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Easy Steps to Create a Meme [Photo & Video Memes]

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

The meme is a simple photo or video with a witty tagline in the spirit of online commentary. It has been considered as a type of content designed and packaged to be spread with friends online. If you want to join in the fun, then you can always contribute to the web’s growing collection of memes. Here’s how:

Recommended Online Meme Maker to Create Video and Image Memes in 2021

There are many online meme creators in the market, but those who allow you to make a meme online without watermark and registration mandatory isn’t much. The good news is, Filmora online Meme maker can achieve your goal to create image and video memes without watermark in the export which makes it getting popular after releasing in 2018.

 Filmora meme maker

You just need to import, add text and export to create a meme with Filmora online meme generator.

This is even a built-in online video trimmer in the text editing interface which is very convenient to cut out unwanted frames from the video when creating video memes.

 Filmora meme maker

Part 1: How to create a video meme

Besides the photo meme, you can also create a more vivid video meme. Wondershare Filmora is such a handy video editing tool which enables you to create your own meme in just three steps. You can download the software first and follow the steps below:

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

1 Import your video or record a new one

Launch the Filmora video meme maker and then click New project to create a new project. Then in the project settings, set up the proper aspect ratio such as a 4:3, 16:9, or 1:1 aspect ratio. After that, hit the “Import” button to load your video or click the “Record” button to record yourself via webcam. Click the red button to begin recording your video; when you’re done, click the button again to stop recording. Filmora allows you to import photos and videos shot by iPhone directly.

how to make meme

2 Add caption and music to the video

Then place the video file on the timeline. Hit the “Title” tab and choose from a text style you like. Enter the words and change the font, color and size of the caption.

Another thing you can try is insert a popular song in the background. To do this, just drag and drop the music file to the program and put it on the audio track of the timeline.

how to make meme

3 Save and share your video meme

Of course, for a meme to be a meme, you need to get it lots of online exposure. It’s just that simple since you can directly upload your video meme to YouTube or Vimeo by clicking the “Export” button.

You can also save it in other formats and share it on all your social media accounts.

how to make a meme

So once you get a funny photo or video, think up something quirky and witty to caption it with and post it! Happy meme making!

Part 2: How to create a photo meme

If you want to create a photo meme, it might be wise to have Photoshop installed. But there are also some online meme creators that can help you on your way, and remove the need for any image editing on your part by creating them for you.

MemeCreator is one of such easy-to-use online meme creators recommended here. It includes just the tools you need to create a meme: fantastic ready-made meme templates and the tools you need to add captions. Here is a quick guide on how to create a photo meme with it:

1 Browse over the existing memes to find the one you like

how to create a photo meme

2 Add text as required via the form on the right hand side of the page

3 Customize the meme as you like

Hit "Insert Caption" if you want to add more texts to your meme. You can also click the drop down menu to change the size of the caption and drag-n-drop the caption box to change the position.

4 Preview and save your meme

You see, this site is pretty straight-forward. And you can also appreciate hundreds of other examples already online. It’s pretty easy to get side-tracked.

Similar tools: Imgur Meme Generator, quickmeme and more.

Filmora allows you to create meme and stylish videos with ease. Check the video below to find out how to use Filmora to empower your imagination.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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