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How To Remove The Endless Loop From Animated GIF

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May 16, 2023• Proven solutions

People may discover for themselves a lot of eye-catching looping gifs on the Internet that is of great interest to them. But sometimes, you may want to give an ending for your gif for a special effect. Then, here this article will show you how to do it with ease.

How to Remove Loop From GIFs

The answer to the problem is very simple. Just open a GIF editor (or an editor that supports GIFs), then choose Remove loop option, and resave it. There are many freeware or online GIF editors that can help you achieve this. If you have no idea which one to choose and how to use it, this guide will help you a lot.

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Online Solutions to Stop Endless GIF Loop

1. Lunapic


  • First, you head over to the Lunapic website.
  • Click the Browse icon to upload your GIF image from your home computer. You can also type out the URL, then select Open from URL and select Go. It is that simple.
  • Select or click on the Animation icon from the top menu.
  • Select Edit GIF Animation.
  • Click the drop down menu and decide on the number of loops for the GIF image.
  • Hit the Apply button.


  • User friendly and free
  • Zooming, adding text, splitting and rotating are excellent tools to use on this application


  • Not being able to use it without Internet.
  • Very slowly while uploading large files.



  • Upload the GIF pictures from your laptop computer.
  • Compress the size of your GIF pictures.
  • Set repeat times, 0=infinite loop
  • Click Create Animation icon button


  • User friendly and easy to use. Free


  • Cannot be used without an internet connection.
  • Cannot perform any other editing like correcting the color, adding additional text or cropping a GIF photo.



  • Choose the GIF image file that you want to use.
  • Upload the image to
  • Drag or drop your photos in the order that you desire.
  • Set the Loop with the count of how many times you want it to loop. If it is empty, the loop is infinite.
  • Select Animate It.


  • User friendly and free.
  • Can do basic editing like adding new text, effects, cropping photos, splitting, and resizing your images. Cons: very slow, interface not intuitive


  • very slow, interface not intuitive Ask internet connection

Desktop Solutions to Removing Loops from GIFs:

1. Photoshop


  • Open your file on the Photoshop.
  • Select the File icon and press the Save for Web icon.
  • Check if the Animation button on the bottom of the save dialog is no longer the color of grey.
  • Set looping count and then click on the preview menu for the animation. Then, you click Save.


  • Professional, offers you many other advanced editing features


  • Pricy, complicated.

2. Beneton Movie GIF


  • Open your GIF images.
  • Uncheck the 'loop' box in the bottom left
  • Save.


  • a very small program that can get the job done.


  • crash sometimes.

3. Falco GIF Animator


  • Open your GIF using the program
  • Uncheck the “repeat forever” box in the bottom right
  • Then “save as” from the file menu


  • Opens large GIFs without problems
  • Simple and straightforward.
  • A lot of useful GIF editing functions that you will like if you need to work with GIFs in general.


  • Bundled with some other software you might not need. So be sure to uncheck the options you don't want.



  • Open your GIF, then resave it.
  • You will be presented with a number of screens during the saving process.
  • Make sure to 'save as animation' and then uncheck 'loop forever' as shown in the screenshots above.


  • Upload large GIFs without problems


  • It may be too large if you just want to a quick solution for GIF
  • Changes the color of white spaces in GIFs

Frequently Asked Questions About Removing Loops from GIFs

1. How To Stop A GIF From Looping?

Even though GIFs can be saved as infinite loops, this isn’t a mandatory option, as most GIF editors enable you to choose if you want a GIF to be a loop or not. Import a GIF into the editor you are using and then make sure that the Remove Loop option is selected.

This will effectively stop the GIF file from replaying once it reaches the end, so you can proceed to export the GIF from the editor. Keep in mind that some GIF editors don’t allow you to set the Loop count and leaving this box empty will create an infinite loop.

2. How To Set A GIF Loop Count?

Nearly all GIF editors allow you to specify how many loops a GIF is going to make before it comes to a stop. All you need to do in order to set the loop count for a GIF is import it into a GIF editor and click the Edit GIF option.

You will see the loop count box, among other options so you can simply insert the value you want and confirm the changes you’ve made. Afterward, you should export the GIF you edited and it will have the loop as many times as you specified.

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