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How to Upload a Video to Instagram From a Desktop

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

You no longer have to be a trained professional to capture videos, all you need is a Smartphone, a GoPro or a DSLR camera. While posting videos you recorded with your phone to Instagram is easy, clips captured with other kinds of cameras must be exported to a computer and properly edited with a video editing software. However, the web version of Instagram that allows you to upload photos and videos doesn't exist, but luckily there are platforms that can help you post photos and videos to Instagram directly from your desktop.

8 Best Tools for Posting Videos From Desktop to Instagram

1. Grum

Planning and scheduling your posts in advance is a great way to carry out your social media advertising campaign. Grum is the perfect tool that will enable social media managers to save time on posting content to Instagram accounts they are managing because they can schedule weekly posts.

The platform lets you upload videos and photos to your Grum account, and you can easily schedule your next post by clicking on the Schedule icon. A three-day trial is available if you want to test Grum before deciding which pricing plan best fits your needs.

2. Planoly

If you take your social media posts seriously, then a tool as powerful as Planoly will certainly help you with developing your Instagram accounts. The platform offers several different pricing options that start from $7 a month for a single account, while teams that need to manage as many as ten accounts can easily do so for $199 per month.

Uploading and scheduling content is fast and easy, which means that you can schedule posts months in advance. Planoly's 'Analyze' option will also help you to get a better picture of your audience since it can help you increase user engagement and sales of your products.

3. Buffergram

Unlike many other companies that just provide scheduling services, Buffergram actually posts your content to Instagram. This platform is aimed at high-end professionals who can't afford a second-rate service, which is why it also tells you how well your posts are performing on Instagram. Furthermore, their Agency package allows you to handle several Instagram accounts simultaneously.

People who choose to utilize Buffergram's services can choose who many posts per day they want, so a post a day will cost you just $5 dollars a month while 5 daily posts cost $20 per month. Packages that include tracking services are also available.

4. Onlypult

This is an easy to use and cost-effective tool that automatically posts scheduled photos and videos to your Instagram account. What's more Onlypult stores your hashtags, which means that you can easily add hashtags you already used to new posts. During the scheduling process, you can upload as many photos and videos as you want and you can also apply filters, select the aspect ratio or add captions.

For $55 a month you can manage 40 Instagram accounts and post an unlimited number of posts to each of these accounts, which is the reason why Onlypult is the perfect tool for your Instagram marketing campaign.

5. Gramblr

This desktop app enables you to post photos and videos to Instagram directly from your desktop. Gramblr doesn't offer scheduling services, but it is so easy to use that most digital marketers will have to think twice before choosing to use some other option for uploading content to Instagram. Gramblr is available for both Mac and Windows OS and it offers more than 50 filters. In addition, you can add captions in any language, while you can also keep track of the basic analytics.

You can download Gramblr for free, but despite its advantages, this app lacks more advanced option that makes posting to Instagram much easier.

6. Later

The fact that some of the most famous brands in the world use the services Latter provides shows that this one of the best platforms for scheduling and posting videos on Instagram. Furthermore, individuals can use Latter for free as long as they want, while agencies and large marketing teams can manage up to five accounts per platform for only $49 per month.

Latter gives you access to advanced analytics that can be essential to your online marketing strategy and it allows you to upload content from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.

7. Schedugr

This is probably one of the most convenient tools for uploading photos and videos to Instagram because all uploads are automatic. You can crop, add filters and text or rotate images, while you can also post immediately or schedule a post. ScheduGram's users can manage several accounts at the same time and save a significant amount of time by scheduling posts months in advance.

The pricing plans are based on the number of accounts you are managing with this tool, which means that you'll have to pay $20 per month to manage a single account with ScheduGram. Even though ScheduGram is a powerful tool, its services may be a bit pricey.

8. Dropbox

Dropbox isn't a tool that will enable you to upload photos and videos to Instagram directly from your desktop, but if you have Dropbox installed on your computer and Smartphone you can use it to easily post content on Instagram. After you downloaded and installed Dropbox on your computer and your Smartphone, upload the video you want to share to the desktop version of Dropbox and then find the video you uploaded from the app installed on your Smartphone.

Click on the Export option and Instagram will appear as one of the provided options, then just take the steps you would normally take if you were posting a video on Instagram.

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