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Get 4K Video Quality With Best Online AI Upscalers [2024]

Farah Maria
Farah Maria Originally published Jun 06, 24, updated Jun 06, 24

Low-resolution videos can look distorted, blurry, or grainy, impairing their overall appearance. This raises the need for video upscalers to enhance video quality. AI has boosted the ability of video upscalers to improve the quality of distorted videos.

The AI technology in these video upscalers analyzes the low quality of your videos and makes low-resolution videos pixelated. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 4K video upscalers that you can easily use to upgrade the quality of your videos.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Discussing Top Scenarios To Use an AI Video Upscaler
  2. Part 2. Top-Notch AI Upscalers Online Providing 4K Resolutions
  3. Top Editing Recommendation. Video Enhancement for Perfecting Content With Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. Discussing Top Scenarios To Use an AI Video Upscaler

Before reviewing the best video upscalers, let's discuss the scenarios when you can utilize them to improve the resolution of your videos:

1. Improving Old Videos: Old videos are often grainy due to their bad resolution. With AI upscalers, you can enhance the quality of your old videos from VCRs or DVDs so that you can watch them on modern TV. This will give life to old memories with high-quality resolution and smooth playback.

2. Upscaling Handheld Videos: Recorded a bad resolution video from your phone? You can upscale that video to make its resolution better before uploading it on various social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok to capture the attention of viewers.

3. Security Recording Enhancement: Video upscalers can also play an important role in ensuring security. Security recordings from security cameras often lack clarity due to low resolution. Thus, these video upscalers can enhance the sharpness of those videos for investigation purposes.

4. Medical Applications: Upscalers are now widely used in the medical field to improve the quality or resolution of scans. Sharpening details enables doctors to make more efficient diagnoses.

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Part 2. Top-Notch AI Upscalers Online Providing 4K Resolutions

We have gone through the details of AI video upscalers and their ability to enhance the overall video resolution. As the main motive is to improve your video quality to up to 4K in resolution, there are several tools available that can help cater to this requirement. Provided below are some of the best online 4K video upscalers that can be used to upscale your blurry videos to improved resolutions:

1. TensorPix

TensorPix is an online AI-powered 4K video upscaler that allows users to directly import their videos and enhance their resolution in the finest 4K quality. This app allows you to create slow-motion effects by amplifying the frames per second. With its stabilization feature, it can stabilize shaky videos captured from DSLRs, mobile phones, or drones.

tensorpix 4k video upscaler
  • The color enhancement feature balances the color contrast and saturation of the videos.
  • This tool utilizes the Cutting-Edge AI feature to refine the blurry faces in the videos.
  • The free version of TensorPix supports video storage of up to 500 MB only.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Standard $12
Premium $27
Elite $66

2. CapCut

With CapCut, you can enhance the quality of your videos and upscale their resolution to 4K. The intuitive interface of this 4K video upscaler online is free and easy to comprehend for beginners. This online video upscaler is compatible with all types of video formats like MP4, MOV, or AVI. With its deblurring feature, it efficiently deblurs the videos without compromising the video quality.

capcut 4k video upscaler
  • Other than upscaling, users can use its additional editing features like adding effects, text, and filters.
  • With the speed control feature, adjust the speed of your videos according to your preference.
  • There are no evident AI models to select from for diversifying video upscaling.

Pricing Plans: Free

3. Cutout.Pro

As an efficient and user-friendly 4K AI upscaler, Cutout.Pro allows users to magnify the resolution of the videos to 4K. This tool employs a noise reduction feature that removes unwanted noise from videos to ensure the sharper and smoother quality of upscaled videos. It also includes a Motion Interpolation feature to smooth out distortion due to motion in the videos.

cutout pro 4k video upscaler
cutout pro 4k video upscaler
  • The Shake Stabilizer feature included in this video upscaler removes shakiness from the videos.
  • If any compressed video is downloaded from a social media platform, it can also be improved qualitatively.
  • Advanced editing functionalities are only available in subscription plans.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Subscription Plan $0.099/credit
Pay as you Go $0.499/credit

4. HitPaw Online AI Video Enhancer

HitPaw Online AI Video Enhancer is another powerful AI video upscaler tool that you can use to achieve high resolution in your videos without any hassle. Other than just improving the resolution of videos, it has other features that make video upscaling much better. With its face recognition technology, this tool automatically recognizes the faces in videos and enhances their clarity.

hitpaw online ai video enhancer tool
  • The AI Super Resolution feature upscales your videos to higher resolutions to 4K or even 8K.
  • The AI Denoise feature improves the video quality by removing unwanted noise and graininess from the videos.
  • The exported video from the free version will have a watermark.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Week $1.28/Day
Month $0.80/Day
Year $0.47/Day

