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Best Animated Text Generator

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

Text in a video has become an essential part to highlight important points so that the viewers get the message you want to convey through your video. Showing static text may not always get the attention of the viewers immediately. Subconsciously, they may ignore or forget the text you have displayed in your video very quickly. That is where animated text can be impactful.

When you show animated text in your video, it grabs the attention of the viewers instantly and they get intrigued to see the text displayed. Besides, if the animation is eye-catching, it is very likely that they will remember the text shown in the video. In order to create animated text, you will need an animated text generator. Here is the list of the top 10 best animated text makers.

In this article
  1. 1. Filmora
  2. 2. Adobe Express
  3. 3. Animaker
  4. 4. Textanim
  5. 5. MakerMoon
  6. 6.
  7. 7. FlexClip Animated Text Generator
  8. 8. RenderForest Animated Text Generator
  9. 9. TextStudio
  10. 10. Kapwing
  11. Editor's Pick: Wondershare Filmora

1. Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an extremely popular text animation software where there are literally unlimited animated text templates available. The templates are categorized so that you can get the appropriate text animated depending on your video category. Most importantly, you will get all the latest and trendy text animations.


The user interface is extremely intuitive and hence, it is equally suitable for amateurs and professionals. The software is available for both Mac and Windows users. You can simply drag and drop the text animations on your video and edit them instantly to get the perfect outcome. Here are some key features of Wondershare Filmora.

  • Wide range of text animation templates
  • Different categories transitions and effects
  • Choose from variety of graphical elements
  • Easy to operate with intuitive user interface
  • Record your screen and webcam with greenscreen
  • Keyframing, motion tracking, and auto reframe
  • Extensive audio editing, color matching and correction
  • Edit 4K videos, export in any desired file format

2. Adobe Express

Adobe has a wide range of video editors and it is the most reliable brand among professional video editors. Adobe Express is a premium text animation online tool where you can add animated text to your photos instantly and export them as MP4 file. Therefore, the online tool is extremely useful for social media enthusiasts. However, the platform does not support adding animated text to video.

adobe express

Adobe Express is labelled as the branding tool where you can create trendy images with templates and choose from different animated text presets. You can access the online tool from all devices from your web browser. Most importantly, it is a completely free animated text generator from Adobe and you can add animated text to your images within a few minutes.

  • Funky and trendy animated text templates
  • Wide range of text styles and effects
  • Different color presets for colourful video
  • Several text animation styles to choose from.
  • Different aspect ratios for different videos

3. Animaker

Animaker is one of the leading animated text makers online. You can make short videos with animated text just by drag and drop technique. The user interface is super easy to operate and it is the reason behind its popularity. There are unlimited templates to choose from and get started with your animated text video. In fact, the platform has the best photo and video asset library that you can use in your video to make it more attractive.


You can publish your video in 4K resolution and resize them for different platforms where you are going to publish them. Unlike Adobe Express, you can add music to your animated text videos. There are also characters that you can use in your text animation for eye-catching video making. Here are the key features of Animaker.

  • Drag and drop user interface
  • Tons of ready-made templates
  • Millions of stock photos and videos
  • Access to stock music library
  • Simple but powerful character builder
  • Edit 4K videos and adjust aspect ratio

4. Textanim

Textanim is a true animated text generator GIF online. All you need to do is type your text and select a text style from the templates available. Thereafter, you can adjust certain text style and format such as background color, animation motion direction, animation duration and likewise. After setting all the parameters, click on Generate button and you will see the animated text generated on your screen. You can simply download the animated text in GIF format or you can get embed code to integrate anywhere including social media platforms. Here are the key features of Textanim.

  • Create limited but beautiful text animations
  • Tons of fonts and text styles to choose from
  • Customize animation and background
  • Supports different native language for text
  • Export in GIF as well as get embed code
textanim text maker

5. MakerMoon

MakerMoon comes with a dedicated animated text generator even though there is a full-featured video editor available online. The platform is suitable for creating animated text for websites that you can use for headers and titles. Choose from the available animated text templates and customize them as per your requirements. You can animate words as well as individual letters. You can save animated text video in GIF as well as get embed code. Here are the key features of MakerMoon.

