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Tips on How to Turn Video into GIF Images

GIF commonly pronounced as Graphics Interchange Format is one of the most popular image format on World Wide Web and users love to collect images as well as animations in this format. In simple words we can say that GIF has turned into a de facto standard for images over internet and still gaining more and more popularity. The level of clarity in images, presentation of colors, perfect shapes and quality of information delivered by GIF file format makes it one of the most preferable image formats throughout this world. The best thing to know about GIF is that when you compress files with this format they never lose information hence it is categorized as a lossless compression technique. The algorithms used for GIF compression are simple and users can easily edit images available in this format. Being one of the most loved image formats, presently there are so many software tools or applications that can be used to do various operations on GIF files. In technical terms the GIF format makes use of 2D raster form of data type and its codes are formed in binary that is easier to store as it naturally takes very less space in memory.

Creating your own animated GIF from any video is really an interesting task and involves lots of fun. You might be thinking about what is the requirement to turn video into gif; actually GIFs are some kind of video flip books that are preferred for easy storage. As simple videos are difficult to manage due to large size but on the other hand the GIF formats are considered perfect for profile posts and sharing with friends in form of simple jokes. Very simple steps are needed to be followed for Gif format conversion and it will take your very less time for doing complete conversion operation. Lots of tools are available for this conversion and your GIF image formats will take very less space in your device memory so that you can store as many videos at one time.

How to turn a Video into GIF images

Here are some simple steps to turn videos into Gif images and you need not to learn specific skills to do this task as these steps can be easily followed by non technical person also.

Step 1: Load your video or movie:

In order to turn video into gif first of all you need to load your favorite movie file onto software window. Drop this file on the user window of your editing application or software tool. This task can be performed simply by doing drag and drop operation or in some software you will find an option to import file from collections. Within few clicks you can easily get your video onto software platform.

Step 2: Editing the Movie/Video:

As told above, the .GIF animation is a small movie clip which can usually range from couple of seconds to tens of seconds. Every frame in GIF format takes separate image space so it is not good to add more number of frames into final .gif file otherwise your file size will go up to Megabytes. It is good to trim down your video so that you can have a specific portion of your video in output .gif file.

Step 3: Export .GIF file:

Once you have created your gif animation now it is time to export this file onto your device so that it can be freely used anywhere. This cropped small sized video can be directly saved to computer via save option available on most of software, keep its size as small as possible where usually recommended size is 208x160 pixels. Finally save your file with .GIF extension and enjoy your clip by posting them onto any social media website or by sharing with friends on other media.

Wondershare Filmora – Turn Your Video Into GIF With Ease:

In order to save your file with .GIF extension you need to use some software or application that can be accessed online as well as offline. Wondershare Filmora is one of the most preferable programs for this task due to its following advantages:

  • It is very easy to use and can be operated by any non technical person also.
  • Wondershare filmora allows users to create gif from all popular video formats like .wmv, .mp4, .mkv, .evo, .dat, .wav, .mpeg and .avi etc. so you need not to worry about compatibility issues.
  • The best thing to know about Filmora software tool is that it allows users to edit .gif files with some basic editing tools like color correction, cropping, splitting, rotation, combining two or more frames, speed up frame motion or slow down as per requirement.
  • It allows you to edit files with text and other similar interesting elements.

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How to turn a video clip into gif image with Wondershare Filmora:

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Step 1: First of all you need to import your editable video onto Wondershare Filmora window. This video can be of any formats as described above.

Step 2:Now it is time to drag this video and drop in on your timeline so that various editing tools can be allowed to operate on this file.

Step 3: Once you get your video file on timeline then you are free to edit this video by using all operations available on Filmora that includes crop, split, rotate, combine, speed up as well as slow down to make your videos more effective and interesting.

turn video into gif image

Step 4: Now it is time to add texts as well as other required elements to your video wherever needed. It can help to add your desired information or messages to your small video clips.

video to gif

Step 5: After all these steps, now your .gif file is ready to be used for social media posts etc and you simply need to export it back to your device memory.

how to create gif image from video


Wondershare Filmora is one of the most user friendly software available to turn video into gif and it can be easily downloaded from official website of Filmora. Once your software is installed on your system then it can work for all popular video file formats and you will be able to edit unlimited number of videos using its interesting tools and user friendly interface.

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I'm using hidef video files from a purchased DVD to make GIFs in FIlmora. Some of the GIFs are clear and some are splotchy. Any idea what would be causing the lower quality on some? I've tried keeping them under 4 seconds and have used various sizes and frame rates.
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