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How to Add Photo to Video [3 Steps Only]

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Adding photo to a video can help you capture the attention of your audience by providing a moment of reflection with the image on screen. In fact, it’s a fairly easy task as long as you use easy video editing tool like Wondershare Filmora (Latest Wondershare Filmora Video Editor version X). With this video editor, you can create cool videos in different formats from multiple photos and convert photos and images to videos with ease. You can import the photos from you DSLR camera or Phone gallery to Filmora directly, or add your own watermarks, logos, or other transparent PNGs images to your video. What’s more, you can also add some photos to a video and make a new one. It not only enables you to add photo to video, but also brings dramatic effects. There are plenty of transitions, filters, overlays, elements and effects built in the Filmora video editor, which will decorate your video fantastic. Now follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to add photo to video.

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How to add photos to video [step by step guide]

First, click the Free Download button above to install Filmora on your Windows or Mac computer. In the following part, I will take how to add photos to video with Filmora on Windows. The steps of adding photos to video on Mac are similar. But if you have troubles on Mac version, just leave a comment below and let me know.

1. Import both the photo and video files to Filmora

Run Filmora Video Editor and click "New Project" to start. Click "Import" and then "Import Media Files" or click "Import Media Files Here" to browse for your video and photo files on the computuer. Double-click on the files and they will be imported into the program. You can also directly drag and drop the photo and video files to the video editor program. Then you need to set up the project such as the aspect ratio and resolution. (It is recommended to set up these parameters to the same with the original video.

how to make photo to video

If you are import files from your iPhone or Android phone, you can check this article for the detailed information about how to load photos and video from iPhone.

2. Add photo to video and apply some effects

After importing files to the program, drag your video clip to the video editor's timeline at the bottom of the screen. Then drag and drop the photo to the track above the video. Click the “Play” icon to preview your video. Move the photo on the track to the point at which you would like it to show up and drag the end to shorten or extend the duration of photo.

Filmora9 drag drop

Then further edit your photo as you like. Directly put the photo to any position you want and resize the playing windows by dragging the edge of the photo. Besides that, Filmora provides a wide range of customizable options for you to customize the Picture-in-Picture track. Double click on the added photo on the track to open the image, color and Motion panel. Here you can choose from more than 30 motions effects to make the added photo animated, change the photo saturation, hue and do some color correction or change the transform of the photo.

add photo to video file

After that, click the "Effects" button for extra Mask and Effect options. Go to Utility option under Filters and then drag the Image Mask to the photo in timeline. Double click the photo and then you can change the Image Mask shape, height, width and feather. In the mask tab, you can shape the photo in just one click. You can also invert mask to create a new shape. Choose one of the effects according to your desire to make your video more unique.

Check this video to know how to make fancy photos slideshow video with photos and music in Filmora.

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Wanna know more about PIP video? Check How to make a PIP video here >>

Bonus: Combine Photos and Videos into a New Video

If you want to add some new photos to an existing video, you need to place the videos and photos in order in timeline. Beside, you can add some animated texts and titles over the video, add filters and transition, effects, overlays. What’s more you can also record your own voice over and narration, add music and sound effect from the built-in audio library, and change the audio speed and edit the audio as well.

Filmora9 Effects

3. Save the new video file

After adding photo to video and do some basic editing, you can export it in different ways by hitting the “Export” button. In the format tab, you can save it as different formats. If you want to play video creation on iPod, iPhone, iPad, click "Device" and choose from the device list. You can also directly upload your video to YouTube or burn to DVD discs for playing on TV using a DVD Player. You can also share the video to social media directly.


Above are the steps of adding photos to video, hope it helpful if you were wondering how to do that. As we can see above, using Filmora video editor, you will be more creative in making videos with fun. Download Filmora for free and empower your imagination today.

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