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Top 20+ Best Free GIF Makers Online to Quickly Edit GIF

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

GIF sharing images are gaining more and more popularity these days because of their lesser loading time and small file size. The best part is that they can be constructed with ease using a few editing tools online. Most of the online GIF editors are available for free and they allow users to develop customized interactive images with the advanced feature sets, which simplify the creation process of GIF images and videos. However, there are still some GIF makers online that are not easy to use.

We need an easy to use and free GIF editor online to use for quickly making a GIF and share it with friends to have fun. The following list are great makers to edit GIF from video or image. Check it out!

Recommendation – Filmora: Easy GIF Maker Software Free Download for PC and Mac

Wondershare Filmora is often recommended due to its rich feature set that allows easy customization, editing and conversion. If you are looking forward to working on GIF images and videos then probably Filmora can solve all your troubles. You can add text/title to edit your GIF. Besides, various stickers and overlays are also available to use. Below are few incredible features of Wondershare Filmora.

  • This GIF editor can process all popular media file formats with ease and it works perfectly on Windows as well as Mac devices.
  • Export images and videos to GIF format directly, or save the gif to the mobile device for sharing.
  • Share the GIF Video to YouTube or Vimeo directly.
  • It does not demand any active internet connection. Users simply need to download their tool and start working offline.
  • It is possible to edit already created GIF images in Filmora and you can access inbuilt tools for this purpose. The list of commonly used editing tools includes overlays, elements and text etc.
  • Users need not waste time uploading or downloading images because its drag and drop tools make everything much easier and laborious tasks can be completed within a fraction of seconds.

Check this video tutorial to know more details:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

The article below includes the list of best online GIF maker tools that you can use to make GIF from images or videos with ease online.

Top 20+ Best Free GIF Makers Online

1. Filmora meme maker

filmora gif maker online

Filmora meme maker is your ultimate solution. It helps you make image, GIF and video memes directly without watermark. It is totally FREE to use and no sign up. You can change text size, color and position to create caption when you are using this online GIF editor. You can also put text inside or outside in GIF. Just with a few clicks, your GIF is done. Try it now!

How to make a GIF online?

Some people are wondering how do I make a GIF online? Well, don't worry. We will let you know the steps to make a GIF online with Filmora meme maker. You just need to open it and then follow the steps below. Check it out!

1. Import video/image first

To make a gif online, you need to import your media and gif material to Filmora meme maker. You can make a GIF from video or image, and Filmora meme maker supports all. You can drag gif resource to the center of the page, or directly click it to upload.

gif maker online to import file

2. Edit the GIF online

If you want to make GIF from video. Just import the video to this tool. The file size must be under 50MB size. After it is uploaded, you need to trim one part you like. Drag the slider to left or right to get it. If your uploaded file is image, you can flip and rotate it first. You can enter your text from inside and outside. Besides, you can change font type, size and color. Just position your text field to anywhere.

edit gif online

3. Export the GIF file

After selecting the format you want, click create to export this GIF. You can preview it online. Click download if you like it. It may take a while according to your file size.

export gif online

See, make gif online with Filmora online maker is easy.


gif maker online GIFMaker

This photo to GIF online maker can easily process almost all media file formats like JPG, GIF and PNG so that interactive GIFs can be created. Users can also enjoy live preview of all changes before exporting created GIF image to device, so it is a great GIF editor online to use.

4. Giphy:

online gif editor Giphy

This popular GIF search engine and interactive design tool can develop results of your choice instantly. Giphy allows you to make GIF slideshow with images as well as videos. You can add multiple images or paste the YouTube, Vimeo or Giphy URL to upload the video. You can adjust the duration of each frame/image, and add captions, stickers, filters to the GIF file or draw on it. And you can choose different styles and animations when adding captions when editing GIF.


online gif editor GIFMakerOnline

You can use it to make GIF online. Those who are searching for a super quick way to develops GIFs with additional watermarks and image quality settings can prefer to move t It can directly upload your resulting GIF files on popular social media sites.


online gif editor GIFMake

If you have already collected images in png, jpeg and gif format and now want to create one interesting animated GIF image by merging them then can help you better. You can this online gif editor to make a GIF with dragging and dropping.

7. ImgFlip:

online gif maker ImgFlip

This online animated GIF maker allows users to create GIFs from images, photos and videos. You can add a MP4/OGG video from computer or paste a video URL to upload the video footage. You can upload several images to make a GIF and adjust the width, height and quality.

It will help you to watch preview of your GIF before it is created and that is definitely important for generating good results. Users can alter quality of GIF with animations, photo order adjustments and resizing features. Besides that, you can also add text to GIF or crop and rotate GIFs.


online gif maker MakeaGIF

This GIF editor can help users to develop a high quality GIF from collection of images or from a video file. It can also process webcam recordings or YouTube videos for creation of GIFs.

9. Animated GIF Maker:

online gif maker Animated GIF Maker

This animated GIF maker is a portable solution for all GIF creators with only 2MB file size. It is designed with intuitive and easier to use interface that can develop classic GIFs for you with better adjustments over quality, frame delays and size, though it still provides the Size and Speed preset. However, this GIF Maker only allows you to upload images to make GIF.

