How to Make Slideshows on Instagram: With or without Instagram Slideshow Feature

By Sep 30,2017 18:04 pm

Instagram recently introduced its slideshow feature with cool features. It enables users to share almost 10 multimedia files instantly over one post. This feature is most suitable to those who want to share large sets of photos without getting interrupted from other feeds. Simply update your old Instagram app and you will gain access to this new feature on your device.

In this article, we'll introduce how to make slideshow with the new slideshow feature on Instagram, and an best alternative which has more powerful features that help you make stunning slideshow video and amaze your friends on Instagram.


    How to use Instagram’s new Slideshow feature?

    Here are few easy to follow steps to get best results with this new slideshow feature on Instagram:

    Step 1: First of all, simply press that Plus sign in your app that you often hit for adding videos or photos to your profile.

    Step 2: On next page, the photo window will show you one new option: “select multiple”.

    Step 3: You can now select 10 videos or photos from your device memory to share with your Instagram followers.

    Step 4: It is time to apply filters to your added photos and adjust their order. Filters can be applied to whole set at once.

    Step 5: Now put an interesting caption for your photos and add location with tags.

    Step 6: Post it. Soon you will receive lots of comments and likes.

      Best App to make Slideshow on Instagram

      There is no doubt to say that the new slideshow tool on Instagram is really interesting. But there's more powerful apps that has so many features to assist users in creation of eye catching slideshows, such as FilmoraGo.

      Key Features:

      1 . Themes and frames

      The special effects to slideshows can be added in form of frames and themes. It will provide professional appearance to your slideshow.

      2 . Music:

      Simply mute the unwanted sound from videos and pick your own favorite audio file to make impressive slideshows. One can also creative video from set of photos and merge audio as background effect.

      3 . Fancy text:

      Put text based information anywhere on your slides with eye catching fonts.

      4 . Mix Videos and Photos

      This application can mix your videos and photos. Most of users might be thinking about that sticker like appearance of merged photos on the top of videos but you will be glad to know that these photos after mixing will appear in proper sequence during your presentation.

        How to make Fancy Slideshow for Instagram with FilmoraGo?

        Step 1: First if all you need to install yourFilmoraGo slideshow developer tool from official website of Wondershare.


        Step 2: Launch your tool and now import your files that you want to edit into slide show. Note that, Filmora gives you ability to call photos and videos from Instagram as well as Facebook.


        Step 3: Select your theme template from huge options available on Filmora.


        Step 4: Now select your music file.


        Step 5: Add desired transitions and text effects to make an exciting slide show.


        Step 6: Once you are done with the editing part then next task is to save your project and soon, it can be shared on popular social media platforms like facebook and Instagram etc.

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