How To Extract Frames From Video With High Quality

Wondershare Editor By Oct 15,2016 14:24 pm

Sometimes we tend to capture a lot of video footage and while it can be fun at first, going through it can be quite the hassle. There are situations when you just need that perfect frame, a great shot that will help you bring in front a lot of fun. Basically, with a frame you can show the fun moments of any video, you can bring in front a specific important moments from that scene or you can even reproduce some of the movie scenes via an image collage.

Not only that, but you can also use the frames in order to create a GIF file, something that is very important and helpful as you go along. It’s all about having the ability to use these frames as you see fit, and they can either be a DVD cover, a collage for your birthday and so on. The possibilities are indeed endless and it all comes down to you to choose them properly.

In this article you will learn how you can extract frames from video and also figure out how you can save them in a specific format. You will have the ability to harness the power of video editing and access the tools that you always needed all so that you can extract frames immediately and with great results.

Wondershare Filmora helps you extract frames from video without losing quality

The shortcomings by using the screen shot tools for extracting frames from video While there are many screenshot tools that help you extract frames from video, there’s no denying that there are quite a lot of interesting opportunities to be had as well. These screenshot tools don’t offer a good quality most of the time and you will have a problem finding the perfect frame because they require you to use the video player of your choice and that tool on its own doesn’t offer frame by frame support.

Combine that with the fact that exporting to a specific format can be either cumbersome or just unavailable, then you will fully understand why it’s important to use an app just like Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) to extract those frames safely and with no quality loss in the end.

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The advantages of Wondershare Filmora:

  • Ease to extract the frames from any format file. With help from Wondershare Filmora you don’t have a problem to extra frames from video. It offers a great attention to detail, a focus on the exact moment that you want to extract content from and at the same time you also have the ability to access features like Flash and Hold as well as Snapshot that makes the experience more refined and interesting to begin with. You can use this program without a problem to extract frames from video!
  • Allow you to edit the frames directly, which makes the entire process to extract frames from videos simpler. You know the result and the Wondershare Filmora app offers you all the tools that you need in order to perform a perfect extraction.
  • Export your work to YouTube, Vimeo, and any devices. After you extract frames from video you will need to export your files online or to a backup media. Wondershare Filmora helps you export to mobile, to DVD or Blu-Ray, it even allows you to publish your work on Video or YouTube if you want, it all comes down to you and the results will be great because of that.

How to extract frames from video with Wondershare Filmora

If you want to extract frames from video with help from Wondershare Filmora, all you need to do is to install the app and use the following instructions:

Step 1: Import your video clip

Import the media file first either by using the app or via drag and drop on the main window. Videos will show as thumbnails in the library so you can choose the one you need without a problem.Now drag them to the Video Timeline and get ready for step 2.

extract frames from video

Step 2: Extract frames from video

Start playing the desired video and then pause it when it reaches the right moment. Right click it and select "Flash and Fold". Immediately, there will be a picture icon added to the whole clip. Play it to check the real-time effect.

capture frames from video

You can also take a screenshot when the video is playing simply by pressing the Snapshot icon or via pressing CTRL+ALT+S.

Once you have the frame you can add in a variety of effects and features. You can choose to mask it, add in specific effects and also deliver some motion to make it more appealing. There are many customization options to choose from and it all comes down to you.

how to extract frames from video

Step 3: Save your frames

After you are satisfied with the results you will be able to export your content. Press Create to start the export process, then choose the desired output format. You can easily customize the output file resolution and other settings depending on the format you choose.

In conclusion, using Wondershare Filmora to extract frames from video is not only very simple, it also offers an amazing set of opportunities. We recommend you to try out the app immediately and you will surely have no problem extracting the desired frames!

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Same problem. The snapshot comes out, but it's super blurry and clearly different than the rest of the video. Hoping to find a setting someplace?
I tried the snapshot and the flash and hold but the quality of the frozen frame is not good. It's more like 640p. While the rest of the video is exported correctly at 1080p. How do I make the frozen friame high quality?

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