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Mocking Sponge Bob Meme Generator

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

The still frame taken from the episode titled 'Little Yellow Book' of the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants has gone viral a few years ago, and since then it has become one of the funniest memes used to mock all sorts of private and public issues. If you'd like to learn how to make the Mocking SpongeBob meme, you've come to the right place, because in this article we're going to show you how you can accomplish this using Filmora Online Meme Maker.

Making The Mocking SpongeBob Meme

Attention: This post only provides the solutions to make memes for personal and non-commercial purpose. Since any redistribution without the approval of the copyright owners may violate the copyright laws, you'd better refer to the copyright laws in your country before doing so.

There are hundreds of online meme generators you can use to quickly make a great joke or depict a situation you frequently find yourself in, but a large portion of these platforms watermark your memes, which can be frustrating at times. That's why we recommend using Filmora Online Meme Maker that lets you generate the mocking SpongeBob meme and all other types of memes for free. Here's how to make a mocking SpongeBob meme is just a few simple steps without having to register or create an account.

Step 1 – Uploading the SpongeBob Meme Template

Filmora Meme Maker offers you 2 ways to upload images, videos, and gifs.

  • Drop a file or click the + icon to upload your upload
  • Enter the URL of your media file to upload

You can find the sponge bobbmeme templates on a number of platforms, such as Imgur and Know Your Meme. Or you can click the “Copy the image” link below and the image link will be copied automatically.

Then, go to insert the image link you just copied by press Ctrl+V, click on the Upload button to start the upload process and wait until the template is uploaded.

The Edit Your Image window will pop up on the screen if you decide to upload the template from a compute, so you can just drag one of the handles to crop it. If you want, you can rotate or flip the picture, before you hit the OK button.

Step 2 – Adding Text to the Meme

The Editing panel will appear on the screen, with the SpongeBob picture displayed in the middle of the screen. On the left side of the webpage, you'll be able to see the Text Inside and Text Outside tools that let you choose the position of the text in the picture. Select the Outside Text option because a great majority of Mocking SpongeBob memes doesn't feature text within the image. Below these tools you can find Top and Bottom text boxes, so you can just choose the position of the text and then insert it into appropriate boxes.

There is a lot of fonts to choose from, and you can easily select the text size, change the color of the text or align the text. After customizing the texts you can choose the file type since the Filmora Online Meme Maker lets you generate GIFs, videos and images.

Step 3 – Export and Download the Mocking SpongeBob Meme

Click on the Create button once you're happy with the results, then click on the Download button to save it to your computer and upload it to your social media account. If you're using a Smartphone you can tap on the Share button and select a social media platform on which you want to post your mocking SpongeBob meme.


Combining text and images is easy with the Filmora Online Maker since you just have to choose the position and the style of the text and download the meme. However, coming up with great jokes that will make the meme viral is up to you. What is your favorite mocking SpongeBob meme? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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