus students will be able to learn faster and access outstanding results right from the start. It’s fast, efficient and the value is amazing, to say the least.

7 Best Screen Recorders for Teachers to Make Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are helpful and they are really good for teachers that want to share their knowledge with students. Plus, you can easily create a larger instructional movie from smaller recorded pieces so you do obtain an interesting value and great experience, to begin with. With that in mind, we wanted to create a list with some of the best screen recording tools that you can use right now, and here are 7 of the best such tools that do help bring in value and outstanding experiences in front of everyone.

This is a dedicated, fully-fledged screen recording solution that helps you record your videos without a problem. It also features some editing tools that will make the recording and management process a lot easier. The app is very easy to use and it saves a lot of time not to mention that you can easily record your videos with just a few clicks. You are also free to add voice to the video. The app integrates editing tools and with its help, you can easily cut, trim or crop the video if you want, what's more, you can add annotations, or personalize the cursor effects if you like. You are also getting the ability to save the edited video to GIF, MP4, MOV.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use, drag and drop interface
  • Record voice-over, webcam, pc screen
  • No limit of screen recording time
  • Powerful editing features for education videos with numerous motion element templates for annotation and even effects collection specially designed for educational video

Icecream Screen Recorder is a free solution and it does help you get the screen recording you need but it does not feature some editing and the quality differs. They do have a drawing panel that makes the recording session creative but the lack of editing is a downside here.

If you want to create presentations or tutorials this might be a very good option for sure. It’s a free system as well and it does provide you with special graphics, annotation, narration, and so on. It’s a good tool that you might want to use if you want to get special and high standard graphics used the right way. Plus, the recording process is ok although the working speed of the app is a little slow. It works if you are not in a rush.

CamStudio is a barebones solution most of the time but it is efficient. You can hide the cursor as you record and it also helps you deliver great recording and quality results very fast. It’s helpful and it does bring in front of some really interesting tools for sure.

Thanks to this app you can easily record videos then upload it to YouTube. They also integrated a video editor that’s very simple but it is better to have such a thing rather than not have anything at all. The app is also compatible with the older Windows versions which are great.

Jing is not a high-end screen recorder but it does allow you to plan, then start recording and you can also share the video. The app does receive constant support so in the end you really get a very good value, to begin with.

People that enjoy open-source tools will appreciate this quite a bit. The app has some great features like text insertion and it also enables you to create your own flash-based videos with narration. It’s a great tool for instructional videos and you should consider using it.

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If you always wanted to get a very good value and outstanding results then you should totally consider using these screen recording solutions. With Wondershare DemoCreator standing out of the bunch, you should definitely check it out and see what type of value you can get from it. One thing is certain, the results can be great if you use it for your instructional videos so get this great recording software right now as you will be amazed by the results.

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