  • Different animation effects to select from
  • Customize certain parameters of animation
  • Different text shadow styles and formats
  • Several fonts, animate letters and words
  • Get multiple slides and shuffle animation
makermoon animated text

6. is a dedicated animated text generator GIF online platform. There are demo effects available that you can choose and customize as per your preference. The user interface is as easy as it can get and hence, it is suitable for amateurs as well. Starting from color palette and background color to font style and speed of animation, you can edit everything so that you can personalize the animated text. You can save your animated text in different file formats including GIF. There are several advanced options available to customize the animation on the text. Here are the key features of

  • Choose from different templates to get started
  • Different types of text animations to pick from
  • Customize almost every aspect of the templates
  • Advanced options to edit animation and change parameters
  • Different output file formats to save your animated text video
  • Super intuitive user interface and embed animated text in websites
loading io text

7. FlexClip Animated Text Generator

FlexClip is a renowned online video editor and it features a free animated text generator. You can create engaging and attractive animated text video conveniently. There are different categories of customizable text animation templates available to get started. In fact, there are different text styles available with animations that you can apply to your video and customize them instantly.

There is a wide array of stock photos and videos along with music that you can use on your video for better content and traction. There are also hundreds of fonts to choose from and you can create promo and storyboard videos instantly. Here are the key features of FlexClip Animated Text Generator.

  • Wide array of animation text templates
  • Different text styles in different categories
  • Dynamic graphical elements to enhance text
  • Free stock assets to enhance video content
  • You can upload your customized fonts and styles
flexclip aniamted text maker

8. RenderForest Animated Text Generator

RenderForest is a stylish animated text generator that is highly useful for creating brand videos. There are different templates and packs available to pick from to get started. The templates are extremely trendy and eye-catching and there is a high chance that your video will get extremely high traction. You can create engaging promo for social media platforms. You can customize the templates and change font styles as well as add music to enhance the video content. Here are the key features of RenderForest Animated Text Generator.

  • Several stunning animated text templates
  • Stylish typography which you can personalize
  • Add stock music to your video
  • Add different scenes to the templates
  • Change color presets and palettes
  • Download HD videos in different file format
renderforest animated text maker

9. TextStudio

TextStudio is a popular 3D text animation generator platform. There are hundreds of text templates and fonts to pick from to get started with your animated text creation. There are not many dedicated and legitimate 3D text animation generators available online. In fact, you can also create 3D logos with the text generator for social media platforms.

There are literally unlimited 3D text animation templates. The user interface is easy to operate and you can customize the texts and animations quickly. The only issue is that the platform has annoying ads across the website. The platform supports many native languages in which you can create text animations. Here are the key features that stand out for TextStudio.

  • Unlimited stunning 3D text templates
  • Different text styles available to apply
  • Choose from different animations
  • Supports HD video creation with customized background
  • Supports multiple native languages
  • Save animated text video in different file formats
text studio generator

10. Kapwing

You can create stunning animated text videos with Kapwing animated text video editor. Kapwing is a full-featured online video editor and you can choose from various templates available. Thereafter, you can customize them as per your requirements. Alternatively, you can upload your video and add different animated text effects to enhance your video content. In fact, you can create animated text videos from scratch for different devices and platforms. Here are the key features of Kapwing animated text video editor.

  • Choose from a wide range of animated text templates.
  • Select from different text styles and add them to your video.
  • Different categories of video elements and animations.
  • Add audio effects to animated text for better impact.
  • Wide range of graphical elements to enhance text content.

Editor's Pick: Wondershare Filmora

If you are serious about adding animated text to your video so that your video gets attention and engagement, you have to opt for Filmora. No other animated text generator in the above list has as many animated text templates as Filmora. Most importantly, the templates are trendy and modern to get immediate attention from the viewers. You can customize them to fit seamlessly in your video.

You can create customized animated text with keyframing and motion tracking. Besides, you can add audio effects while showing animated text to make it more impactful. Moreover, there are unlimited effects and elements that will enhance your animated text. You can save you video in any resolution, aspect ratio, and file format. We highly recommend Wondershare Filmora as the text animation software for designing stunning animated text for your video.

The Verdict

Getting animated text for your video is no more a job of experts. You can generate animated texts and create short videos that you can upload on social media platforms. Besides, you can choose from ready-made templates and create professional videos instantly. If you want to add animated text to your video, we recommend Wondershare Filmora for its wide range of animated text effects and super intuitive user interface.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 12, 24
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