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Best 10 Kindergarten Graduation Songs To Use In The Video/Slideshow

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

When the little ones grow up to be promoted to the next grade or standard they usually are bid farewell from their teachers and often their school faculties. This is a time that deserves to be recorded. As parents or teachers, shooting a video or creating a slideshow for these kids will be very meaningful. And some of the exciting kindergarten graduation songs that could be used in the video or slideshow are listed below along with their reasons.

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1. You’ve got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman

Although this is an amazing song taken from the legendary Toy Story movie, still children love to sing along with it. It would be a cute gesture on the part of the parents and teachers if they played it for little ones on their kindergarten graduation day. This song is a sweet symphony of love and care that children would love to listen to.

2. You’ll be in My Heart – Phil Collins

This Tarzan movie song is relatable to so many children and kids out there. Kindergarten graduation songs like as such would enlighten your child’s mood and he or she would sing along because it is their favorite song.

3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Judy Garland’s version has been updated to this kindergarten graduation song since it stretches a huge smile on those innocent faces. Parents love the sweet melody of it and so do the children.

4. We're moving Up To Kindergarten

Well, nothing beats this song since it’s the most original version of what children feel when they move ahead, when they grow up to be promoted to a higher standard. This song speaks the heart out of many children. Children sing along and so do the teachers when the music begins to hum.

5. The Bear Necessities

Always play the songs that children have heard of or are familiar with because that makes it more enjoyable and exciting. This kindergarten graduation song is a children’s favorite as this one is from The Jungle Book, which every child loves.

6. Under the Sea

This little mermaid song is surely a delight for every innocent face. The girls would love this if this is what they are presented with. The upbeat and catchy song is a perfect way to graduate the little bindles of joy when they are done with one grade.

7. Frozen, let it Go

This without a doubt is every girl’s favorite song. Even if you have a young lad who is ready to be promoted to kindergarten or from kindergarten, he too would love this song too since it’s the most beloved song. Young ones go crazy as the lady in blue says let it go.

8. A Bright Tomorrow - Laszlo Slomovits

Lecture your kids with future prospect and they would be bored, so treat them with sweet symphony of A Bright Tomorrow by Laszlo Slomovits. They would learn from it and gather excitement from it too.

9. Building Our World by Joe Crone

We as guardians and parents must empower our kids by making them listen to such songs. These songs will boost them with energy to excel in various walks of life. Treat your child’s graduation day with this song and see the smiles on their innocent faces.

10. Open the Fear Door by Laszlo Slomovits

Open the Fear Doorshould be on the priority list of teachers and parents because this song not only conveys the message of love to children, but shows them a way to face their darkest fears. This song would definitely be a hit on the graduation days.

Songs like the ones mentioned above are a reason for children to learn more and excel in their respective fields. Parents and the guardian along with teachers should serve equal time in preparing for their children’s kindergarten graduation. It may not be that big a deal for you, but for children, passing a class and getting promoted to the next one is definitely a delight and best moment. So let your children laugh, learn and enjoy from these beautiful songs on their kindergarten graduation.

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Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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