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A Picture in Picture (PIP), also called a Video Overlay, is when two video clips share the display screen at the same time, one smaller and superimposed on a larger image. If your TV has this Picture in Picture feature, it means you can play a video game and keep watching your favorite TV show, or enjoy two sports games simultaneously. In video editing, you can use this Picture in Picture effect to insert an additional video (such as a webcam video) into the main video, just like you see in many online tutorials.

Let's check a video tutorial first:

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Make a Picture in Picture Effect in Wondershare Filmroa

1Import your photo and audio files

Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) includes an easy to use Picture-in-Picture feature. After you imported videos to the program, just drag and drop videos or images to the PIP track, you get a raw Picture in picture video. Click the Play button to preview it. Filmora also comes with many PIP resources that you can effortlessly add to your videos for fun.

Move the items on PIP track to decide when it should show up and drag the ends to trim or extend PIP length.

video overlay make a picture in video

2 Modify Picture-in-Picture Track

Next, you have a wide range of customizable options to set up your Picture-in-Picture track. To do so, double click on the added video or image on PIP track, the Motion panel will open. Click "Advanced" button for extra Mask and Effect options.

picture in picture effect

Motion: Choose from more than 30 motions effects to make Picture-in-Picture video/images animated. There will be a sign when motion is added to a PIP.

Position: Directly put the Picture-in-Picture video/images to any position you want.

move picture in picture

Size: Drag and handles to resize the playing windows of Picture-in-Picture video/images. Check the Keep Aspect Ratio to constrain proportions if necessary.

resize picture in picture

Mask: One-click to shape the Picture-in-Picture video/images. Each mask could be adjusted with these options: width, height, left and top.

mask picture in picture

Effect: This tab contains many useful tools such as border, shadow, rotate, flip and alpha. Each helps make the Picture-in-Picture video/image have a good looking.

shadow picture in picture
Picture in Picture Shadow

border picture in picture

3 Save Picture in Picture Video

When you are happy with the Picture-in-Picture effects, click the "Create" button on the right and you could save our Picture-in-Picture video on DVD, device, computer and YouTube.

Get inspired with PIP video effect:

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Hi I think this is already outdated I don't see the "PIP Track"
Hi how can I "ghost" myself by making myself (or someone else) transparent?
How can I set the duration of the motion?
how to make video overlay play in specific time?
I just bought it and it's worth the money. If you can come up with $40.00 you will make it back.
why is Filmora the only good video editor i can find? The watermark is so big that the people who watch my youtube videos complain, and i have no money so i cant buy the free version :( I think the watermark should be smaller so people can accualy see the video beneath it.
Hi, I've been using Filmora for a couple of weeks now and and am wondering if there is a way to have the PIP smoothly transition off screen. Right now the PIP comes on screen with whatever motion I select and them just disappears. Am I missing something?
If you can import audio, I suggest recording on Audacity and then import that recording into the other software. Audacity is a free audio recording program I love to use. It's got a simple interface and has only a few editing choices, but it picks up and mixes down files really well.
Hi, I've been using Wondershare to create my videos and am having issues with recording voice overs? It seems that no matter what I try, the voice over is never the same length as the video. When I click on the record a voice over button, the video automatically plays, but at a slower rate. I've tried messing around with shortening the audio time but the bar at the top only allows for specific, pre-set increases or reductions, rather than precise, exact ones. This is most annoying as I do love the software. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Divine Blessings, Melanthe xxx

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