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Thousands Already Know Ezgif and So Can You

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 31, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Thousands Already Know Ezgif and So Can You

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Everything about the know-how of Ezgif creator is here!

Part 1 How to Make a GIF on Ezgif

GIFs take you to an exciting journey of expression and impact. With the introduction of GIF keyboards and a variety of creator tools, you are granted the liberty to use pre made GIFs as well as create stirring ones of your own to deliver your messages in unique and impactful ways. When it comes to creating GIFs, the online market is always ready with a heap of creator choices. While each of these tools is distinctive in its own way, some of them are leaders in making the mark among users.

About the Ezgif GIF Maker

Ezgif online GIF maker tool is amongst the most preferred GIF creators in today’s times. This one is a free and super convenient online tool that lets you create and convert animated GIFs in just a few clicks. Compatible with your Windows or MacOS devices, this tool is evidently among the fastest GIF creators of its time.

Apart from creating GIFs, you can also use this tool to cut, crop, trim and resize videos, ass and remove GIF backgrounds and much more. The tool is compatible with almost all common video and image formats; hence you can easily escape the glitch of sticking to a particular format for using this tool.

Here’s how you can use this tool for making next level GIFs:

Step 1: Launch the Tool

Open the Ezgif maker tool in your favorite browser. In the site’s welcome page, tap on ‘GIF Maker’ from the top toolbar.

Ezgif Official Site Homepage

Step 2: Upload Your Media

Click on ‘Browse’ to select your desired video or a set of still captures from your device and upload the same to the GIF maker timeline. You can choose from a manually or an alphabetically ordered upload. Ensure that the total file size is restricted within 100 MB.

Ezgif GIF Maker- Media Upload Interface
Ezgif GIF Maker- Default Alphabetical Ordering of Uploads
Ezgif GIF Maker- Manual Ordering of Uploads

Step 3: Let’s Create!

Click on ‘Upload and Make a GIF’. You will be shown a preview of your creation. At this point, you can customize the GIF with effects, filters and texts.

Ezgif GIF Maker- GIF Creation

Step 4: Visual Adjustments

When using still images, consider arranging them in a particular order with the ‘Drag and Drop method’. You can skip this step if you are satisfied with the default arrangement. If you are creating a GIF from a video, pay attention to adjust its play duration.

Ezgif GIF Maker- Visual Adjustment Options

Step 5: Beautify and Save Your Artwork

When you are satisfied with your work, tap ‘Make a GIF’. You can see your final creation appear. Click on ‘Save’ to add your artwork to your device memory. You can also customize your creation from the toolbar below the created GIF before saving it.

Ezgif GIF Maker- GIF Save Interface

Part 2 Video to GIF Made Easy Only With Ezgif

As stated earlier, you can create GIFs from images and convert videos to GIFs using the Ezgif converter. What’s interesting is that the conversion process is quite fast and you are allowed to play with your editing skills to your heart’s content while customizing your artwork. Given below is a quick guide to convert videos in any common file format into impressive GIFs:

Step 1

Visit, the official site of the Ezgif creator tool, in any suitable browser of your choice. In the homepage of the tool’s website, navigate to the toolbar at the top and click on ‘Video to GIF’.

Ezgif Video to GIF Converter Link:

Ezgif- Video to GIF Converter Tool

Step 2

In the converter interface, you can either upload a locally saved video from your device by clicking on ‘Browse’ or copy-paste a desired video URL in the address box and tap ‘Upload Video’.

Ezgif- Video Upload Interface

Step 3

In the tool’s editing interface, set required play duration for your video by setting the start and end points of the clip.

Step 4

When you are done, click on ‘Convert to GIF’ and wait for the conversion process to finish. You can now see your created GIF in the pop up window that appears next. Click on ‘Save’ option in the toolbar beneath the created GIF to download your creation to your device.

Part 3 How to Crop a Video With Ezgif & Filmora

Ezgif is a multi faceted online tool that allows you to take up a variety of tasks in addition to just creating classy GIFs. Video to GIF conversion is one thing, besides that, you can also crop your videos using this tool. Wondering how to go about the process? Here’s a quick, stepwise tutorial to answer this for you. Follow the steps given below to crop your videos with a blink:

Step 1: Launch the Ezgif Crop Tool

Open the official Ezgif website and navigate to the ‘Crop Video’ tab on the top toolbar in the welcome page. You can alternatively click on the link given below to reach the ‘Crop Video’ interface directly.

Step 2: Upload Your Video

To upload a locally saved video, click on the ‘Choose File’ button. You will see the file name appear beside it. You can alternatively, copy-paste the URL of a desired video in the address box. Click on ‘Upload Video’ for the file to get uploaded.

Ezgif Video Crop Tool- Video Upload

Step 3: Adjust Video Borders

To crop the video to a desired part, you need to set its borders within the required section. To do this, ‘Hold and Drag’ the mouse to highlight a desired section. Now leave the mouse to see the highlighted section within a frame.

Ezgif Video Crop Tool- Crop Section Highlight

Step 4: Final Touches

After you have the desired section, scroll down to find some adjustment options. Here, you can resize, set aspect ratio and make frame adjustments to your cropping clip. When selecting the output video format, you can either choose to stick with the original file format or change to mp4.

Tap on ‘Crop Video’ when you are done making the changes. The conversion process may take a few seconds. You can enjoy looking at the swaying kitten in the meantime.

Ezgif Video Crop Tool- Crop Frame Settings

Step 5: Download and Save

Once the conversion finishes, you will see your cropped video appear on the screen. Click on ‘Save’ from the toolbar below the video to download the sane to your device.

Ezgif Video Crop Tool- Clip Save Interface

Ezgif is certainly an affordable GIF creator and video cropper tool, no doubt about that, but if you are looking for an alternative, you can consider using the Filmora GIF creator software for cropping a video to your favorite part. This one is a free to use, quick and smart tool with the most convenient user interface.

The huge audio-visual effects library of this software allows you to add sound, music and overlays to your clips and intensify them with text and filters. Here’s a quick tutorial on cropping videos with this software:

Step 1

Download and install Filmora in your device. When finished, launch the software to reach its editor timeline.

Filmora Crop Video Tool Direct Link:

Step 2

Within the timeline, select and right click on a desired video. Select ‘Crop and Zoom’ for the drop down menu. You can alternatively click on the ‘Crop’ icon.

Step 3

In the pop-up window that follows, either choose a preset aspect ratio, or click on ‘Custom’ and navigate the rectangle to select a clip area to crop.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

Ezgif is one of the most suitable GIF creator and converter tools available online that allows you to explore your skills and create top quality GIFs, convert videos to GIFs and crop video clips, all at one place.

This one is a quick and hassle free solution to your video and GIF editing concerns. When browsing through its feasible alternatives, you can safely count upon the Filmora video editor and GIF creator software for making and customizing GIFs and video clips.

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