10. Convertio:

make gif online Convertio

Convertio is an online GIF maker which is able to easily process all file formats so that users can easily upload any image or video for development of application specific GIFs.

This online GIF editor allows you to upload image or videos in several ways: uploading from your computer, from Dropbox, from Google Drive, or pasting the file URL or website URL. The maximum file size is 100MB. Besides converting image or videos to GIF, you can also convert GIF files to MP4 videos.

11. Convert Image:

make gif online Convert Image

This GIF maker tool is be used to convert png, jpg and many other images formats into animated GIFs with ease. However, you can upload one image at a time and the maximum file size is 24MB.


make gif online CreateGIF

Here is a free and easy to use online GIF animator tool that helps users to select multiple images from computer. After manipulating details about speed and size of GIFs, it can help you to generate quality GIF images.

This online GIF Maker allows you to re-order the multiple images and compose several images into one GIF file. However, the biggest pixel is 450px wide. There is no indication about the maximum file size that you can upload, but when I upload a 700KB, it reports error.


make a gif online EditPhotoForFree

There are so many unique features and colour manipulation options on Users can easily access to many customizable features on this platform for development of application specific GIFs.

This online GIF creator allows you to add images in JPG and PNG formats, animated gif and video in Mp4, WebM and OGG formats to make a GIF. It also allows you to record webcam to make a GIF and add shapes in SVG format. You can add GIF effects like text and background. There are some editing features built in, such as flip horizontal and flip vertical, and shadow and opacity settings. But the preview window is not reacted timely.

14. GIFPal:

make a gif online GIFPal

This creative GIF maker can show you effect of all changes that you made to your imported files before saving the final results. One can customize GIF content with hue, saturation, contrast, text and drawing tools. You also can edit GIF by adding text.

15. GIFNinja:

gif maker online GIFNinja

It can easily split or create animated GIF files as per user's specifications. This online GIF editor can help you make GIF in a minute.


gif maker online GIFGear allows users to develop interactive GIF images with particular size and customization options. One can also decide duration of animation and several effects can be added in form of frames, overlays, pixelations and fade etc.


gif maker online Gickr allows users to develop animated GIFs within few seconds and this platform can be accessed by anyone for free. Users simply need to uploaded images, add desired effects and convert project to GIF extension.


gif maker online Gifup

Here is your advanced yet personal GIF creator that can provide impressive results instantly. It allows users to upload 1024 Kb file size with ease and uploaded images can be easily processed for generation of classic GIFs. Its interface is easy to understand. If you like to make GIF like a pro, you can this one to make a GIF. Have a try!

19. IMGUR:

gif maker IMGUR

Here is one of the most widely used GIF image sharing center that can easily process raw content from computer or in form of provided URLs.

20. Meme Center:

gif maker Meme Center

This platform is being popularly used for development of meme with so many quick features. It is really impressive to add reactions to GIFs or select already existing videos/images to get desired results. You can still edit GIF thought it is a meme center.

21. Online Image Converter:

gif maker Online Image Converter

This tool works on your browser and can share resulting GIF files on other popular websites with ease. The process is smooth to edit GIF online.

22. Picasion:

gif maker Picasion

It assists users to develop classic GIFs with images that can be uploaded from computer or using video URLs. One can also import images from webcam or try stills from Flickr or Picasa.

23. Toolson.Net's GIF Maker:

free gif maker Toolson

With this GIF maker tool you can easily arrange your uploaded images in any order and then apply GIF based animation effect to that sequence. One can also add borders, frames and filters to this content.

24. Zamzar:

free gif maker Zamzar

This name is popular among professional image editors due to its wide set of features and impressive capabilities.


These free online GIF makers discussed above allows you to turning images or videos to looping and animated GIFs quickly. If you want to try more offline GIF creators, you can check our picks of best free GIF creators in 2019, which includes both offline and online gif creators. Which one(s) will you use to make a GIF online? Share with us in the comment section below.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Frequently Asked Questions about Making GIFs Online

1. How to make a GIF without a watermark?

You’ll need a GIF maker or a video editing software that allows you to export GIF files without a watermark. We recommend EZGIF or Filmora Meme Maker because you can use them for free and none of your GIFs are going to be watermarked, regardless of how many you create on a daily or weekly level.

EZGIF lets you combine up to 2000 images in a single GIF file, and it supports all common image files, so that you don’t have to worry about the format in which pictures you want to include in your GIF are saved. Filmora Meme Maker is the right choice for you if you want to add text to the GIFs you create.

2. What are GIFs made of?

GIFs consist of a series of pictures that simulate a movement, and they can either be comprised of still or moving images.

In case you want to create a GIF out of photos, you will have to take a number of consecutive photos with your camera and then merge them into a GIF. The number of photos you will have to take depends on the duration of the GIF you want to create, and it varies from just five to more than one thousand.

Optionally, you can also create GIFs from video files, but you should keep in mind that the sound is going to be removed automatically, as GIF files cannot contain audio.

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