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The Best Way To Change Video Orientation

We've all been there - shooting video on our phones and thinking we are the next Spielbergs, only to realize that our video orientation is not right. Well, at least when we sit down and upload the video on our computer or YouTube. And we must admit, the feeling of a great video messed up and shown vertically is a tough pill to swallow.

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Well, it's all about us and our habits. We are used to holding our smartphones in their natural way, vertically. So therefore, the video format adapts to the vertical video lens and shoots with a resolution suitable to the smartphone format. Afterwards, nothing can be done to make the most of the video online. The only thing you can do is show it on your smartphone in order to fit the borders well.

Is there a way to change video orientation? In other words, how to change or fix the orientation of a video - after shooting it?

Fortunately, there is a way to end your pain. Your video can fit any screen well and be crystal sharp again, without any compromises. In fact, it doesn't matter how you shoot your videos anymore, since our smartphones automatically make them in the wrong orientations. So, how to change the video orientation and fix the video format?

We are listing the best video editors that solve that matter.

5 Free Video Editors That Show You How To Change Video Orientation Easily

Today, we are listing the best PC software programs to change video orientation. So, here are the best video editors you can download and use today.

1. Recommended product: Wondershare Filmora

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Want to rotate your video with the best program and change video orientation easy? Our recommended product for it is Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor). It lets you edit video, audio and photos in just one click. But even more than that - it is a program packed with features like trim, split, crop and many more.

You can finally control the action - and even speed up and slow down the effects you choose to change! With Wondershare Filmora, you can share your video anywhere - whether it's the TV, YouTube, Facebook, iPhone, PSP and other programs.

Simply put, Wondershare Filmora saves you the time and efforts - letting you change video orientation in the best way possible. There is a FREE download for Windows, and FREE download for Mac users.

With a simple drag and drop, a few clicks and your video - you can become the expert when it comes to changing video orientation on your pre-shoot videos.

2. Free Video Flip And Rotate

This software lets you change video orientation as easy as A-B-C. Its features help you rotate the video into the different predefined angles so that it fits the horizontal format. Your video can be even rotated by 90 - or 180 degrees in each direction!

With Free Video Flip And Rotate, your video can also be flipped vertically and horizontally. This can especially help when correcting the original video and changing the video orientation. The only disadvantage of this program is that it offers you to install a browser toolbar, but you can un-check that option while installing it.

3. Video Rotator

Video Rotator also lets you rotate and flip the orientation of your videos, therefore letting you change video orientation in an easy way. The great thing about this editor is that it supports many popular formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, FLV. So, whatever format your phone uses - it is probably supported by the Video Rotator.

The best thing about this program is its simple interface, helping everyone understand every feature. However, the program may lack some advanced features, which can position it as the best one in the market.

4. VLC Media Player

Who knew that VLC Media Player, a program we use for watching movies and other video formats - can also be a tool to change video orientation?

Yes, VLC media player can be used to change video orientation - without installing any extra special software. You simply go to the 'Tools Menu', then choose 'Effects and Filters', then choose 'Video Effects' and select 'Geometry'. Here, you should tick the option named 'Rotate' to activate the new format since it is grayed out by default.

The best thing about this player is that you can rotate the video as you want without binding it to any angle. Also, you don't have to install any additional software. On the other side, this process may be a bit too much for the non tech savvy users.

5. RotateMyVideo.net

Last but not least, is the Rotate My Video tool. The best thing about it is that it is not a program - but a simple link!

You can upload your video straight away on rotatemyvideo.net and rotate it as you wish. The only down side may be the time lost when uploading it - and then once again, downloading it on your drive.

A Final Word

In the end, we should all face the fact that no matter how bulky our smartphones may be nowadays, they are able to shoot high-quality video and have replaced the old and large video cameras. And although sometimes our smartphones freak us out, there is a program for everything - even when you need to change video orientation.

The software tools to change video orientation listed above - are the best proof for that.

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Dec 22,2017 13:55 pm
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