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10 Instagram Video Editing App Marketers Must Know

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Within recent years, Instagram has highly paced and gained popularity like no other social app. People love to use it for various reasons.

Well! If you are running a small business, then Instagram is a vital social platform for you to promote your brand. A large number of influencers target Instagram to add videos in order to get more likes, comments and followers.

If you are thinking to do the same, you must need some Instagram video editing app to make your video look better for attaining likes.

We are here, going to introduce you some Instagram video editing apps for iPhone and Android. Hence, explore the apps and make your video deserving more love.

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Part 1: How to pick up the Instagram video editing app

Have you ever got baffled before choosing an Instagram video editing app? Well what makes a good video editing app? While choosing the best app, consider the following three points.

  • User-friendly: The most important thing to be a good editing app is it should be easy to use. You would never want make use of complex app that will eat up more of your time and efforts, would you?
  • More Features: There should be good and plenty of features. A great video editing app for Instagram must have some general features like background color, themes and also some creative features. So, prior to choosing, ensure to go through the features list of the app.
  • Directly upload video to IG: The last must-have thing in an editing app is directly uploading and sharing facility. After all, you’re doing all that for Instagram and having the option of directly uploading will save much time.

Part 2: Instagram video editing app on android

1. Filmora – Easy to Use

While speaking about the best Instagram video editing app, you can go with Filmora. It is one of the most powerful and considerable editing application allowing you to enjoy a good package of features. Be it reverse play, slowing down the video speed or adding fast motion effect, trimming, attractive transitions, it gives you all the advantages. Moreover, all can be done in hassle-free way. All in all, it is the best option one can have.


  • Just takes three easy steps i.e. select, create and share and get your video done.
  • You can preview the clip in real-time
  • It supports importing from social media networks comprising Facebook and Instagram
  • Choose from loads of themes and customize the video your way.
  • It also supports various languages and you can share easily on Facebook, YouTube, Insta and on various platforms.

Download filmora  Download filmora

2. Horizon – shoot horizontal videos always

The next we have is Horizon. Identifiable by the name, this Instagram video editing app enables the users to capture horizontal photos and videos irrespective of how you hold the device. Whether you hold your Android phone sideways, vertically or in a continuous rotating way, this Instagram video editing app shoots horizontally and keep intact.


  • Offers three video quality options from low to medium to high
  • You can capture pictures while shooting and save the output to SD card


  • Video resolution includes VGA, HD and Full HD, but not having 4K
  • You can also remove the Horizon logo if you need advanced features

Horizon Instagram video editing app

3. Boomerang – trailered for Instagram

If you’re a regular or doesn’t matter if not-so-regular Instagram user, you are unsurprisingly familiar with Boomerang. To add fun to your Instagram videos, using boomerang is a great option as it allows you to capture short videos, of 3-5 seconds duration to be precise and it keeps running in loops back and forth.


No need for sign up. Just download and begin to record.

Sharing on Instagram is easy via this app

Can join 10 photos and speed up the video. Then you can enjoy it in forward and reverse loops.


  • It is fun to use for users
  • It only has one button, so won't cost you much time to learn at first

Boomerang Instagram video editor

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is the next video editing app for Instagram. It lets people make high-quality videos and one can open the clips in Adobe Premier Rush for more enhancements.


  • Provides automatic video creation facility
  • Easily shareable to various platforms including Instagram


  • Many people think it is not easy to use, but it is a powerful editor
  • Integrates with creative cloud perfectly

premiere Rush

Part 3: Instagram video editing app on iPhone

6. Foodie - Camera for life

The name is a little strange but yes it is one of the Instagram video editing apps for iPhone. It provides 30+ professional live filters.


  • Allows shooting vivid videos to capture your adventurous moments
  • Begin editing the boring scenes with numerous filters


  • This Instagram video editing app can allow you to mute phone if needed
  • You can quickly find frequently used filters by making them a favorite

Foodie Instagram video editing app

7. Clips – built in iPhone

Having great effects, graphics and fun text, Clips is the next in the list when you search for Instagram video editing app with music. It is free to download and one can do full justice to the creativity when they have Clips for its amazing and attractive features.


  • Appearing of automatic text is the best part of this video editing app. It means you just have to speak while shooting the video and the app will detect your voice and display same text onscreen. Then just adjusting text and punctuation remains your job.
  • You can pinch and drag when recording. It is useful when you wish to highlight something in the video by zooming it.


  • Easy to use stickers and filters can be used to make amazing videos
  • You can use mail and messages to share your Instagram work


8. Quik – GoPro video editor

With this video editing app for Instagram, one can have fun with beautiful transitions and effects. It enables users to add 200 photos from gallery. There are abundance of customization options available that you can enjoy.


  • This Instagram video app with music lets you choose from over 100 free songs and supports various formats like MP4, MOV, M4A etc.
  • 26 themes options, fonts filters, the Instagram video editing app has it all what one needs to create an awesome work.


  • You can add GPS Sticker to make special Instagram videos
  • Supports saving video to HD 1080p or 720p


9. Splice

Being entitled with various achievements like “The best video editor for iPhone” or “Gold Award Winner”, Splice is another great option for Instagram users. It covers wide range of editing tools including zoom effects, playback speed adjustments, filters, background colors and more.


  • Immediate sharing on social platforms is possible
  • Numerous free music and sound effects to choose from


  • Sync video to much auto without much effort
  • Pan and zoom effects can give your Instagram video a real touch


10. Filmmaker Pro Video Editor – professional editor

Filmmaker Pro is last in the list but yes not least. Containing an enormous list of advantages, it is a yet another Instagram video editing app for you. The vast list includes editing tools, audio track option, text overlays and the like.


  • Drawing tools and animated stickers can give fun touch to your videos.
  • Composition fade in/out option and 4k video support is available.



  • Professional transition can be used to make smooth Instagram videos
  • PiP videos/photos/gifs are supported


We shared your various Instagram video editing apps to assist you in your hard times. We know every Instagram user wants to highlight some or the other talent of their through videos. So, try among these options according to your phones.

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