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How to Make a Meme (Step by Step)

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

When you browse the Internet, memes are practically everywhere. These memes are found in varied forms, ranging from video meme, to GIF and images. Through memes you can express your ideas in a creative and humorous way. In case your business requires meme marketing and you have no clue about how to make a meme then there is n nothing to worry about. We are here to ease off your stress.

In this article we are going to help you create the most effective memes. Stay tuned for more.

Part 1: Research meme first

1. Know your memes

Understanding and knowing what exactly your meme needs to do can be achieved by observing the recent the viral memes in the market. The recent viral memes would inspire your new creation to make a better meme evoking funnier emotions. There might be a specific meme that has garnered ample exposure over the social media and has been trending for weeks. You can gauge by studying them that whether your idea has been already implemented by any of them or it’s a fresh idea that you can use to strengthen your meme marketing.

know your meme is important

2. Focus on popular stuff

While you are making memes, it’s important to refer popular movies, series, events, books, video games, comic characters etc. for enhancing the humor in memes. Funny videos about kids, accident videos and bike crashes, etc. with the right filter makes memes relatable. You can even spread a social message with a fun factor using video memes.

Part 2: Think about your content

1. Be Funny

Entertainment value is of utmost priority when you are planning for a successful meme. Though, making memes relatable to the audience is a key factor, you don’t need to be serious, just for the sake of it. Your meme should carry a witty and funny tone. You need to pick the copy and language meeting to the parameters we have just elaborated in this section.

2. Keep it short

Owning to the short attention span of online users, your memes need to be pretty short, without missing the message. While you are thinking how to make a meme, keep in mind that your meme should strike the right chord with the audience and impress them at the first place. Catchy phrases, captions from popular comic series or a funny TV show that is relatable to most people can help you create an amazing image, GIF or video meme.

Part 3: Create memes right now

When you are in a dilemma about how to make a meme or a video meme to be specific, you would require an effective meme maker tool. As without having a reliable tool for editing your video memes, it is not possible to transform your ideas into funny memes. We recommend Filmora online meme maker to materialize your idea.

Filmora meme maker is an online tool which you can use for completely free. Creating image, GIF and video memes is possible with this online program without requiring much time. Moreover, you don’t have to login to create your video memes. One of the most intuitive programs that require no tedious process, but simple drag and drop and click actions for importing GIF, image, and video. Apart from that you get the flexibility to add text inside or out of the text, GIF or video as per your heart’s content. Altering the text color and size is also possible with Filmora.

You don’t have to download online videos, as it supports YouTube and Vimeo video link. All that you need to do is copy and paste the URL for creating online video material with ease, without the hassle of downloading it to your computer and then working on it.

Here comes the detailed guide for Filmora online meme maker to create a video meme –

Step 1: Import image, GIF or video

Browse to the Filmora online meme maker website and then tap on ‘Click here to upload’ or drag to import material. You can even import YouTube and Vimeo links for creating video memes.

drag meme

Step 2: Edit memes

Once you have selected the video/GIF/image you navigate to the meme editor page, you can customize your meme by tapping the tools on the left panel. The preview window there will show the changes you are doing to the imported item. Play with the text color and size in the meme and keep what suits you the most. Also, you can decide whether you wish to input text inside or outside and the file format for your meme can also be selected from this editor page.

Tips: Humorous or ironic text turns memes more popular, and don’t forget to select fonts that perfectly blend with the caption and background of the text and overall meme.

edit meme

Step 3: Export and share

At last, tap on the ‘CREATE’ button once you are happy with the creation. Allow some time, so that the meme is generated with all the aspects you have incorporated to it. Once done, hit the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button and save the meme. Well, now that everything is on point, you can share it across social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, or Instagram.

export meme

Part 4: Tips on making a popular meme

1. Traditional and dank memes are popular, but video memes is on trend now

Though, the market is flooding with wide subcategories of memes, some of them are really taking the internet by storm. For making a popular meme that brings more exposure for your brand, you need to focus on the trending ones.

The main categories of memes are –

Traditional (normie) – This category of memes contain stock photo or viral video/movie/magazine screenshot. The photos and texts on them perfectly sync with the right visual tone.

Dank memes – They involve humor which is out of context. They also revive a dying meme or one that is pretty old and not in use by continuously overusing it.

2. Reddit is a great place to share

You shouldn’t let go of any opportunity that comes your way. You need to share them at the right place and Reddit undoubtedly has an upper hand in that case. When you have the right content gain through it!

R/Memes – It is a subreddit where you can share your meme after researching and creating it. But, be sure that here you need to share your own creation, not someone else’s copyright products.

R/DankMemes – This one is more focused at quality. You can look here to find out the most popular memes. You might plan to post your memes after they get significantly popular over the internet and then post them or lose mass downvotes. This space helps you how to perfectly analyze and then post your meme on the right time.


Once we are thorough with this article, we are confident that you understood how to make a meme. And, there is no doubt that opting for Filmora online meme maker will surely help you gain popularity over the internet. This tool is quick to use and requires no space to get stored on your PC. So, now you have one awesome tool for helping you out in meme making and being popular!

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