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Top 8 GIF Generator on Mac

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

GIFs are gaining popularity with each passing day due to several reasons. They have 256 colors available which make them perfect for simple shapes and texts. Whether it is memes, informational images, or advertisements, GIFs are the textbook means of conveying your emotions with a single click due to the small file size. 

There are many websites and applications where you can create your GIFs. The software applications are mostly preferred over websites due to various reasons. Here are some of the best GIF generators available online for Mac.

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1.    Wondershare FilmoraX (Price: Free)

FilmoraX by Wondershare is easily one of the best GIF generators for Mac out there. The software has paid versions but users will not need it for GIF creation. It is an easy yet extremely powerful tool to create GIFs. It has a delightful interface and all options are right there on the main screen.


    The navigation and use of functions are fairly comprehensible for any individual.

    Operations of the application take minimal time to complete.

    It comes with an attractive interface.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2.    GIF Live (Price: $2.99)

Gif Live is one of the most advanced GIF generators for Mac. It is equipped with state of the art features that help you create amazing GIFs. It allows you to drag and drop animations in line with the frames. Not only this, but it also lets you make animations in reverse and allows you to select custom layouts. In this app, you can easily alter existing animations too.


    The software is as easy to use as it is advanced.

    The interface is very attractive.


    It has fewer features in comparison to the price.

3.    Gifox (Free + $4.99 for premium package)

Gifox is another advanced GIF generator with a very charming interface. It is immensely effortless to use and comes with a lot of different features. The app allows you to record your screen and later convert them to GIFs. It comes with an advanced compressing option that allows its users to choose output quality and size. Gifox also gives you the option to select the FPS for its animations.

gifox for mac


    It is vastly easy to use compared to many other apps in the market.

    It comes with the most dynamic interface.


    File sizes of the produced GIFs are big in some cases, which lead to a slow upload on websites with huge traffic.

4.    Motion Stills (Price: Free)

Motions Stills is Google’s very own software that allows you to convert your live photos into GIFs. This app is one of a kind that allows the users to upload their GIFs directly to Instagram. No other GIF generator has that feature yet.  Motion Stills also has a fast forward mode that can help convert long videos to GIFs.

motion stills


    It is user-friendly

    Comes with an option to directly upload GIFs to Instagram, unlike any other app.

    It allows for fast task completion.


    Some users have complained about their work not getting saved.

5.    Cinemagraph Pro (Price: $15/month)

Cinemagraph Pro is an elite GIF making software that allows you to create some very unique GIFs. It comes with a broad range of features including conversion of full-motion videos to GIFs. Other features include giving you the option of keeping one object still while moving the other. For example, in an image with humans and animals, you can give motion to the animals while keeping the humans still.

cinemagraph pro


    It comes with a wide range of features that no other application has.

    It features an elegant and sophisticated interface.


    The app is good but $15 a month is expensive for the features it offers.

    The users deem the watermark to be unattractive in the free version of this app.

6.    GIF Brewery (Price: Free)

Gif Brewery is another free, light, and amazing GIF generator for Mac users. It was developed by Gfycat and is running its third edition successfully. This app also comes with a screen recording option. It also has the option to crop, rotate, resize, or set frame rate delay according to your needs.

gif brewery


    The app is extremely easy to use while having one of the most powerful tweaks and fine-tunes settings.

    There are so many free features of this app that are only offered by other paid apps.


    The app has multiple bugs that need fixing.

    The app crashes when the users try to record a video while saving the previous work.

    There is no option to remove individual frames.

7.    GIPHY Capture (Price: Free)

GIPHY Capture is fast, easy to use, and a simple app for Mac users to create GIFs. The app is uncomplicated enough that for some GIFs it only takes a total of two clicks to create. The app allows editing like cropping, resizing, and trimming of clips much more precisely than a lot of others. GIPHY capture lets you save your work in a GIPHY account or even lets you send them directly to your friends and family.

giphy capture for mac


    This is one of the easiest to use apps out there. It cannot get any simpler than this.

    The app lets you make GIFs for up to 30 seconds which is more than what most other apps can do.


    The app only has one font option.

8.    GIFmation (Price: Free)

GIFmation might be the last one on the list but it doesn’t make it any less useful than the other apps. It is simple, fast, and reliable. It allows users to create high-quality GIFs with a lot of ease.

gifmation studio


    It is a simple and very easy-to-use app yet it doesn’t compromise on its quality.


    The users must set the logical size of the GIF manually which can become a problem for beginners.


All these software mentioned above are top of the line and can fulfill anyone’s GIF-making, editing, and sharing needs. Among all of these, FilmoraX is highly recommended which allows you to create and edit your GIFs with the greatest of ease while giving the best quality a GIF-making app can.

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