How to Add Picture to Video

By May 27,2017 14:36 pm

Many people like to add their own photos or logo to video files but don't know how. In fact, it's just a walk in the park if you use some video edition tools. Here you will learn how to add picture to video with a powerful video editing tool- Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor).

Filmora is a simple yet powerful video editor, which provides not only some basic editing features, such as trimming, cutting, editing audio, and adding titles, but also provides some advanced editing tool, including stabilizing shaky footage, making green screen effects and correcting color. What's more, there are more than 300 effects built-in, and you can add filters, overlays and motion elements, making your video unique. And the Effects Store provides some specially designed Effects Sets, such as Block buster, Fitness, Cinematic, Business, and Beauty. If you are a YouTuber, we recommend you to join in community , in which you can get all the resources you need to grow your YouTube channel easily. OK, let's watch the video below to check how to add a picture to the video.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Download Filmora now try it by yourself. If you want to know the detailed information step by step, keep reading the following section.

Tips: If you want to learn how to add your logo to your video, you should check Add Logo to Video Software: Apply Your Own Branding to What You Create, which providing all information you need.

1 Import Files to Filmora

Click “Import” and then select the target audios, images and videos from your file folder or directly drag and drop them to the Filmora Media Library. Then drag and put the video to the video track (first track). Note if you place all the video files to the same Timeline, they will be merged seamlessly together.

drag and drop to timeline

2 Add Picture to Your Videos

After that, select the picture you want to add to your video and drag it to the PIP Timeline track. You will see the picture appearing in the previewing window.

add photo to pip track

Customize the size and position to make it suitable to your video. Then simply move it to the desired place of the video or drag the time frame to make it fit to your video length.

You can also add more effects to your picture. To do this, right click and choose “Advanced Edit”. In the pop-up windows, you can add motion, mask, make part of the clip transparent, add border, shadow, etc. For example, you can make your picture a little more transparent if its background color looks too obvious in the video clip. To do this, go to the “Effect” tab. Here, you can make part of the clip transparent, add border, shadow, etc. to make it perfect.

text advanced panel

Tip: You can add multiple pictures to the video. What you should do is place them to different PIP tracks and adjust the settings as above.

3 Export the File

If satisfied, click the “Export” button. Here you'll find the following options:

  • Save as various formats: choose the export format and save to your local disk
  • Save to fit different devices: pick a specific device model and save to the compatible format
  • Upload to Facebook/YouTube/Vimeo: fill your account information to share your video directly from Filmora
  • Burn to DVD: insert a DVD disk and get a high-quality DVD video in minutes

output window

Watch the video below to get more information about what Filmora can do for you:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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