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10 YouTube Tips for Teachers

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

YouTube is one such component of the internet which has made it possible for teachers to do their work at a level of convenience and efficiency that has never been seen before. As a matter of fact, it is now a necessity rather than a mere convenience for a teacher to start a YouTube channel. This is because both they and their students will benefit in immeasurable ways from the materials on those channels. For instance, when they start a YouTube channel, they will have access to the following benefits:

  1. Give lessons and instructions when they are absent
  2. Have an efficient way of explaining touch concepts
  3. Trigger interesting and unique discussions amongst the students
  4. Archive all their work and make them easily accessible for present and future students
  5. Flip lessons
  6. Help the students in reviewing for upcoming exams
  7. Access potential students in other countries
  8. Find relevant clips and use them as complimentary materials
  9. Personalize feedback to students by sending them private videos on the channel.

These are just some of the few benefits that teachers get when they create a YouTube channel. To the teachers who have never created a channel before, it might sound like a daunting task and so you are likely to get discouraged. However, you should not get discouraged, since included here are some of the tips a teacher can use to start a YouTube channel and reap the immense benefits they bring.

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10 Tips for teachers creating a YouTube Channel

Below are some of the tips for teachers who aspire to create successful YouTube channels:

1. Understand how YouTube channel work

It is imperative for you to learn and understand the working of YouTube before you think about how to create a YouTube channel. Learn the basics of creating a channel, uploading and editing a video, how to find other related videos and other information that will make it easy for you to successfully create a channel.

2. Define your content

It is equally important to know what kind of content you will upload when you create a YouTube channel. Ideally, the channel should not be a jack of all trade, even if you teach multiple subjects. It should be dedicated either to a particular subject or topics to make it more relevant to your students. Also determine if you will shoot the videos or upload from other sources.

3. Shoot your videos

If you decide to shoot the videos on your own, consider the following:

  • Always shoot on landscape
  • Ensure there is adequate light and keep the lighting consistent
  • Have a shot list, or a guide to show you how you will progress on recording the educational video. This can be compared to a lesson plan in traditional teaching
  • Avoid shakes and keep the shots relatively short
  • Invest in a good camera and good microphone

4. Edit and upload the videos

After you are done with the shooting, it is imperative to edit the video before finally uploading them to your YouTube channel. You can use Wondershare Fillmora for the editing.

5. Create a playlist

When you create YouTube channel, it is recommended that you have a playlist to guide your students to the right categories and so that it becomes easier for them to find the content they are searching for.

6. Block Video Ads

Be sure to block video ads from your channel because they can be irritating and annoying and they will likely distract the attention of your viewers.

7. Add descriptions

Descriptions will enable your students to know what the video is all about in a glance and without going through the whole content.

8. Block comments

If you allow comments when you create a YouTube Channel, you may receive a lot of spam comments and sometimes the channel will be better off with the comments blocked.

9. Add questions to the videos

You need to include questions on the videos to keep the viewers attentive and have them hooked until the end of the videos.

10. Promote your channel

If you want more people to know your channel and gain more popularity, you can consider promoting your channel through various methods such as the social media and YouTube ads amongst others.


A YouTube channels has become one of the teaching tools teachers all around the world are adding to their arsenal. The channels make it easier and more convenient for teachers to pass knowledge to students in ways that were never possible in the past. It is thus the desire of every teacher to create a YouTube channel to make their work easier. The tips provided above will help the teachers start YouTube channels in the right manner and set them up for success from the word go.

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