5. Pixop

If you are a video editor looking to produce studio-quality videos, Pixop is the best software for you. With Pixop's automated AI video upscaler, you can improve the resolution of your videos even up to 8k. Pixop's Deep Restoration feature allows users to restore old and degraded videos by eliminating compression artifacts.

pixop 4k video upscaler
  • The Pixop Deinterlacer feature helps to improve the overall sharpness, definition, and clarity of the videos.
  • Face Forward, a photo enhancement filter in Pixop improves the lighting and color contrast in videos and blurs the background.
  • Only supports specific video formats such as MP4, MXF, MOV, and M2TS.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Pixop Deep Restoration 2 $0.486/gigapixel
Pixop Deep Restoration 2 - Fine-Tuning $0.486/gigapixel
Pixop Deep Restoration 2 - Selfie-Style $0.486/gigapixel
Pixop Deep Restoration $0.369/gigapixel

Top Editing Recommendation. Video Enhancement for Perfecting Content With Wondershare Filmora

Upscaling videos to 4K alone is not enough to produce high-quality videos. That's why creators must utilize video enhancers to take their video quality to the next level. Wondershare Filmora is the most reliable video enhancer software available for its exceptional video editing features.

Upscale Video Now
Upscale Video Now

This video enhancer is packed with professional AI-powered editing features that enable users to improve video quality with its huge library of built-in filters and effects. You can add text, fonts, and animations to videos for a more attractive appearance. Moreover, it also has other exceptional features, such as an AI music generator that can produce music that complements the theme and visuals of your video.

Highlighted Features of Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful video enhancer offering a variety of AI-equipped features, out of which some of the key features are mentioned below:

1. AI Music Generator

Wondershare Filmora's AI Music Generator allows you to create unique music. There are 8 different modes for creating appealing soundtracks for your videos. With AI Music Generator by your side, you have a personal music producer that generates perfectly suited music for your videos.

ai music generator filmora

2. AI Copilot Editing

AI Copilot uses smart algorithms to analyze the content and style of your video clips and suggests suitable transitions and effects. This feature smartly eliminates errors in editing and allows you to generate visually appealing content with ease.

ai copilot editing filmora

3. AI Translation

This feature helps to efficiently translate videos in 23 languages to break down the language barriers and reach global audiences. Filmora's AI translation feature translates languages with 90% accuracy and add subtitles to your videos.

ai translation filmora

4. Auto Reframe

The Auto Reframe feature automatically crops your videos to adjust them to various aspect ratios without compromising the quality. You can easily turn your videos vertical or horizontal to post videos on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

auto reframe filmora

Step-by-Step Guide to Enhance Your Video With Wondershare Filmora

Filmora has countless AI features one can consider as an expert or a novice. Besides, it has simpler operations and a user-friendly interface to get started. So, let's witness its step-by-step guide below to enhance your videos with Wondershare Filmora:

Upscale Video Now
Upscale Video Now
Step 1Choose the Auto Beat Sync Feature and Import the Media

Get the latest version of Filmora from its website and launch it on your device. From its home screen, click on the "Auto Beat Sync" feature and press the "Import Media" button at the top-right side to bring your video to Filmora.

import media to auto beat sync
Step 2Adjust the Auto Beat Sync Parameters and Export to Timeline

As you import the video, the screen will appear to set Auto Beat Sync parameters. There, navigate to the "Whole Length" and extend its list to select your required video length. Then, navigate to the "Background Music" and extend its list to select the music for your video.

Set the "BGM Start Time" and define other parameters such as "Beat Cut" and "Video Effect". Finally, hit the "Analyze" button at the bottom right to start the Auto Beat Sync process. Then, proceed to click the "Export to Timeline" button.

define auto beat sync parameters
Step 3Select the Auto Reframe Option and Adjust Parameters

As you proceed into the next window, right-click on your video in the Media panel and click on the "Auto Reframe" option from the extended list. After that, a screen will appear to set the respective parameters. There, navigate to the "Aspect Ratio" and extend its list to select your required Aspect Ratio.

Continue to the "Motion Speed" and extend its list to select the speed of your video. Finally, hit the "Analyze" button at the bottom right to start the process.

process auto reframe with proper settings
Step 4Export Video After Completion

After completion, a confirmation message will appear to move towards the "Export" button on the bottom-right side. A pop-up will appear to set the name of your video and select the folder where you want to save it. Again, hit the "Export" button on this pop-up menu to automatically save it to the desired folder.

export final video from filmora


To sum up, content creators across the globe are widely using 4K AI upscalers to improve their video quality to attract the attention of viewers. If they intend to make their videos more engaging, video enhancers are also required to transform videos, Wondershare Filmora stands at the top as the best video enhancer with its versatile AI editing functionalities.

Farah Maria
Farah Maria Jun 06, 24
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