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10 Trending Memes In 2024 Right Now (Include Image/ GIF/Video)

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

With several popular memes doing rounds on the Internet this year, 2019 can be said the “best memes year”. The memes are the latest things that speak louder than any other words. You get just 140 characters on Twitter which might not be enough for what you wish to post but, a powerful meme with a strong caption can do what any simple words cannot do. This is what each of the people is doing today.

When the meme is just released and hot like fire, each one of you wishes to use it. Below are by far the 10 best memes that you would definitely like to check out. Let’s laugh and have fun, forgetting all the stress of life.

Part 1: 10 Best Memes In 2024

1. Steven Crowder's "Change My Mind" Campus Sign

The conservative podcaster Steven Crowder tweeted an image on 16th February 2018 which went on to become one of the funniest memes of 2018. It had Crowder’s photograph behind a table poster that read "Male Privilege is a myth / Change My Mind". The image had a backdrop of the Texas Christian University and he tweeted it with a caption, "Hello @TCU. Come one come all. #ChangeMyMind."

The image was tweeted as part of Crowder’s YouTube and podcast promotions where various viewpoints of Crowder are opposed by the people and they convince him of these issues. This post garnered around 6400 likes and 900 retweets in just 4 days.

Change my mind

2. Gru's Plan

When Despicable Me was released on July 9, 2010, Gru, the protagonist in the film shows a presentation of stealing a moon and notice a drawing of himself where he is sitting on the toilet in between the pages of the presentation.

The memes of this comic show a startling presentation with a 3rd page, where the panel of Gru looks back at the board in complete bewilderment. FieldMarshalSixDans, a Redditor used screencaps from the film and posted a four-panel version meme which was re-posted. It reaped about 250 comments and above 18000 votes in 1 day.

Gru's Plan

3. American Chopper Argument

In the year 2009, the YouTube channel Shemrock Nursery Rhymes created a meme of the nursery rhymes Johny Johny Yes Papa. This rhyme is a popular one featured under animated amateur music video. It shows a small boy who tries to steal sugar and confronted by his father for not taking permission.

In July 2009, Shemrock YouTube channel created best memes for this video by using the clips of Johny Johny and used the audio of another nursery rhymes Twinkle Twinkle which collected over 2.9 million views in the first 6 years of its posting.

American Chopper Argument

4. Who Killed Hannibal?

It is a skit from the Eric Andre Show, also known as Eric Andre Shooting Hannibal Buress where Eric Andre, the host of the show can be seen shooting a gun multiple times and asking on camera Who Killed Hannibal?

It was actually a joke during the Season 2, episode 6 of The Eric Andre Show. It turned out to be the best memes of this year when the famous dialogue “Who Killed Hannibal” was replaced by "Why would X do this?" in a variety of expressive template.

Who Killed Hannibal

5. Walmart Yodel Boy

The Walmart Yodel Boy is a video that was filmed in a Walmart on 24th March 2018. It was the video of the 12-year-old child artist, Mason Ramsay singing “Lovesick Blues". He is better known for Hank Williams impressions. This video from the concert was uploaded from a YouTube account named ViralHog. This song started being remixed with several other captions and went viral in no time and is considered one of the best memes of this year.

Walmart Yodel Boy

6. Is this a pigeon?

A shot from the anime series “The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird” had a scene in episode 3 of season 1 where professor Hiroshi Amano creates a human android, Yutaro Katori. While explaining mother Nature, Yutaro Katori thinks a butterfly to be a pigeon. One of the best memes is created when the reaction of this scene with the quote is used widely to show a confused expression on Tumblr.

Is this a pigeon

7. LeBron James's NBA Finals Reaction

This is a video during the NBA finals when J.R.Smith, a player from Cleveland Cavaliers kept dribbling in the last 5 important seconds of the game against the Golden State Warriors and the time ran out. This is when Smith’s teammate Lebron James showed his utter disappointment and pointed out his mistake by stretching out his arms.

The reaction from James became the best memes of this year. As soon as the game was over, Lebron James’ reaction with caption started doing rounds on the Twitter that emoted disappointment and frustration. It garnered 29000 likes and 8800 retweets.

LeBron James's NBA Finals Reaction

8. Tired Spongebob

Tired Spongebob is the lead character of the Spongebob Squarepants which used to air in the year 1999 and was from Episode 1. It is a still image of Spongebob where it appears to be out of breath and naked. Twitter has made this image popular by using it for showing exhaustion.

Tired Spongebob

9. Tide Pods

Tide Pods is one of the best memes that shows how tide pods are compared to bleach drinking in the memes. When Procter Gamble launched its new product tide pods laundary detergent in 2012 it appeared like some flavored fruit snack due to its packaging.

Unfortunately, the attractive packaging of these laundry detergent capsules led to children consuming it and increasing calls to the poison control center. So, the Tide Pod eating memes are used to mock and compare it with the poisonous food and drinks in the online circuit.

Tide Pods

10. Green M&M Bambi Copypasta

While a Tumblr post comment and response the Green M&M Bambi Copypasta was used and went on to be amongst the top 10 best memes of the year so far. Here the person role-plays the character of the Green M&M and demands a game named Bambi from the Gamestop on Play Station 2.

The aggressive character and dominating tone of the post have stirred several variations. The Green M&M role plays in the similar demanding tone of the character started doing the rounds on the online platform since then.

Green M&M Bambi Copypasta

Or you may want to make a trending meme, like red glowing eye, please read this article: How to create a red glowing eyes effect in videos?

Part 2: Recommended Tool to Make Memes

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