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10 Best Instagram Meme Accounts to Make You Laugh (with Tears)

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Given how stressful life is these days, memes are a great way for us to feel confident and happy. When searching for great memes, don’t forget Instagram. It’s one of the places to find entertaining memes. Here’s a look at the 10 best meme accounts on Instagram that you should follow so that you can get your daily dose of laughter.

Dank Memes Instagram Compilation

Part1: 10 best Instagram meme accounts

1. memes

Followers - 3 Million

Memes is one of the biggest communities for memes on the internet, with followers on Facebook as well. They are currently developing a Memes app that you can use in order to make your own memes.


2. 7thgrader.s

Followers - 5.3 Million

7thgrader.s claims it’s the place to find all of the “most dank funny posts”. They post at least once a day, but you will often find them posting a little off schedule at times.


3. memezar

Followers – 5.4 Million

Meme is an account dedicating to making and compiling all sorts of memes that are found all over the internet, but especially on Instagram. They post, on average, twice a day.


4. vines

Followers 5.7 million

While the app “Vine” has been taken offline, vines is not – they currently do a lot of meme based videos, some of which were on Vine when it was still useable. These include news clips and other funny videos.


5. drunk

Followers - 5.6 million

This Instagram page claims to be the largest Instagram community of drunk fails and memes – and the site is still going very strong. While there are a lot of drunk memes and fails, you will also find a variety of ordinary memes from around the web.


6. fuckjerry

Followers - 13.9 million

FuckJerry runs a website based on memes and the culture around them, and has also developed a very popular card game called “What Do You Meme?” based on the same premise as Cards Against Humanity. His meme site is one of the most popular that you will find on the web.


7. memerizey

Followers – 175 thousand

Memerizey is a great meme site that has been developed for the Spanish-speaking Instagram crowd, providing them with their own batches of memes, both popular memes and ones that are specially tailored toward the Spanish speaking community


8. funnyvideos

Followers - 528 thousand

Owned by the same people that do @memes, which was first on this list, funny really delivers on its daily dose of laughs promise by regularly providing fresh and hilarious memes and videos to enjoy on their Instagram page.


9. funnymemes

Followers – 7.9 million

Funnymemes focuses on providing videos and pictures to the Instagram community that are either adaptations of current memes, or they are new memes that they’ve developed. Either way, it’s a fun site that has been getting a lot of attention and that many people follow for the best meme options.


10. swearcasm

Followers – 359 thousand

According to their profile, they’re “50% swearing and 50% sarcasm”, which some people may argue covers a lot of memes that you see on the web. They try to post fairly regularly and are involved in the meme community that has started to build and become more popular on Instagram over the past few years.


Part 2: Why Are Memes So Popular On Instagram, Anyway

There are so many different reasons that memes have gotten a lot of traction over the years. In fact, they’ve become such a phenomenon that academics are actually starting to research them.

Here are two of the big reasons why they’ve become a popular form of communication.

1. Memes are Very Easy to Understand

Memes are meant to be something that we use in order to easily communicate ideas with other people. Memes capture the essence of a thought in a creative way that everyone understands. They’re visual, they’re short, they catch our attention and they help people to grasp your thoughts in a quick, concise way.

2. We Like Sharing Memes

Think about it – if you see a meme that you find amusing or that fits you or someone you know really well, then you will share it to your social media page or send it to your friend. Sharing memes is a lot of fun, and so it’s become something that is really popular for many of us to do.


There are so many great memes out there for us to share and enjoy, and so it’s definitely worth it to find the Instagram accounts that you enjoy and that you’ll be able to use regularly to get a laugh and have fun with your friends.

These are our favorites and they always seem to have the most hilarious memes. But you’re sure to find others that you’re going to want to follow and keep up with!

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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