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How to Get VHS Filter and Glitch Filter to Your Images or Videos?

A VHS filter gives old-school vibes to the footage or imagery. The article takes complete responsibility for adding the filter in Photoshop, Instagram, and TikTok.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Jan 04, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

A glitch in the video or an image gives the notion of an error in the video recording process, and it was not accepted in the media industry. However, presently, creative professionals are incorporating the VHS filters to give a vintage impression. The visual distortions are used by gamers and streaming creators extensively.

For this very reason, the article discusses the procedure to create a glitch filter in Photoshop, Instagram, TikTok, and in one of your impeccable travel videos. Time to start!

Part 1: How to Make VHS Filter in Photoshop?

There are a lot of steps associated with VHS filter Photoshop. The procedure can be tricky for a beginner in the industry. Therefore, we have sketched out a guide to make a VHS image filter in Photoshop. Follow it carefully to have desirable results.

Step 1: Open Photoshop

Open Photoshop from your computer and click on “New.” Use the “Custom” option from the windows that appear. After that, click on “File” and launch the imagery. Drag and drop that picture to the customized workspace.

import your image

Step 2: Apply the Transformation

Head to the “Edit” from the top panel and press “Transform” from there. Click on “Scale” from the context menu. The user is recommended to set the scale as required using arrows from the mouse. After that, apply the transformation.

edit transform scale

Step 3: Changing the Parameters

Now, right-click on your layer to click on “Brightness and Contrast.” Change it as you need. After that, move on to the “Curves” and play with the graphs of the picture. Change the “Solid Color” as well. Make the color white and change the opacity levels.

customize the parameters

Step 4: Adding Noise

Moving on, click on the first layer and navigate to the “Filter” bar on the top of the interface. Hit “Noise” and then “Add Noise.” Make the necessary changes as you like and press “Enter.” Scroll up to the “File” and hit “Open Recent” to launch the VHS texture photo. Drag and drop the texture to the photo layer that we are working on.

add noise

Step 5: Inserting VHS Texture

Resize the VHS texture and then apply the transformation. By default, the blend mode is “Normal.” Change it to “Darken” from the right panel. The picture will get dark. Again, change the mode to “Screen.” Moving on, input another VHS Filter texture and drag and drop it to the layer we are working on. Resize it and apply the transformation.

insert vhs texture

Step 6: Altering the Blend Mode

Alter the blend mode to “Darker” and then to “Screen.” Apply another filter and then drag and drop the layer. Change the blend mode to “Screen.” Pick up the eraser from the left panel of tools and make necessary edits.

change blend mode

Step 7: Duplicating the Layer

Duplicate the photo layer and move it up. Again, click on “Filter” then “Noise” to add the noise as needed. Alter the blend mode to “Soft Light” and set the opacity value. After that, add any solid color and switch the blend mode back to Soft Light.

duplicate image layer

Step 8: Playing with the Layers

Duplicate the layer again to change the color. After that, double click the layer and deselect “R.” Move to left or right. Perform the same procedure for the rest of the layers. Use the erase tool to offer fine imprinting to the transition. Duplicate the final layer and deselect “R” and “C.” Move left and right.

cusotmize layers

Step 9: Final Process

Use the eraser tool one last time, and you are done with the VCR filter.

Part 2: How to Get VHS Filter in Instagram?

Now that you know how to add glitch filter Photoshop let us move on to Instagram. The sub-section of this write-up shall focus on VHS filter Instagram. If you are an Instagram user wishing to get a retro VHS filter, follow our lead.

Step 1: Finding the Filters

The first step revolves around clicking on the Instagram app to open it. Navigate to the “Story.” The user will find a number of filters in the top panel along a circle.

access instagram story

Step 2: Picking the Vintage Filter

Swipe right towards those filters until a “Search” option is seen. Type “Vintage DV” and press “Enter," where several VHS video filters will be displayed. Pick one and save it to your camera roll.

search vhs filter

Step 3: Using the VHS Filter

Head back to the “Story” and select the “Effects” option. Select the filter that you saved and initiate the recording process. You have got the VHS filter for videos.

apply saved filter

Part 3: How to Get VHS Filter in TikTok?

The following section of the write-up shall highlight finding and getting the 90s VHS filter in TikTok. So, what are we waiting for? Let us start the procedure.

Find the VHS Filter in TikTok

Step 1: Navigate to the App

Use your computer to launch the TikTok application. As soon as the interface appears, click on “Trends” in the bottom left corner.

Step 2: Open the Effects

Type Retro VHS in the search bar and click on the second result that is displayed. Click on the “Effects” that says, “VHS Retro.”

Step 3: Add in Favorites

Add it to the favorites and then tap on the video icon located at the center of the screen.

add filter to favorites

Use the VHS Filter in TikTok

Step 1: Deactivating the Filter</p

With the camera open, click on “Effects” right next to the camera icon. The filter is activated, but we need to deactivate it by clicking on the stop icon with the effects. Click anywhere on the screen to exit the "Effects" panel.

Step 2: Recording Process

Now, click on the red video sign and begin recording for some seconds without the filter. It is important to record the video by pointing at the targeted person. After the first part of the video is recorded, head back to the “Effects” menu and navigate to the tab that says, “Add to Favorites.”

apply tiktok vhs effect

Step 3: Publishing the Video

Choose the Retro VHS Filter and point the camera at the person that needs the filter. Hit the “Register” button. Make the recording and press the red popcorn. Hit “Next” and “Publish” the video finally.

record and publish video

Part 4: How to Add VHS Effects to your Travel Video?

With vacation season on, bloggers are into adding VHS photo filters to their videos to be uploaded on YouTube channels. The section shall convey the detailed procedure of adding a glitch effect filter to the travel and vacation videos in Wondershare Filmora.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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Step 1: Initiating the Process

Begin the process by launching Wondershare Filmora. For starters, let us work on the perfect music for the video. The Audio tab shows an awful collection. Choose the “Young and Bright” category for the music.

select music category

Step 2: Picking the Music

Select any music and drag and drop it to the timeline. Now, trim the music into 15 seconds long. Now, input the travel videos to start their editing. Set the order for the video afterward.

 pick the music

Step 3: Choosing the Overlays

Navigate to the “Effects” panel and search for VHS. The software would offer multiple choices to pick from. Choose different overlays and place them onto the video tracks as you like.

select overlays

Step 4: Adding the Transition

To add the transition, head to the “Transition” tab and find VHS. Drag and drop the transitions among the cuts between the video clips. Adjust their duration as needed. Preview the video, and the mission is accomplished.

add transitions to video

Final Thoughts

Grabbing the attention of the audience is not as easy as it sounds. The creative industry uses a vast range of effects to compel the viewers to be on the edge of their seats. The article introduced the VHS filter while covering its procedure. If you are a TikTok, Instagram, or Photoshop user, we have got you. Wondershare Filmora helps perfectly to add the glitch filter to the vacation videos.

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