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Embed Video in PowerPoint: Make Presentations Stand Out

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Embedding video in PowerPoint will make it more creative. Yes, you heard it right! The video presentation in PowerPoint is such a powerful tool that can make it rightly attractive and neat. Your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is a sort of test to show your marketing skills. And, there are no chances that you would fail the test and give up. We can't let it go and thus come up with a full answer on how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. Along with it, you must focus on design skills, a sense of personal style, and technical literacy. Your presentation should also not face critical issues such as broken links, unintended font, and unreadable text. 

However, embedding video in a PowerPoint presentation may first seem to be a challenge. To make the process simple, we've put together a simple guide mentioning the importance of adding Video and the respective steps to do so. So, you can either embed video from YouTube or an external hard drive. Without further ado, let's begin with the importance of embedding video in PowerPoint. 

Why Need to Embed Videos?

“Have you ever wondered why videos are good in a presentation?”

A dynamic video added to the presentation tells a lot more to the audience than you think. So, you must not miss the chance to make your presentations look more attractive. We can further provide you with five valid reasons why you need to embed videos in your next PowerPoint presentation.

Depicts more with less content!

Adding too much text on your slide will rather confuse your audience than paying attention. While you are explaining the slides, they are busy reading your slides. So, there's no way you are expressing the information attractively. Here is what the embedded video helps you out. We are not talking about those long duration videos. Instead, you must add short duration videos that will depict more with less content.

Expresses an interesting story

The presentation with an exciting plot is a lot better than standard text. But, from where will that plot come? It comes by telling a compelling story. So, you can tell the story in the form of creative themes, layout, and the Video. The concept of storytelling always wins and helps protect readers from getting bored. So, you need to brainstorm some videos in storytelling and make your presentation reasonably creative.

Easy conversions

Apple works on the strategy of video ads rather than static ads. The reason is evident in itself, i.e., easy conversions. Even the research studies show that static ads are not that effective as visual or banner ads. The transformations are definite if it's a good video that manages to engage the audience positively.


How can you make a PowerPoint presentation more entertaining? Of course, the Video is one of the best ways to do so. Along with being informative, a funny or entertaining video makes a lasting impression on the viewers. You can also think of inserting a GIF instead of a video. They are pretty funny and can also be useful as a source of entertaining information for the audience.

Set Mood!

A good video, when embedded into the presentation, also sets the mood of the audience. Whether it is serious, emotional, funny, or inspirational, the idea to embed video in PowerPoint is always great. You can even think of adding motion backgrounds that are way unique than adding mere videos. So, it will better set the mood than anything else.

How to Embed a Video from your Local File?

Embedding the Video from the local file is most probably done from the hard drive. Adding Video from a hard drive is a good idea to play even if there is no internet connection. So, you must be able to access the Video even if there is no Wi-Fi. Before, you need to watch out specific issues that you may have to face.

There will be an error of trouble location if you have moved your Video from one folder to another folder on the hard drive. It may leave the user with a blank screen. Sharing the PowerPoint presentation with someone without sharing the Video or re-embedding it into the display may leave the user without any playable content.

Steps to Embed Video in PowerPoint from Hard Drive

Step 1.Open the PowerPoint presentation

First of all, open the specific PPT that you wish to embed into your Video. Then, navigate yourself to the right side on one particular slide.

Step 2. Select the video file

Go to Insert> Video> From File option in the top menu. Scroll down to Video> Movie from File and locate the saved Video you wish to embed here.

Step 3.Find synced Video.

It will be easy to locate the video if you have saved it earlier. In case you have synced your hard drive to cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox, you can also embed videos from these locations.

Step 4. Resize video file

To embed Video in PowerPoint, you need to resize it here in this step. Your Video will be displayed as full-screen by default, which may be problematic if you want to insert other graphics or headlines. So, you can resize it in the same way as you usually resize the image.

Step 5.Play video file

Perform the test after you embed the Video in PowerPoint. It is essential to play the Video from start to finish and check whether it is embedded well.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

Another option you can embed video from is YouTube. It is pretty fast than going to YouTube for a link and downloading Video from there. However, this option lacks individual facilities. First of all, you cannot make image customization unless you are linking the video in PowerPoint. Secondly, the video won't play in the absence of an internet connection.

Steps to Embed video in PowerPoint via YouTube

Step 1.Open the presentation

As usual, you first have to open the PPT where the YouTube video is going to embed. Then, go to the specific slide where you want to insert it.

Step 2.Insert a Video

Go to Insert> Video> Online Video/Online Movie.

Step 3.Paste YouTube video URL

Clicking the Online Video/Online Movie option will ask you to enter a video URL. Here, you are required to paste the YouTube video URL that you wish to embed and select the Insert option.

Step 4.Position video

It is the time to position your video according to other things you want to adjust. So, you can resize it in the same way as you resize an image and insert other items if required.

At last, you can test YouTube embedded video by playing it from start to finish.

Create Stunning Presentations with Excellent Video Editor

After learning how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint, it’s time to shift your focus towards a video editor to make excellent presentations. That Video Editor is none other than Wondershare Filmora. It can make you a stunning video if you want to embed video in PowerPoint.

Given below are some reasons to look at Wondershare Filmora as your stunning presentation creator.

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Key Features of Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

  • The Filmora consists of essential audio and composting tools with certain adjustments.
  • The software supports the full version of 4K with both DCI 4K and UHD.
  • It has friendly blend modes, chroma-key, image stabilization, and necessary color correction tools worth considering
  • You will have 800+ amazing effects to enhance the overall video.
  • The almost beginner-level effort is required to edit the videos in professional mode.

That is how you can get set ready with your presentation video on Wondershare Filmora Video Editor.


Hopefully, you get to know the two ways on how to embed video in PowerPoint. Both the methods mentioned above are pretty easy if you follow rightly follow all the steps. At the same time, it is also critical to understand the significance of adding video in PowerPoint presentations. Thus, we have also shared five valid reasons to state its importance.

Embed Video in PowerPoint and make it highly attractive to the eyes of the audience. Also, know the formula to make your PPT presentations stand out with powerful all-in-one software.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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