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Video Inspiration for Birthday Slideshow

Video Inspiration for Birthday Slideshow

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Birthdays come only once a year, and at this time of the year, we want to make our loved ones feel special and loved by praying for them, wishing them well, getting them presents, throwing parties, and other stuff people do to celebrate birthdays. You can also make the best of this celebration by doing something special. A birthday slideshow showing all of the celebrant's fondest moments sounds like a perfect gift to me. A birthday photo slideshow has all the celebrant's favorite memories, vacation photos, favorite pets, and interests. It combines several images put together using a free or paid birthday slide photo creator. It can be displayed on a computer or Tv screen depending on the creator's choice.

Part 1 What You Should Put in A Birthday Slideshow

birthday slideshow combines several images in a chosen software program. But it is not the only thing that makes a fantastic birthday photo slideshow. This amazing slideshow doesn't have to be just photos, and you can also create a birthday wishes slideshow. For a lasting impression on the celebrant, consider adding these when you create a birthday slideshow. A birthday slideshow should have the following:

Background music

Lighten up your video with some background music. A slideshow just displaying photos without music isn't a good idea.

Meaningful Quotes and greetings

You can spice up the birthday video by adding greetings, quotes, and well wishes to let the celebrant know you want to them feel fantastic.

Make the video personal

Add a personal touch to the clip by adding things that matter to the celebrant, whether pictures of them taken while performing a hobby or a favorite place. You can also use photos of their achievements from the time of their last birthday to the present one.

Keep it short and simple

You don't want to drag your audience with too many photos. I think the video would have the most impact when it is short, to the point, and keeps the viewers longing for more.

Part 2 Top 5 Video Templates for Happy Birthday Slideshow

Sometimes starting to create a slideshow from scratch can be very hectic and confusing as you might run out of designs to work with. There are other ways to create an impressive and mind-blowing slideshow without starting from scratch. There's no need to worry cause we have a list of birthday slideshow templates to cover you. Also, tons of mobile apps, websites, and software possess tools to help you with your design. 

If you're still confused about how to go about it, we've compiled the top 5 video templates for a birthday photo slideshow to make your work easier.

01birthday cake template.

Developed for, After Effects, this 3D birthday cake is a top-notch birthday video template for free download. With easy customization, it’s among the first choice to consider! A birthday party can never be without cake, so using this template gives the slideshow a little bit of everything. There are photos, cakes, and music.

3D birthday cake template

02Happy Birthday Slideshow Template

This Happy Birthday slideshow template from Renderforest has a customer rating of 4.5, which is a pretty high rating. This is why it is no two on our list. It gathers all your choice memories in the form of an album and is easy and fast to create. You cannot go wrong with this fantastic template. It is sure to impress the celebrant, friends, and relatives.

Happy Birthday slideshow

03Happy Birthday, Mom!

As its name implies, this particular video template is to celebrate your mom's birthday. Let your mom know how much you care and value her by using this birthday video template. It is available on Canva but not on the free plan and is downloadable by Pro users of Canva. You can customize it to suit your choice by adding your mom's favorite photos, pet photos, birthday music, and even animation.

Happy Birthday Mom

04Kid's Birthday Slideshow Template.

This birthday template is best suited for kids' birthday parties. Its bold and lively background, wrapped gifts, ribbons, streams of confetti, and bordered slides makes it a perfect choice for your child's birthdays videos slideshow. The above birthday video template is offered by filmii. Kids love colorful things, so add a little more to their birthday photo slideshow by using this template.

Kids Birthday Slideshow

05Awesome Birthday Template

"You get more awesome as the year goes by."This excellent video template provided by Vimeo is perfect for wishing the celebrant a fantastic birthday. It comes with an aspect ratio that is easily customizable, a transitioning background, and a lively background combination. Consider using this for your birthday video.

Awesome Birthday Template

Part 3 How To Make A Birthday Slideshow

Creating a free birthday video has never been easier with various birthday video templates to choose from and numerous software and mobile apps to work it. With these tools available, we can create our birthday slideshow. I'll show you how in these steps below.

Step1: Create Video

To get started, click the Create a Video or View Templates buttons.


Creat Video

Step 2: Upload media files

Go to the Media section and upload all of the video clips and photographs you'll need to construct a birthday slideshow. Then apply them straight to the storyboard or use them to replace the resources in templates.

Upload media file

Step 3: Create Slideshow

Add text, music, a filter, change the speed, tweak the settings, split the slideshow, and make your birthday slideshow more professional.

Create Slideshow

You've now completed a fantastic free birthday slideshow. So, save it to your PC or share it directly on YouTube.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor template Mode is the first best birthday slideshow creator for newbies and professionals, among numerous others. It has a comprehensive and customizable set of birthday slideshow templates. 

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Filmora's advanced video editing tools, simple and elegant image frames, modern fonts, eye-catching color combinations, and addons make it an excellent tool for a perfect birthday video. Adding, removing, and adjusting clips using effects is made more accessible and less stressful. Next time you wish to surprise your family with a birthday wishes slideshow or a birthday photo slideshow, use the Filmora software for an effortless experience and impressive slideshow turnout.

Ending Thoughts

So, we've looked at the best birthday video inspiration templates for the birthday slideshow. I'm sure that after reading this blog, you will be able to know what to do when next you want to create a birthday slideshow.

Hence, pick the template of your choice, upload images, edit the video, preview, and then export. Go ahead with any of the mentioned templates and a free birthday slideshow creator like Fimora to create magic.

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